The truthful effects of 112 Degrees on sexual performance
This natural supplement lists L-Tyrosine, Pueraria root, Butea superbaroot, Acai fruit, Tribulus
fruit and Asian Ginseng fruit extracts as its key ingredients. Its creators hail this combination
as a definitive answer to many sexually debilitating conditions in men. Below we address your
concerns on the legitimacy of these claims.
What it claims to do

This product is aimed directly at male consumers who experience difficulty with erections,
sex drive and performance. It claims to be a long term solution to these problems and also
promises to increase both stamina and metabolism. If any of these claims are true then 112
Degrees could be a very useful product for a vast number of men seeking a natural solution as
an alternative to chemical products like Viagra. Now lets take a look at the evidence to see how
much of this is fact, and how much is fiction.
The evidence

Looking at the ingredients, Butea Superba immediately stands out to the trained eye. Extracts
from its root have been traditionally used to improve sexual potency in Thailand and its
neighboring countries, leading to it being nicknamed Asian Viagra. Studies have recently been
conducted proving that it is somewhat beneficial when dealing with erectile dysfunction.
In addition to these effects the root is also believed by many to be an aphrodisiac for both men
and women. Unfortunately there is no clinical evidence to support this claim.
A range of medical trials involving L-Tyrosine have produced exciting results indicating that this
compound is an effective treatment for stress, unstable hormone levels and insomnia. Apart
from scientifically backed claims on the official website, there has not been any conclusive
proof of its use when combating erectile dysfunction or low sex-drive. Those effects of L-
Tyrosine which have been proven are however still valuable and warrants its inclusion as a key
The claims that 112 Degrees make with regard to Pueraria root is is not backed by any scientific
evidence. Its apparent benefits are not worth noting here as the only sources would be those
trying to sell this product, and thus of little use to a consumer. Research on Acai fruit shows that
it has good nutritional value but claims of its effects on male sexual problems have proven to be
entirely exaggerated in studies. It does however help to strengthen the arteries which is nothing
to complain about.
If you've already bought the product and your starting to feel like you might have wasted your
money, don't despair just yet. Tribulus fruit extracts release T. Terrentris, a compound known
for its ability to replenish testosterone levels. As low testosterone is often a cause of erectile
dysfunction this is very good news. Its uses as an aphrodisiac are also founded in independent
studies. As is the standard with all natural products however, it can take weeks to show results.
100% natural, safe and free from side effects evidence showing results with labido, erectile dysfunction and a long time for results to become noticeable

This product can increase your stamina and vitality, allowing you to perform for longer and with
more vigor. As noted by the creators this is a great way of regaining your sexual confidence.


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