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Third Year B. Sc.
‘DRUGS’ as course of applied nature (CAN)
(Effective from July 2002 – Revised in B O S dated 23/10/2002) Definition of the term ‘Drugs’ , drugs obtained from plants , classification of drugs Explanation of the following terms: Agonist , antagonist , receptors, pharmacophore, prodrug, soft drug , CNS-depressants , CNS-stimulants, Quantitative structural activity relation ship , mode of action , Brief account of the following agents giving the names and structures of two (i) Antifungel agents: (ii) Antiviral agents. (iii) Anticancer or cytotoxic drugs (iv) Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) Brief account of the following pathogenic microbes: Classification of bacteria based on their shape and their staining property , particularly staining and Ichl-Neelson (I.N.) staining. Names of atleast two disease in case of each of the following types of infection and also the name of microbes responsible for the same. (i) Respiratory tract infections (ii) Gastro intenstinal tract infections (iii) Urinary tract infections (iv) Urethritis and Sexually transmitted diseases . (v) Skin and soft tissue infections (vi) cardiovascular system infections (vii) Central Nervous system inflections. Names of important drugs for each of the following diseases. (i) Typhoid (ii) Dysentry (iii) Pneumonia (iv) Meningitis (v) Gastroenteritis (vi) Actinomycosis Definition , history of discovery of penicillin by Alexander Flaming , structural variations in penicillins, broad spectrum penicillins and their therapeutic uses , sources , structural formulae and therapeutic uses of streptomycin, tetracyclines and cycloserine, synthesis of chloramphenicol. History discovery and development of sulfa drugs , structural variations among sulfonamides , mode of action of sulfonamides , therapeutic uses and antimicrobial activity of sulfonamides., Synthesis and uses of : sulfadimidine, sulfaguanidine sulfisoxazole ( Sulfafurazol), sulfacetamide, succinyl sulfathiazole, sulfanilamide . Plasmodia responsible for human malaria and their mode of transition , life cycle of plasmodia classification of antimalarials, structural variations among antimalarials. Synthesis and uses of : chloroquine , camoquine (amidoquine) , Pyrimethamine. Definition of general and local anaesthetics. Names and structure of general anaesthetics , classification and structural variations among local anaesthetics. Synthesis and uses of : Alpha –Eucaine, Procaine, Benzocaine. Definition , classification and structural variations among sedatives and hypnotics . Synthesis and uses of: Luminal (Phenobarbital) , Diazepam , meprobamate, Topic –1:Antihistamines or antiallergenic General account of histamine and antiallergenic agents , classification and structural Synthesis and uses of : Benadryl (Diphenylhydramine), Mepyramine, Promethazine Definition , classification and structural variations among Analgesic and antipyretics, Synthesis and uses of : Novalgin, Mefenamic acid, phenacetine, paracetamol, Topic –3:Anatiseptics and Disinfectants: Introduction classification and structural variations among drugs used as antiseptics Synthesis and uses of : mercurocrome (merbromine) , n-Hexylresorcinol , Halozones , General accounts of Tuberculosis and Leprosy, structural variations among drugs Synthesis and uses of : Isoniazid , ethamubutol, dapsone, (DDS) Ethionamide. Role of Insulin in diabetes , oral hypoglycemic agents , structural variations among biguanides and sylfonylureas showing hypoglycemic activity. Synthesis and uses of : Phenformin (DBI) , Tolbutamide, (Orinase) , Chlorpropamide (Diabinese) . Topic –3:Coagulants (hemostatics) and Anticoagulants : Definition , Water-Fall mechanism of blood clotting, classification and structural variations among blood antocoagulants , Vitamin K group, as blood coagulants. Synthesis and uses of : Warfarin , Dicoumarol, Bromindione.
Reference Books:

(1) Burger’s Medicinal chemistry (4/e) Part I, II, III by Manfre W Wolff (Ed) –John
Sons , 1981 (2) Principles of Medicinal chemistry by Willam O. Foye Lea and Febiger, (3) Text book of organic medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry (7/e, 1977) by Gisvold and Doerge-J.P Lippincott company Tokyo. (4) Medicinal chemistry by Ashutoshkar (1993, Wiley Eastern ltd. , New Delhi) (5) Medicinal Bactriology by N. C. Dey and T. RR. Dey (3/e, 1975) Allied Agency – 700 014 (6) Principles of Medicinal chemistry Vol. I & II by S. S. Kadam , K. R Mahadik &



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