TEA Model 510 Nitrogen Analyzer
The model 510 Analyzer provides, fast, accurate,
specifi c analysis and detection of thermally
labile nitro compounds found in explosives, and
environmental and biological samples
Explosives Analysis Comes of Age
Fast Results
Superiority of Analysis
specifi c instrument for the detection and quantitation of thermally labile and explosives. It is a fast, sensitive, analysis - including HPLC analysis using such conventional detectors as UV or RI.
High Specifi city
of all components in the mixture. This is frequently diffi cult because of the With its high specifi city for the nitrosyl presence of stabilizers and plasticizers levels of explosives may be found - such as in wastewater or post blast residues Unsurpassed Accuracy
Post-blast debris analyses - identifi es presence of plasticizers, stabilizers, and Quality control - monitors quality of Environmental analyses - provides operations or found in body fl uids - can Thus, the TEA analyzer provides an ideal approach to explosives analysis.
It permits: detection even in the presence of stabilizers or plasticizers Applications
1) HPLC-TEA Explosives Analysis
20µl injection of a 5 µg/ml solution of a 2) HPLC-TEA Anti-Anginal
Pharmaceutical Analysis

20µl injection of a 10 µg/ml solution. 3A and 3B) GC - TEA Selectivity:
Nitrosamine/Nitro Compound

GC-TEA Selectivity: Nitrosamine/Nitro Compound Analysis pyrolyzer. Since nitrosamines cleave in the 350-550˚C temperature range, it is the amount of nitrosamines. However, only N-nitroso compounds are detected when the pyrolyzer temperature is set at 500˚C (3A). When the pyrolyzer nitro compounds are easily detectable (3B).
4) HPLC-TEA Dynamite Analysis
Sample Mixture of a 60% Giant gelatine dynamite. 20µl injection of a 5 µg/ml 5) HPLC Analysis of Letter Bomb

20µl injection of a 3µg/ml solution of a Principle of Operation
Specifi cation
Model TEA 510 Analyzer
ruptures compounds containing nitro groups to release the NO• Compounds analyzed include, (but are not limited to) the following: Tetryl - N-methyl-N-2,4,6-tetranitroaniline and fragmentation products are removed by a cold trap. The nitrosyl radicals continue on into Confi gurations: The TEA Model 510 Analyzer may be used: an evacuated reaction chamber where they are oxidized with ozone By itself, accepting direct injection of samples In combination with high-performance liquid chromatography giving off a burst of infrared light. The intensity of the infrared is Selectivity: The system’s high selectivity arises from its null response to many com- pounds which usually interfere with explosives analysis. In the GC and LC modes, compounds are further distinguished by their retention times. The selectivity ratio for EGDN to alcohols, aromatics, plasticizers, and stabilizers is greater than 107 to 1.
Output: Twelve attenuation ranges (1, 2, 4 . . . 1024, 2048) Reproducibility: Limited by the precision of the chromatographic system used.

Source: http://www.unichrom.cn/file/File/product/csi/TEA510.pdf

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