State of Michigan
Position Code
Civil Service Commission
This position description serves as the official classification document of record for this position. Please complete the information as accurately as you can as the position description is used to determine the proper classification of the position.
2. Employee's Name (Last, First, M.I.)
8. Department/Agency
3. Employee Identification Number
9. Bureau (Institution, Board, or Commission)
4. Civil Service Position Code Description
10. Division
5. Working Title (What the agency calls the position)
11. Section
6. Name and Position Code Description of Direct Supervisor
COLEMAN, MAKIA; DEPARTMENTAL MANAGER-1 12 7. Name and Position Code Description of Second Level Supervisor
13. Work Location (City and Address)/Hours of Work
ELIAS, YASMIN J; ADMINISTRATIVE LAW MANAGER-2 18 Cadillac Place, Detroit, MI 48202 / Monday through Friday, 14. General Summary of Function/Purpose of Position
Responsible for the analysis and evaluation of cases referred by the Unemployment Insurance Agency for contested case hearings. Review all submissions and make determinations based on key issues with particular sensitivity to statutory and federally required timeliness deadlines. Monitor the adherence of submissions to the agency case tracking system requirements in designated areas. Responsible for analysis of ALJ caseloads assigned to the agency's unemployment division and responsible and accountable for serving as the agency's liaison to client agencies on hearing requests in designated areas. 15. Please describe the assigned duties, percent of time spent performing each duty, and what is done to complete each duty.
List the duties from most important to least important. The total percentage of all duties performed must equal 100 percent.
General Summary:
Analyze and evaluate hearing requests received from the Unemployment Insurance Agency to determine the appropriate statutory guidelines and timeframes that must be adhered to in scheduling administrative hearings. Evaluate requests to ensure compliance with agency and legal filing requirements.
Individual tasks related to the duty:
Analyze hearing requests and accompanying documentation to determine case type, complexity, and assignment requirements as well as timeliness requirements under statutes and regulations and the inclusion of required elements and documentation. Serve as liaison with client agencies, consult and coordinate to solve problems in the submission of hearing requests and eliminate discrepancies in records. Interface with members of the general public, staff, and the legal community.
General Summary:
Coordinate the scheduling and monitoring of administrative hearings under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) for the Unemployment program area. Individual tasks related to the duty:
Based on review of documents, schedule hearings with administrative law judges in accordance with MAHS procedures and statutory requirements balancing availability and case workloads of ALEs.Determine whether cases are to be scheduled for in-person or telephone hearings and schedule accordingly. Abstract signficant facts and data from a review of the documents and make necessary case tracking enteries. Create and maintain case files in database and make entries. Produce legal Notice of Hearing and mail to appropriate parties.
General Summary:
Individual tasks related to the duty:
16. Describe the types of decisions made independently in this position and tell who or what is affected by those decisions.
Independent decisions are made pertaining to timeliness determinations, the assignment of cases, scheduling of hearing dates and rooms based on knowledge of statute and requirements as well as agency policy and a determination of case type based upon statutory factors. These decisions affect administrative law judges, attorneys general, attorneys in private practice, advocates, and members of the general public. Errors in scheduling can result in invalid cases with parties not being notified of a formal hearing or traveling to an incorrect location or on the wrong date.
17. Describe the types of decisions that require the supervisor's review.
When highly technical legal information about a filing is in question, or in situations where there are no procedures or legal precedent exists or where deviations from agency procedures or standards have been requested.
18. What kind of physical effort is used to perform this job? What environmental conditions in this position physically exposed to on the job?
Indicate the amount of time and intensity of each activity and condition. Refer to instructions.

This position demands the ability to work under daily pressure due to the statutory and timeliness deadlines that must be followed. The position also requires a knowledge of statutory and agency procedures and a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. The physical general office environment includes sitting, computer data entry, walking, lifting, and carrying light items. 19. List the names and position code descriptions of each classified employee whom this position immediately supervises or oversees on a full-
time, on-going basis.

Additional Subordinates
20. This position's responsibilities for the above-listed employees includes the following (check as many as apply):
22. Do you agree with the responses for items 1 through 20? If not, which items do you disagree with and why?
23. What are the essential functions of this position?
The position reviews and analyzes requests for administrative hearings for compliance with statutory rules, guidelines, and timeliness standards and then schedules the hearings in accordance with these guidelines. The position is required to discern case type based upon referral information and assigned specific case types and meeting statutory guidelines and agency scheduling practices. This position analyzes and abstracts facts and data from the hearing requests and accompanying documentation for creation of automated case files.
24. Indicate specifically how the position's duties and responsibilities have changed since the position was last reviewed.
25. What is the function of the work area and how does this position fit into that function?
The function of the work area is to conduct contested case administrative hearings. This position is responsible for the review and analysis of hearing referrals and the scheduling and notification of administrative contested case hearings.
26. What are the minimum education and experience qualifications needed to perform the essential functions of this position.
Possession of a high school diploma.
Departmental Technician 7: One year of experience performing experienced-level administrative support activities equivalent to the 7-level in state service.
Departmental Technician 8: One year of experience as a technician or paraprofessional equivalent to the entry level in state service. OR one year of experience performing advanced-level administrative support activities equivalent to the 8-level in state service.
Departmental Technician E9: Two years of experience as a technician or paraprofessional, including one year of experience equivalent to the intermediate level in state service. OR one year of experience performing advanced secretarial or supervisory administrative support activities equivalent to the 9-level in state service. SELECTIVE CERTIFICATION: One (1) year of experience processing and scheduling third level unemployment appeals to include analyzing hearing requests and accompanying documentation. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:
Must possess the ability to abstract significant facts from data; analyze and organize data; and possess the ability to interpret and apply complex laws, rules, policies, and procedures. Must also possess a high level of accuracy and attention to detail and be able to communicate effectively and maintain good public relations. Word processing skills and a knowledge of general office practices and procedures is also required.
NOTE: Civil Service approval does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desired qualifications of this position.
I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction
of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.

Indicate any exceptions or additions to the statements of employee or supervisors.
I certify that the entries on these pages are accurate and complete.
Appointing Authority
I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction
of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.


Source: http://web1mdcs.state.mi.us/AgencyPDFs/UA%20Scheduler%20MAHS.pdf

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