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Sue McGarrigle
DIP I.O.N. Nutritional Therapist/Naturopath
Echinacea Supreme is another unique formulation brought
to you by Forever Living Products and is a superb nutritional
supplement particularly for the winter months. Viruses cause
colds and flu and as usual so many people are sneezing and
wheezing at this time of year, some of us enduring never-
ending colds and sore throats but in particular people are
suffering from upper respiratory tract infections with an
accompanying viral cough. Prevention is always better than
cure and the secret to avoiding these bugs is to keep our
immune systems in great shape. Should you need a quick route
to recovery then a combination of bedrest, a good diet based
on fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, fish, chicken and
pulses and plenty of fluids will definitely help.

Echinacea has a rich tradition in the culture of the North American Plains Indians who used it to maintain their health duringthe winter months. The use of Echinacea has been validated by modern research in its ability to support the immune systemand give symptomatic relief of colds, flu and other upper respiratory tract infections. Its antiviral and antibacterial propertiesare most effective at the first signs of illness helping to limit the duration and severity of infection. Echinacea may also be ofvalue for recurrent infections including thrush and infections of the urinary tract, middle ear and respiratory tract. It has alsobeen used for sinus infections, bronchitis and herpes infections such as cold sores and shingles.
Forever Echinacea Supreme contains both of the most highly prized forms of Echinacea - Augustofolia and Purpurea, which
are traditionally used together by many herbalists. Forever Echinacea Supreme also contains Goldenseal and Grapeseed
extract for maximum benefits.
Related to the buttercup, the primary benefit of Goldenseal is its overall effect on immunity. As a natural antibiotic, it enablesthe immune system to fight infection. Goldenseal has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes andis used primarily for the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. It is beneficial for peptic ulcers and sinusitis, heartburn,indigestion and nausea. Berberine, one of its key active ingredients conditions the walls of the stomach and intestines,making it helpful for diarrhoea and gastritis. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities also make it useful for urinary tractinfections. Combining Goldenseal with Echinacea is more powerful when combating the first signs of colds, flu and sorethroats than when used alone.
Grapeseed extract is widely known for its antioxidant properties and alongside Echinacea, helps to maintain the strength ofconnective tissue and the integrity of capillaries, helping the health of the heart and circulatory system. Its rich source offlavonoids also helps to strengthen the immune system especially during infections, inflammation and allergies. Grapeseed alsoworks to restore and recycle oxidised vitamin C, thus increasing the vitamin's effectiveness. This product is not suitable during pregnancy. / Ideal combinations for
winter health also include:
Aloe Berry Nectar
All the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel but with additional ingredients, natural cranberry
and apple. Cranberries, which provide a high vitamin C content, have a reputation
as a body cleanser, especially effective for the kidneys. A major benefit is that they
may reduce the likelihood of severe urinary tract infections including cystitis. Apple
juice is noted for vitamins A and C and provides a natural sweetness for this
effective winter tonic, energy booster and immune regulator.
Forever Active Probiotic
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live and work in our intestinal tract to keep us
healthy physically and mentally. These organisms coat the walls of the digestive tract
providing a natural barrier against invaders and toxins. Forever Active Probiotic
contains six important strains of beneficial bacteria, which help to regulate our
immune systems and increase our resistance to infections while promoting digestive
health and nutrient absorption.
A traditional favourite for the winter, vitamin C provides antiviral protection and is a
powerful antioxidant and immune enhancer. Forever Living Products provide vitamin
C in a unique formulation with oatbran and flavonoids for maximum absorption and
bioavailability. Flavonoids help maintain the integrity of connective tissue and
support capillary strength.
Bee Propolis
Collected by honeybees from the bark of trees, this sticky resin is used to line the
hives to protect them from germs. An effective natural antibiotic, propolis helps
to maintain health by strengthening our immune systems through its antiviral,
antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. It is particularly useful for upper
respiratory tract infections and shingles and is rich in nutrients including the B
Used for thousands of years, garlic's properties have helped to eliminate the growth
of harmful bacteria and alleviate upper respiratory tract conditions including flu and
sinusitis. It is well known for its decongestant capabilities also helping to promote
healthy circulation and cholesterol levels. The addition of thyme in this unique
combination helps to soothe and combat coughs and provides additional
antibacterial qualities.
And don't forget one of our recent additions to the Forever Living range, the super
antioxidant health drink, Forever Pomesteen Power - a rich mixture of natural,
exotic fruits giving a powerful, nutritional boost to our immune systems at any time
of the year.
All of the above products are suitable for children. /


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