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The Wessex Basketball Association AGM
Aldworth School, Basingstoke
8 PM Thursday 13th July 2011

1. Apologies:
Trevor Funnel – League Chairman Mary Brown – League Secretary Marc Harris – Windsor Martin D Mellow – Farnborough Nikki Rowland – Referee
2. In Attendance:
Tim Brown (Area Chairman) Keren Day (Area Vice Chair)(Camberley rep) Chris Bunnett (Registrar/Treasurer) Cliff Chen (Officials Sec/Outgoing Dev Offr) Jon Clausen-Berg (Women’s League Sec) Richard Bell (Competitions Secretary) Martin Marshall (Men’s League Sec) Ian Lester (Webmaster/Fixtures Sec) Pete Dimond (Aldworth Arrows) Alan Harrod (Aldworth Arrows) Chris Giles (Aztecs) Pete Daines (Yateley Silverbacks) Michelle Taylor (Woking Blackhawks) Ian Taylor (Woking Blackhawks) Phil Parry (Woking Blackhawks) Dave Harper (Referee) Stuart Czarnecki (Basingstoke Bobcats) Kevin Creed (South Bucks Comets) Jo Evans (Woodley Ladies) Jenny Marshall (Woking) Martin Marshall (Woking) Damian Knode (Woking) Richard Styants (Winchester) David Senart (Winchester) Marcel Mavronicholas (Basingstoke Blizzards) Ray North (Diamonds) Fiona Davies (Diamonds) Alison Adamson (Chiltern) Morrell Hills (Referee/Slough) Rebecca Clark (Reading Rockets) Jill Palmer (Panthers) Keith Palmer (Panthers) Ben Rodger (Windsor Warriors) Neil Macwatters (Woodley) Steve Darke (Woodley) MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS AGM


Copies of the audited account summary and the Chairman’s
subsequent analysis were handed out at the meeting and
there were no comments from the floor.
1. It was agreed that a fee of £5 (seniors) and £2.50 (juniors
U18) would be charged for out of area team’s that do not
register any players via the Wessex area to a minimum
Out of area team
2. Entry fees will be raised by £5 per competition for the
3. A new registration form will be available by the end of
the week on the website and it will also be e-mailed to 4. All team entries must be submitted by the end of July
Club/Team sec’s
5. Secretaries were asked to note that; when completing
entry forms, please could they ensure that all nominated referees have a valid e-mail address, that is accessed Club/Team Sec’s
The League Chairman’s report highlighted several points regarding discipline. Morrell Hills enquired whether the results of the disciplinary committee decisions could be published on the Web. The Chairman saw no reason why not
as EB published them on the EB Website NL Bulletin. RB
raised concerns over the Data Protection Act. IL was tasked to check with EB whether names and lengths of bans etc could be published on local league websites. Providing EB give the all clear this will be done in future. WEBMASTER/FIXTURES.
1. Fixtures live is now being utilised for Wessex fixtures 2. Allan Harrod of Aldworth Arrows asked if Fixtures live could be unblocked to allow teams to utilise it to input CUP COMPETITIONS/DRAW/FINALS DAY
Everyone agreed with the new format of the finals with
trophies and medals being presented after each game.
TB asked everyone if they enjoyed the Warrior Tournament and did they wish to continue to enter or would they like to take up SABA’s offer of an alternative ‘tournament of champions’. It was agreed to stay with the entry into the Warrior Tournament. As a backup plan if the Warrior tournament did not continue we would consider the SABA proposal providing they hosted it first. MEN’S LEAGUE STRUCTURE 2011/12.
1. MM stated that he would like to even up the numbers in each division. MM outlined things as they stood from a relegation/promotion perspective and asked all club/team
secretaries put their preferences as to which division they
would like to be in on their entry form.
2. TB reminded everyone that any outstanding fines from the 2010/11 season must be paid before the start of the 2011/12 season or any games played would be voided 20
– 0 with the possibility of future expulsion from all
1. JCB explained the difficulties encountered this season with regard to the ‘Dimond’ system with the split after Christmas. TB reminded everyone that it was agreed at last year’s AGM that it would be used providing entries were between 10-12 teams. After much debate the Chairman and the membership agreed the following changes if there were between 10-12 teams next season: a. The season will start no later than the 3rd week in b. No games will be played after the second week in December with any games not played voided. c. Results from the pre-Christmas league will not be 2. It was felt by all present that this would help to solve the problems highlighted from last season if 10-12 teams enter next season. If less than 10 teams enter we will revert to one division. If more that 12 teams enter we will
go to two division using last season’s final league tables
as the basis for deciding which division teams would be PROPOSALS:
Limit the amount of teams permitted to play on Sundays to a manageable number to be set by the League committee subject to the number of Referees available to officiate on Sundays. The limit will be decided and set prior to the issue of entry forms. Clubs with more than one team will be given priority but only one of their teams may play on a Sunday. The remaining Sunday slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis when entries are submitted. Any new teams entering will be advised that they will not be permitted to play on a Sunday. Once the limit set is reached any team wishing to enter that plays on a Sunday must resubmit their Not carried.
Any team that plays on a Sunday is NOT permitted to have a National League Referee as their nominated official and if they have a team member on the committee this will not negate the requirement to provide a referee who is able to From the beginning of the 2012/2013 season all Open Division One and Ladies Division One matches must have at least one qualified and registered table official. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a £10 fine for each Carried.
For teams that enter Wessex League and/or cup competitions in addition to entering competitions in another Area, e.g.: Solent. Priority must be given to games played under the jurisdiction of Wessex Area. If a Wessex Area game is postponed in favour of a game in another Area competition Carried.
4. Introduce a 'final four' playoff system In all divisions in Wessex League, starting from season 2011/12. Carried.*
*Caveat – The Chairman explained that as no entry fee charged this year for ‘Play offs’ there would be no trophies for this competition this year unless Cliff’s sponsor came forward with them at no cost. It was also agreed that the play
offs for all division’s would not be on a home and away
basis. Teams 1 & 2 would have home advantage v 4 & 3 respectively with the highest placed team having home advantage in the final. E.G: if team 2 beat team 3 in their game and team 4 beat team 1 in their game team 2 would be at home in the final. This will be trialled this season and may
well be amended in future seasons depending on how it goes
and feedback from teams. It should also be noted that play
offs will only apply to the Women’s league if the ‘Dimond’ format is not used.
5. In order to build an even stronger Wessex Men's Division Not voted on as
1, I would like to propose to introduce a relegation freeze for Chairman stated no
the season 2011/12 so that the division can maintain a strong requirement for this
10 teams plus structure.
proposal as already
done when deemed
6. To restructure the Wessex Committee to maintain cost effectiveness and improve efficiency. See attached Carried.

All current committee members were asked if they wished to
stand again and were voted in by club members eligible to
vote who were in attendance.
Wessex Area Basketball Association Committee

Area Chairman – Tim Brown
Treasurer/ Registrar – Chris Bunnett
Secretary – Mary Brown
Technical Secretary – Vacant
Development Officer (Men) – Martin D Mellow
Development Officer (Women) – Phil Parry
Webmaster/Fixtures Sec – Ian Lester
Competitions Manager – Richard Bell
Wessex Basketball League Committee

League Chairman – Trevor Funnel
Officials Manager – Cliff Chen
Open Division’s Manager – Martin Marshall Ladies Division’s Manager – Jon Clausen Berg a. Decision on attire worn on religious grounds. Chairman
The Chairman explained the background behind the question
raised regarding two female players requests to wear full
tracksuits under their playing kit on religious grounds. He explained that the Wessex Area welcomed all participants regardless of race, ethnic background or religious beliefs. Whilst the religious requirements of female players are respected, the Wessex Area has a responsibility to all its members to ensure equality. After consultation with EB, and
committee members, it has been decided that where a female
player wishes to keep her body covered on religious grounds
the following rule will apply:
Tight fitting leggings and undershirts (e.g. lycra) that fully cover arms and legs, which is a similar colour to the home kit, may be worn when written permission has been granted by the Wessex Area committee. A tight fitting headscarf may
also be worn but the face must be fully visible.
Tim and Mary Brown were unanimously voted in as the Wessex Area representatives for the Regional Management Committee (South). The Chairman explained that the grant made by Wessex was put to good use for the regional age group teams as our contribution to development in the area. Reports are being requested from the coaches with regard to Chairman
The Chairman notified the EB decision that any court that had the new court markings is now permissible and would be
played on accordingly. RB asked if the ‘no charge circle
would apply. TB explained that it would not until the rule Chairman
The Chairman informed that Wessex is running a Level 2 Referees course in September over two Sunday’s at Richard Aldworth School Basingstoke. Details can be found on the website and have also been circulated to all club and team secretaries. It is hoped that a table official’s course will be run in tandem with this course, details to follow. PRESENTATION OF TROPHIES:
a) Women’s League – Chiltern Ladies b) Women’s Div 2 – Reading Rockets c) Women’s Div 1 – Woking Blackhawks Ladies 1 d) Women’s Plate – Winchester Panthers e) Women’s Cup – Diamonds f) Open Men’s Div 3 – Winchester Kings g) Open Men’s Div 2 – Woodley Green Flash h) Open Men’s Div 1 – Woking Blackhawk Flyers i) Karl Taylor Plate Men’s – Aztec Jaguars j) Karl Taylor Cup Men’s – Woking Blackhawk Flyers k) The Lallament Trophy – Gediminas Luksas (Original signed sent by email) M B Brown


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