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T: +2721 882 9666, F: +27 86 566 1701, E: lab@wijnlandfertility.co.za INTRA-UTERINE INSEMINATION (IUI)

This procedure is also known as artificial insemination (AI). It is a procedure consisting of a combination of super ovulation
(stimulation of more than one egg to grow), ovulation induction and insemination with sperm at the time of ovulation.
Indications for an IUI:

Sexual dysfunction (e.g. Premature ejaculation) Frozen sperm (e.g. if husband is away at time of insemination or if donor sperm is needed) How to start with IUI treatment:
The first step towards an IUI is for the husband (or male partner) to have a semen analysis done at our laboratory. This result
wil then be available for your appointment with one of our fertility specialists, Dr Johannes van Waart or Dr Lizette White. This
consultation may be a first comprehensive consultation in the case of donor sperm or may be a fol ow up consultation after a
couple has tried to fal pregnant at home with timed intercourse and ovulation induction. The couple wil have a comprehensive
discussion about possible causes of the infertility experienced as wel as the plan for the treatment thereof.
The AI treatment cycle is started by phoning the fertility sister on your first day of your menstruation. This day wil be referred to
as Day 1. The sister wil then discuss your treatment plan and stimulation medication.
There are several different medications with different strengths and actions. They wil be prescribed to you according to your
diagnosis and response of your ovaries and eggs. The medication forms are tablets, e.g. Clomid, Fertomid, Femara, and
injections, e.g. Menopur, Ovitrel e. These medications include some that contain FSH (fol icle stimulation hormone) to stimulate
the egg growth and one that specifical y triggers ovulation (Ovitrel e). The stimulation medication wil be given from Day 4 to 8,
to help the eggs to grow.
On Day 3, blood tests may be needed and sometimes a sonar scan. You wil be asked to make an appointment at around Day 9
or 10 for a sonar scan to see how the fol icles (containing the eggs) are growing. Several scans may fol ow to monitor the
growth of the fol icles and blood tests may be needed to determine your ovulation day. The insemination is scheduled
accordingly (it may be Day 11 or Day 13) and you wil receive a time that the ovulation trigger medication should be injected.
This injection should be administered 36 hours prior to the insemination. Remember, your treatment plan may differ from this
basic outline and from cycle to cycle.
On the day of the insemination, the husband (or male partner) should pass the semen sample 2 hours before the procedure. He
should preferably have 3 days of abstinence. The semen is washed to separate the seminal fluid and other cel s from the
Dr Johannes van Waart Ing
T: +2721 882 9666, F: +27 86 566 1701, E: lab@wijnlandfertility.co.za sperm. The sperm are then al owed to swim into a special medium to select the most motile sperm to optimise the fertilizing potential. The wife (or female partner) wil then undergo the insemination of the sperm at the rooms. The AI procedure is similar to a routine gynaecological examination for a Pap smear. A speculum wil be inserted into the vagina to visualize the cervix (entrance into the uterus). The sperm wil be drawn into a thin catheter (tube) which wil be inserted into the uterus. The sperm wil then be injected into the uterine cavity and be al owed to swim to the eggs. The AI wil take 2-3 minutes. You may lie down for an additional 15 to 20 min thereafter. Please be prepared to settle your account in ful on this day. The pregnancy test can be performed 12 days after the AI. A blood beta-HCG test is the most accurate and can be done at our rooms or any pathology laboratory (Pathcare, Davies, Ampath etc.). A copy of the result should be sent to Dr J van Waart or Dr L White if the blood test is not done at our rooms. A home pregnancy test is less accurate and can be done 15 days after the AI. You can cal the sister at this time with any questions about the testing or interpretation of the results. We wil cal you as soon as we receive a result. Please cal us at any time if you have any questions.

Source: http://www.wijnlandfertility.co.za/pdf/Information%20sheet%20for%20IUI.pdf


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