Cellulite blemish can only be performed by means of targeted, intensive,concentrated, combined and synergic products, as well as through a lifestylebased on a rigorous diet and physical exercise.
Cellulitis is a concentrate of active principles, a powerful and effective gel tobe combined with the Algae massage for a strong action on lipodystrophy.
What it is:
it is an emulsion-gel belonging to the “quick breaking” type which collapses in contact
with skin thus releasing all its actives.
This particular texture is easy to apply, it is quickly absorbed, it is fresh and it makes
the penetration process of the functional principles into the skin easier.
What it contains:
a Decapeptide that inhibits the fat synthesis, a Tripeptide and the Caffeine that
stimulate the lipolytic process, Caobromine – Cocoa extract rich in Caffeine and
Teobromine – which stimulates the beta-endorphins release and performs a lipolytic
activity, vegetable Extracts of Cola, Guarana, Centella, organic Silicon and Theophylline.
How it works:
the breaking of the gel coming into contact with skin is caused by the Salts which
are naturally on the skin; the whole structure breaks down and its content is released,thus starting its penetration into the deepest skin layers where the actives can performtheir specific function.
The functions of Cellulitis are the following:- to inhibit the maturation of the adipocytes and their filling and synthesis by fats; to that end a Decapeptide experimentally effective is present; - to activate the fat breakup and the fat cells reduction by means of the main active xanthine bases among which the Cocoa Teobromine, Caffeine, Cola, Guarana and another peptide that stimulates the lipolysis; - to restructure and disentangle the fibrous tangle that binds the fat cells in firm clumps which are detectable to the touch under skin (called cellulitic nodules); thisdifficult action is referred to the organic Silicon.
How to use:
for home use only. Daily apply a reasonable amount of product on the skin and rub
in until completely absorbed.
an excellent immediate effect for the skin in terms of freshness, lesser sensitivity,
tonicity and soft touch.
But it is thanks to the complete treatments belonging to the Atlantis Family and their
constant applications that the most significant and deepest results are achieved with
a fat masses reduction and a better build/physique, with the loss of the so-called
“orange peel” appearance and an apparent firming up.
the product is formulated with raw materials and active ingredients which have been
tested and are safely tolerated by the skin; hence, it does not present, under normal
conditions of use, any particular contra-indications.
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