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John Lloyd-Jones Call:
Silk: 2013

John Lloyd-Jones, Approved to provide legal advice and representation to the London
2012 Olympic and Paralympic pro bono Panel.

“A very good choice of barrister, with exceptional skills across the board; preparation,
communication, client care and, of course, advocacy”
Joanne Goddard, Solicitor & Crown Court Department Manager, Bains

John Lloyd–Jones is Head of the 36 Bedford Row Criminal Team. He is one of the
most highly experienced, in–demand Criminal Barristers defending and prosecuting
(Grade 4) on the Midland and South Eastern Circuits. Over the past 4 years his
practice has become increasingly specialized divided between serious sexual offences;
serious offences of violence; and multi–handed drugs conspiracies, money laundering
and the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.
John has established himself as the Counsel of first choice, for Defence Solicitors and
Crown Prosecutors alike, in the trickier, more awkward cases requiring careful
handling, where the Defendant, for example, might be a local Solicitor, a well–known
psychiatrist, the son of a CPS employee, a serving Police Officer or a Paratrooper
who has stolen medals from his comrades. John’s reputation for meticulous case
preparation sees him regularly instructed, again by both Defence and Prosecution, in
the more complex cases where the weight of the evidence, or the issues, demand
tireless attention to detail and outstanding advocacy.
General Criminal Law

R v Hartles & others (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Known as the “Super Gran” robbery case. Defendant and co-Defendants, all from
North London and some with previous convictions for similar smash & grab
robberies, execute carefully planned attack upon prominent local jewellers.
Defendant and another recce location and then wait nearby in the crowd watching
and reporting back by phone to principal who was elsewhere.
In broad daylight six co-Defendants arrive on pre-stolen motorbikes and scooters
and then proceed to smash holes in shop windows with sledge-hammers. Jewellery
and watches worth over £110,000 taken. Attack thwarted, in part, by intervention of
elderly member of the public with handbag. Pleas to Conspiracy to Burgle entered
after application to dismiss charge of Conspiracy to Burgle. Incident filmed by
amateur cameraman.
R v Voraji and others (2010; Defending; Nottingham Crown Court)
Conspiracy to Kidnap and Conspiracy to Falsely Imprison. Defendant (31; good
character) and numerous co-Defendants (members of extended family) charged with
kidnapping female relative who had left family home after affair with a married man.
Complainant taken from the street, held in Leicester and then driven to Bolton.
Later released unharmed. Acceptable guilty pleas and suspended sentence.

R v Lee Harris & others (OP Zara) - (2010; Defending; Northampton
Crown Court)
Defendant (with seven co-Defendants) charged with Conspiracy to Burgle. Between
November 2008 and October 2009 the gang burgled or attempted to burgle twenty-
five branches of Corals Bookmakers in various towns and cities up and down the
country. Entry was gained by brute force; safes within the premises where removed
intact, carried away by car or van to secluded locations where they were smashed
open and the contents taken. The stolen safes contained various amounts of cash,
ranging from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. In total over £65,000 cash
was stolen and damage amounting to a further £60,000 was caused.
R v MacAlister & another (2010; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
‘Traveller’ tarmacing conspiracy. Defendant and others laying, to very poor standard,
tarmac on tracks and roads leading to isolated Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire
farms. Later, accomplice demanding substantial sums, in cash, from farmers. Serious
threats made to farmers, their families, their livestock and property. Seven day trial.
Defendant acquitted of Conspiracy to Blackmail but convicted of Conspiracy to
R v Guildford & others (2009; Defending; Worcester Crown Court)
Multi-handed conspiracies to commit Arson and Blackmail. Vulnerable residents of
mobile home park targeted for threats and intimidation as part of plan by new
owners (travellers) to have them vacate premises so that site could be sold.
Defendant hired to commit contract Arson on static caravan. Guilty plea to
Conspiracy to commit simple Arson; acquitted, after two week trial, of Blackmail
Conspiracy. Sentence (6 years 8 months) successfully reduced on appeal to 5 years 5
months (R v Tully & others [2009] EWCA Crim 2825).

I now prosecute and defend the more senior players in the bigger drugs conspiracies.

R v Damion Munn (2010; Prosecuting; Nottingham Crown Court)
Substantial quantities of cocaine, heroin and mixing agents found at Defendant’s flat
along with silencer and numerous rounds of different calibre ammunition. On late
pleas of guilty (day of trial) sentenced to 4 years 9 months. I advised that sentence
was unduly lenient; case referred; Court of Appeal increased sentence to 8 years.
Attorney General’s Reference (No.59 of 2010) [2011] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 43
R v Thomas Murray & others (OP Guinness) – (2009/2010; Defending;
Nottingham Crown Court)
Large, multi-handed class A drugs conspiracy uncovered by East Midlands Special
Operations Unit (EMSOU). National dealing but also plans to import multi-kilo
amounts of cocaine (22kg seized in Antwerp) into UK from Europe (by light aircraft
drops into Kent – full dummy run undertaken) and, inter alia, to import BMK
(principal chemical precursor for manufacture of amphetamine sulphate) from China.
Defendant (long history of involvement in cigarette and alcohol smuggling and with
numerous European contacts) accused of organising logistics for delivery, including
reconnoitring airfields in England, Holland and Belgium. Guilty plea entered, on
receiving an indication (12 years), in ninth week of trial.

R v Binham & others (OP Lancer) - (2009; Defending; Nottingham Crown
Another EMSOU operation - class A & B drugs conspiracies. Defendant (recently
released from serving 13 years of 20 year sentence for armed Robbery).

R v Kohanzad & others (2009; Prosecuting; Derby Crown Court)
Prosecuting premises owner (vexatious litigant) and Vietnamese workers involved in
Derbyshire’s biggest cannabis farm (annual turnover of between £750,000 and £1m).

R v Alli & others (2006/2007; Defending; Leicester Crown Court)
Defending courier in heroin conspiracies (national and international). 4 week legal
argument (entrapment and RIPA issues).

R v Bell (2007; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Cocaine conspiracy - extensive covert surveillance of Defendant and associates.

Operation Harrier (2002-2004; Prosecuting; Peterborough & other Crown
Between 2002 and 2004 I was retained by Cambridgeshire CPS to prosecute
nearly 150 Defendants arrested as a result of a year long undercover and test-
purchase operation targeting the class A drugs trade in Peterborough (Operation
Harrier). I became involved during the operational stage and advised during the
arrest, interview and charge stages. With a CPS Higher Court Advocate I
prosecuted all the Defendants through the Magistrates Court and into the Crown
Court. I prosecuted most of the smaller Crown Court trials myself and was led in
the two larger conspiracies (a six-hander and an eleven-hander). As Junior in the
two larger cases I had to distil thousands of pages of evidence into chronologies
and schedules. Due to the unavailability of my Leader I prosecuted alone the final
Defendant (represented by Leader and Junior) from the eleven-hander (she had
absconded pre-trial).


I have established myself as the Counsel of first choice, for Defence Solicitors and
Crown Prosecutors alike, in the trickier, more awkward cases requiring careful
handling, where the Defendant, for example, might be a local Solicitor, a well-known
psychiatrist, the son of a CPS employee, a serving Police Officer or a Paratrooper
who has stolen medals from his comrades.
R v Rogers (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant, at the time a Corporal with the Parachute Regiment based in
Colchester, stole campaign medals from his comrades (some of whom were on
active service in Afghanistan) and sold them on eBay. He also stole military-issue
body armour, pyrotechnics, 9mm ammunition and electric detonators.
R v Patel & others (OP Queen 1 & 2) - (2008/2009; Prosecuting; Leicester
Crown Court)
Prosecuting two multi-handed frauds – “inside job” mobile phone handset and
airtime fraud at Carphone Warehouse and fraudulent loan application scam involving
Barclaycard. One of the Defendants (represented by QC) was son of CPS employee.
R v B (2008; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Defending local Solicitor charged with s.20 and Dangerous Driving arising out of
serious road traffic accident.
Police v Dr S (2008; Defending; Market Harborough Magistrates Court)
Defending highly renowned Consultant Psychiatrist accused of careless driving.

R v Williams (2008; Defending; Nottingham Crown Court)
Perverting the Course of Justice. Defendant (gay porn actor/HIV positive) offers
bribe to witness who alleged (unsubstantiated) that Defendant had had
unprotected anal intercourse.
DPP v Dykes (2008; Prosecuting; Administrative Court)
For the DPP. Appeal by way of case stated – racially aggravated threatening
behaviour. [2008] EWHC 2775 (Admin), [2009] Crim. L.R. 449
R v Hardy (2006; Defending; Derby Crown Court)
Serving Police Officer. Misfeasance in Public Office (information from PNC
provided to criminal). Sentence subject of Attorney General’s Reference
(Attorney General’s Reference (No.1 of 2007) [2007] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 86).

R v Sangha (2004; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Defending local Criminal Solicitor charged with Perverting the Course of Justice
(providing false alibi to cousin accused of breaking a man’s kneecap with baseball
bat). Trial.

My Army background has seen me instructed, from an early stage, in firearms and
explosive cases. I was led (HH Judge Blacksell QC) in R v Ivor Jones & others
[1997] 1 Cr.App.R. 46 (s.16 Firearms Act 1968) and (HH Judge Stokes QC) in R v
Avis & others
[1998] 1 Cr.App.R. 420 (sentencing guidelines for firearms offences).
R v Peaks (2011; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Defendant made working Improvised Explosive Device using shotgun cartridges with
intent to use it to take his own life.
R v Taylor (2010; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Defendant, having researched information on internet about, in particular, IRA bomb
manufacture, went on to build a home-made viable pipe bomb.
R v Collins (2010; Prosecuting; Luton Crown Court)
Defendant (renowned firearms engineer), inter alia, illegally building bespoke high
powered air-rifles (‘dangerous air-weapons’ over 12ft.lbs limit considered ‘firearms’).
One sold to BBC journalist. Six day trial. Jury heard evidence from two Forensic
Scientists (one with international reputation as firearms examiner) and two Defence
‘experts’. The Defence challenged every aspect of the Crown’s case; raised spurious
legal defences (e.g. ‘Crown exempt’) and took unarguable points (e.g. abuse of
process – “collateral purpose” – claiming case brought to punish Defendant for
acting as Defence expert for former East German intelligence officer; alleging Police
‘plant’; disputing continuity). Defendant convicted.

Serious Violence

Despite specialising in, on the one hand, serious sexual offences and, on the other,
fraud, drugs conspiracies and money laundering, I am still regularly asked to
prosecute and defend those accused of committing serious or repeated offences of
non-fatal violence.

R v Dickson (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant charged with Attempted Murder. He had a drunken argument with a man
whom he suspected of pestering his girlfriend. During confrontation the Defendant
produced a large kitchen knife which he used to stab the Victim. First blow to arm
(“in-out-in” injury) pinned forearm to bicep. Defendant then stabbed Victim in the
flank causing punctured lung - haemo-pneumothorax resulting in unrecordable blood
pressure upon arrival at hospital. Imprisonment for Public Protection.

R v Collinson & others (2010; Defending; Leicester Crown Court)
Defendant, his father and another charged with Attempted Murder. After fight at
pub Defendant and co-Defendant, at instigation of father, pursued one of their
opponents in a car. Victim was run down and then had his throat slashed by co-
Defendant causing life-threatening injuries. Pleas from son and father, on day of trial,
to Conspiracy to Cause GBH with Intent.
R v Teanby (2010; Prosecuting; Nottingham Crown Court)
Defendant robbed and stabbed his neighbour. Victim died before trial (for reasons
unconnected to the stabbing) and his medical notes revealed that he had substantial
mental health problems (heard voices, paranoid etc.,). Legal argument, following
Supreme Court ruling in Horncastle, as to whether statement from dead witness
could be read. Guilty pleas on day of trial.

Sexual Offences
Over one-third of my practice is made up of cases involving Rape and serious sexual
offences, in particular, serious sexual offences committed against children.
Prosecuting or Defending, this is often distressing but always highly challenging work
that requires detailed preparation and first class advocacy, not just when cross-
examining vulnerable young Complainants but also when addressing Judges and
Juries. The selection of my more recent cases listed below reflects the seriousness of
the work that I regularly undertake.

R v Roe (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Good character Defendant accused of raping sleeping girlfriend (long history of
falling into quick, deep sleep). Defendant claimed consent but had sent Victim,
shortly after intercourse, numerous notes and texts apologising for actions.
Defendant also member of facebook group “it’s not rape, it’s surprise sex”. Trial -
R v Witten (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant (previous convictions for serious sexual offences against young girls
including, as last conviction in 1990s, offences of, inter alia, incest and indecent
assault against both his daughters when they were young girls) facing allegations
(ranging from Rape of a Child under 13 years to kissing) from three (effectively four)
Complainants (2002-2009). Principal Complainant ‘C’ very damaged young girl
(previous victim of abuse at hands of Grandfather; previous Complainant against
Father (trial/acquitted) and maker of (admitted) false complaint against Stepfather).
Defendant convicted of kissing allegations but Jury could not agree on ‘C’ counts –
Crown, in due course, did not seek re-trial.
R v Furneaux (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant (21) charged with Assault by Penetration and Rape - attacked his
partner’s niece (aged 13) in dining room on Boxing Day whilst rest of family
asleep. Guilty pleas on day of trial.
R v Skidmore (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Trial. Two counts of Indecent Assault (1990-1992) against Step-Granddaughter.
Defendant volunteered, unprompted, account in interview regarding one particular
incident (involving Chinese mask) – issue at trial as to whether he had been
forewarned, by Cardiff Police, that would be questioned on this topic. Convicted.
R v Trimble (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Seven day trial. Historic (1987-2001) allegations (14 counts/5 Complainants, 4 of
whom were Defendant’s nieces) of sexual abuse of varying degrees of seriousness
(from low level kissing to campaign of Rape against principal Complainant from
young age); Defendant denying allegations; differing defences for each Complainant -
mistake; false allegation to hide own infidelity/deflect family anger onto Defendant;
lies to support sisters; lies and blackmail (allegations of cross-dressing) because of
deep rooted dislike of Defendant (elderly, recovering alcoholic). Guilty (majority) of
offences against main Complainant and two others but acquitted in relation to
allegations from her two sisters. 18 years imprisonment.

R v Akhtar (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Off-duty taxi driver giving lift home to drunken female Complainant whom he had
seen outside nightclub. Alleged that he had sexually assaulted her (touching over
clothing) on journey home. Friend of Defendant in back of black cab had returned to
Pakistan before trial and incommunicado – hearsay application. First Jury discharged
– argument about failure of Police to retain notes of a mobile phone call made,
inadvertently, from Complainant’s phone to phone of a friend during the actual
incident and, further, the voicemail recording of the call itself. Re-trial ordered but
Crown, in due course, offer no evidence.
R v Tothill (2011; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
Defendant (karate instructor) prosecuted for having sexual affairs with two young
female students and for Perverting the Course of Justice.
R v Noka (2010; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Six day trial & nine day re-trial. Albanian Defendant (interpreter) kidnapped his ex-
girlfriend; detained her; physically and sexually assaulted her (oral sex) and then
raped her twice. At re-trial, legal argument as to admissibility of single conviction and
single acquittal from first trial. Further, at the re-trial Prosecution witness provided a
further statement claiming that the Complainant had confessed that allegations were
false. Witness abandoned and called by the Defence. Established in cross-
examination and by re-calling Complainant that Defendant’s family had, between
trials, traced and intimidated the witness’s family. Convicted.
R v Hearn (2010; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
20 counts - serial sexual abuse of Stepdaughter in gross breach of trust over a period
of many years starting when Complainant was very young (oral Rape at 12 years old
and attempted vaginal Rape when she was 14). Five day trial. Convicted. 12 years

R v Sureshkumar Panchad-Charam (2010; Defending; Huntingdon Crown
Sri Lankan shopkeeper charged with sexually assaulting two female customers in
shop. Trial – acquitted in relation to one Complainant, convicted in relation to the
R v Ahmed (2009; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Defendant (Bangladeshi - Sylheti interpreter) accused of daylight offence against
woman in street and of failing to notify (Sex Offender’s Register). Highly relevant
previous convictions for similar offences (including against blind girl on train).
Convicted after trial and sentenced to Imprisonment for Public Protection.
Successful Appeal against Sentence.
R v Brendan Clarke (2009; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Defendant (16 years old with learning difficulties) accused of trying to anally rape 12
year old boy and of committing lesser sexual offences and exposure against group of
7 year olds. Eight day trial.
R v Croad (2009; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Elderly Defendant (house parent at RNIB residential school) charged with historic
sex offences (Indecent Assault and Buggery) on blind boy whilst pupil at the school.
Issue – mistaken identification. Trial – convicted – 12 years imprisonment.
R v Roberts (2008; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
14 counts - various serious sexual offences, including Rape, committed against
Daughter and Stepdaughter. Eight day trial.
R v Whitlock (2008; Defending; Luton Crown Court)
Multiple (100+) historic (1970s) Rapes of 8 year old sister (now in late 30s) by
brother (then aged 14-17 years). Two week trial.
R v Goodman (2008; Defending; Cambridge Crown Court)
15 counts – various sexual offences including Rape (some historic against
Stepdaughter) and offences against Step-Granddaughter (aged 5 years). Trial and
two week re-trial.
R v Overton (2007; Defending; Peterborough Crown Court)
Historic (1970’s to 1990’s) sexual abuse of step-daughter (20 sample counts -
campaign of Rape). Defendant left Complainant’s mother and had three children
with Complainant (conceptions charged as three Rapes). More recently,
Defendant raped child with learning disabilities. Trial. Life imprisonment.

R v Sanderson (2010; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
Defendant (good character) pleaded guilty to possessing Extreme Pornographic
Images (dogs, horses and a snake) and Indecent Images of Children (movies and stills;
up to Level 5).
R v Saunders (2010; Defending; Peterborough Crown Court)
21 counts – Defendant prosecuted for possessing Indecent Images of Children (up to
Level 5) and for taking indecent images of some of the Complainants. Defendant
went on to commit actual sexual offences against other Complainants (from 1980’s
to 2007) when they were aged between 8 and 15 years. Guilty pleas, some on day of
R v Elsdon (2009; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
Elderly Defendant (now in wheelchair) accused of historic sexual offences against
Step-Granddaughter and of Possession of Indecent Images of Children. Police seized
substantial amount of child pornography written by Defendant. Six day trial.
R v Topham (2008; Defending; Nottingham Crown Court)
Possession of Indecent Images of Children downloaded from internet. Defendant
successfully relying upon internet disclaimer as to age of those photographed.
R v Rosenfeld (2008; Defending; Peterborough Crown Court)
Professional photographer charged with Possessing, Making and Distributing Indecent
Images of Children.

Road Traffic

These tragic cases often bring to Court members of the public, be they as
Defendants or as the family of the Deceased, who would ordinarily hope to never
come into close contact with the Criminal Justice system. The family and friends of
the Deceased understandably frequently seek penalties of a level not permitted by
the law; the family of the good character Defendant, on the other hand, are often
stunned when the inevitable custodial sentence is passed. Death by dangerous or
careless driving cases are always harrowing and consequently need careful handling
by an experienced practitioner.
R v Pesce (2010; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Allegation of Death by Careless Driving. Bus driver knocks down and kills elderly
female pedestrian who, at the time (winter evening) was walking across the poorly lit
forecourt of Greyfriars bus station in contravention of signs expressly telling
members of the public not to access the concourse on foot in that way. Expert
evidence established, during trial, that deceased may well have remained, until the
last minute, in blind spot (caused by A pillar of bus as bus swung, at low speed, into
bus station). Successful submission of no case to answer.
R v Holland (2009; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Causing Death by Dangerous Driving/by Careless Driving when unfit. Defendant kills
best friend in car crash on rural road at night. Car un-roadworthy. Issue as to
medical causation.

R v Crossley (2009; Prosecuting; Leicester Crown Court)
Causing Death by Careless Driving. Defendant, driving new sports car, kills
passenger (girlfriend).

R v Kersey (2008; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Trial (acquittal). Defendant accused of killing his best friend (serving Royal Marine) in
late night motorbike accident.
R v Greenwood (2007; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant kills passenger (employer’s son) in van crash on M1.
R v Holt (2004; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Double Death by Dangerous Driving. Defendant (racing) performing overtaking
manoeuvre in feeder lane causing accident in which his two friends were killed.
Successful renewed application for leave to appeal against sentence (R v Holt [2004]
EWCA 3458) involved early application of Cooksley criteria.

Financial Crime

This area, along with the larger drug conspiracies, makes up about one third of my
practice. The evidence in such cases is invariably complex and voluminous. Whether
Prosecuting or Defending one needs to be well organised, have an eye for detail and
to be ready for long hours of careful preparation
R v Giles and Giles (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Mortgage frauds & money laundering. 26 counts - Obtaining Money Transfers by
Deception, Fraud, Transferring & Possessing Criminal Property. Mother and son
fraudulently applying for numerous residential mortgages (over £1.1m in finance
raised) then renting properties and/or transferring, to each other, the sums
advanced. Also, over five year period, laundering substantial sums of unaccounted
for cash (£200,000) through their bank accounts. Guilty pleas on day of trial.
Complicated case (5,000+ pages of evidence) requiring meticulous pre-trial
preparation, detailed Case Summary and schedules of transactions.

R v Mills (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Multiple counts of Fraud by False Representation. Defendant persuaded ten close
friends to invest, in total, £100,000 in his healthy snack vending machine company
and a bogus second-hand furniture scheme. Defendant created false documents to
entice friends and told them numerous lies about value of business, turnover and
fictitious investors. In fact, Defendant only had single (demonstration) vending
machine and company had made no sales.
R v Morrisey (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Defendant employed as Interim Deputy Head of Legal Services at Northamptonshire
County Council and held himself out to be a Solicitor. Defendant had, in fact, made
numerous material misrepresentations in his CV as to, inter alia, his degrees, his legal
diplomas, his training and his work experience. Prosecuted for Fraud and Theft
(double claimed over £13,500 by drawing salary thorough employment agency and
invoicing NCC direct). When confronted Defendant made false and malicious
allegations against Head of Legal Services and took NCC to Employment Tribunal.
R v Butcher (2010; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Defendant - struck off Solicitor with 1990’s previous convictions for False
Accounting and Theft (stealing money from client account) – employed by will
writing and estate administration company (‘Willmakers of Distinction’). Principal
Defendant stole money from the estates being administered by removing money
from client account for his own purposes. Withdrawals facilitated by Defendant.
Losses in excess of £400,000. Guilty pleas (day of trial) to five counts of Theft and
two counts of Fraudulent Trading. 4,000+ pages of evidence.
R v Entwistle & others (OP Ferry) - (2009; Defending; Northampton
Crown Court)
For trial led by William Harbage QC of 36 Bedford Row. £500,000
Northamptonshire County Council and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister fraud
(refurbishment grants for traveller sites). Representing Council Officer charged with
Misfeasance in a Public Office and Forgery offences. Co-Defendants included local
architect and several members of the travelling community. In sixth week of trial
Prosecution offered no evidence against Defendant on all charges. 7,000+ pages of
R v Delow (2008/2009; Defending; Lincoln Crown Court)
Bogus commercial insurance agent scam. Defendant acting as insurance broker
offering specialist construction industry insurance but not, in fact, taking out cover
with Lloyds.

R v Eshragh (2006/7; Defending; Cambridge Crown Court)
Leading Claire Howell of 36 Bedford Row. Working Families Tax Credit fraud
centred on Milton Keynes taxi firm. 9,000 pages of evidence.

I have, for many years, prosecuted and defended in confiscation proceedings
involving significant assets and/or substantial assessments of benefit. Many of these
cases have had an international dimension.

R v Giles and Giles (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Mortgage frauds & money laundering (see above for further details). Benefit
£993,561 – confiscation order £75,000 including hidden assets.

R v Thomas Murray & others (OP Guinness) – (2009/2010; Defending;
Nottingham Crown Court)
Multi-handed class A drugs conspiracy (see above for further details). Confiscation
proceedings - initial estimate of benefit £2.2m; assets included residential property in
UK and in Turkey.

R v Byatt (2006; Prosecuting; Derby Crown Court)
Burglar alarm conman. Over four year period Defendant defrauded elderly victims
of £1m, much of which transferred to South Africa. International Letters of
Request (ILORs) sent asking that the South African Police assist in tracing the
Defendant’s assets. Contested confiscation proceedings - Defendant in person –
Judge made finding of ‘hidden assets’ - confiscation order £565,000.
R v Jones (2005; Prosecuting; Derby Crown Court)
Confiscation proceedings (Proceeds of Crime Act). Cannabis factories. Benefit of
£550,000 with assets (including Swiss bank accounts) of over £200,000.

R v Baker (OP Harrier) – (2004; Prosecuting; Peterborough Crown
I prosecuted, alone, contested confiscation proceedings (Drug Trafficking Act) in
relation to the principal OP Harrier Defendant, David Baker. He was initially
represented by a QC but then acted in person for confiscation proceedings. Benefit
£1.33m; confiscation of assets valued at just under £400,000.

Murder & Manslaughter

In my 18 years at the Bar I have been instructed as Junior Counsel to prosecute and
defend in many homicide cases.
R v Freddy Wilson & others (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown
Led by Jonathan Kirk QC, 36 Bedford Row. Trial (three weeks). ‘Joint enterprise’
murder (intention to do GBH). Four young Defendants, armed with a golf club,
crutches, a metal bar and screwdriver attack group of Asian students outside school
in Deanshanger. Golf club breaks during altercation. One student fatally stabbed, by
co-Defendant, with broken shaft of club (unforeseen). Defendant acquitted of
Murder and convicted of Violent Disorder.
R v Strong – (2010/2011; Defending; Nottingham Crown Court)
Trial (five days). ‘One-punch’ Manslaughter. Defendant (24 years old; excellent work
record but with relevant previous convictions – on bail at the time for Affray
committed two weeks before and also subject to suspended sentence, again for
Affray) kills man outside nightclub in Wellingborough. Deceased and Defendant’s
friend (both heavily intoxicated) start to fight. Defendant intervenes (defence of
another) too quickly, striking Deceased, from behind, with a single blow to the neck
severing the vertebral artery.
R v Tulloch (2009; Defending; Huntingdon Crown Court)
Led by Lynn Tayton QC (now HHJ Tayton QC). 16 year old charged with murdering
father (drug and alcohol addict) - history of domestic violence between them.
Successful application to dismiss Murder charge resulting in Defendant pleading guilty
to Manslaughter.
R v Anderson & others (2009; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Led by Lynn Tayton QC. Defendant (19 years) accused, with brother and others, of
murdering local man in hammer attack.

R v Attard (2007; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Led by Frances Oldham QC. Defendant (former Robbery client with mental health
problems) beats to death a friend.
R v Chaudry & others (2006; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Led by Andrew Bright QC (now HH Judge Bright QC). Prison murder (inmate on
inmate) at HMP Ryehill. Four week trial. See R v Musone [2007] EWCA Crim 1237.

R v Nixon (2005; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Led by Michael Fowler (now HH Judge Fowler). Defendant (released on licence after
serving life sentence for Murder) stabs prostitute to death.

Vulnerable Adults/Children
R v Punungwe (2011; Defending; Northampton Crown Court)
Defending blind Zimbabwean man (HIV positive and Hepatitis B) accused of
campaign of Rape against his wife, a Zimbabwean asylum seeker. Defendant had,
allegedly, coerced Complainant with threats to report her to the Home Office and
to sell their house in Harare. Wife had, in fact, purchased Viagra for Defendant to
enable him to attain and maintain an erection prior to ‘rapes’ and couple had, with
assistance of local church, ‘agreed’ to monthly quota of marital sexual intercourse.
R v Clough (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Campaign of violence and abuse by Defendant (mental health problems) against his
girlfriend. Multiple assaults. On one occasion kidnapped Victim, took her (at point of
cut-throat razor) to nearby disused office building and tried to throw her off the
roof. Imprisonment for Public Protection imposed.

R v Garrett (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)
Step-Father accused of serial sexual corruption of Step-Daughter from age of 14.
Complainant (very damaged young woman) remained virtually silent in two ABE
interviews. Defendant made denials but admitted sexual affair once she had turned
16. Originally charged with Sexual Activity with a Child. Real concern that
Complainant’s testimony, even with special measures, not strong enough to secure
convictions. Indictment amended to multiple counts of Sexual Activity with Child
Family Member (where age of consent is 18 not 16). Guilty pleas to post-16 offences;
at trial acquitted of pre-16 offences.

R v Merchant & Haren (2011; Prosecuting; Northampton Crown Court)

Father and Mother prosecuted for Cruelty. Father injured their son (ill-treatment) -
3-4 months old at the time – three fractured ribs and fractured right ulna - during
persistently heavy handed play, despite warnings. Mother failed to intervene
(exposure). Both parents failed to obtain proper medical treatment (neglect).
R v Marriott (2009; Defending; Norwich Crown Court)
Defendant and boyfriend accused of ill-treating her young son. Son assaulted by co-
Defendant – Defendant failed to obtain medical treatment.


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Volume 32, N° 2-3, 2005 Couper ou écraser les comprimés : oui ou non ? Ne pas couper ni pulvériser des Quelles sont les règles comprimés par avance. Les princi- générales à respecter ? pes actifs peuvent être instables à l’air, l’humidité ou la lumière. Sur quels critères les fabri- Il est indispensable de toujours cants choisissent-ils une

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Jordan’s Water Situation Elias Salameh & Hazim El-Naser Abstract Jordan has in recent years implemented a series of courageous policy issues to conserve, improve and rehabilitate its water resources situation. The first major steps have been undertaken to solve the problem of aquifer over-exploitation. Metering and pricing the extracted groundwater for all purposes including i

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