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April 25, 2007

Biology Presenters

Student: Amber Gaither
“Nested PCR to Amplify the Plasmodium falciparum
Mentor: Christopher Plowe
Chloroquine Resistance Transporter (PfCRT) in Samples
Oral Presentation, UC 312
from Clinical Trials in Malawi”
9:30 - 9:45 AM

Student: Uzoma Iheagwara
“Uveal Melanoma Vaccines Express Major
Mentor: Suzanne Ostrand-
Histocompatibility Class II Molecules in the Absence of
Invariant Chain”
Oral Presentation, UC 312
9:45 - 10:00 AM
Student: Shayla Shorter

“TRAIL Enhances Autoantibody Production and Renal
Mentor: Violeta Rus
Disease in Chronic Graft-versus Host Disease”
Oral Presentation, UC 310
1:45 - 2:00 PM

9:30 – 11:30 AM Poster Session in UC Ballroom
Student: Manar Abdelkader
“Analysis of Transposon Mobility and Identification of
Mentor: Steve Miller
Additional gls genes in Volvox carteri

Student: Anthony Agyapong

“Activity of Promoter Regions Critical in hZip1’s Role in
Mentor: Renty Franklin
Prostate Cancer”

Student: Christopher Bednarek

“CR-nitA: the Synthesis of a Selectable Marker for
Mentor: Stephen Miller
Volvox carteri Transformations ”

Student: Ramon Cabrera

“A Genetic Approach to Identify Targets of Ubiquitin
Mentor: Mauricio Bustos
Ligases from Animals and Plants”

Student: Nancy Chiles

“Sequencing the Melanopsin Gene from Bovine Retina”
Mentor: Phyllis Robinson
Student: Foyin Fasanmi

“Comparison of Markers of Disease Severity in Patients
Mentor: Steven Johnson
with Sepsis and Matched Controls”

Student: Adrian Feijoo

“Phosphodiesterase 2-Labeled Atypical Glomeruli and
Mentor: Weihong Lin
Sensory Neurons in the Olfactory System”
9:30 – 11:30 AM Poster Session in UC Ballroom (continued)
Student: Ayanna Flegler
“Differential Gene Expression in Cultured Rodent
Mentor: Lasse Lindahl
Malaria Parasite”
Student: Marcus Gillis
“Parkinsonism Development in Cycad-Fed Rats”
Mentor: Paul Yarowsky
Student: Lynna Kiere

“Reconstructing Carotenoid Color Evolution in
Mentor: Kevin Omland

Student: Chinyere Nwaneri

“The Localization of Parvalbumin in the Human
Mentor: Rosalinda Roberts
Prefrontal Cortex: A Light and Electron Microscopic
Student: Frances Onyimba
“The Neurotoxic Effects of Glutamate on Neonatal Rats”
Mentor: Margaret McCarthy
Student: Carlita Phillip

“Determination of Spatial and Temporal Location of
Mentor: David Eisenmann
Candidate Bar-1 Target Genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
during Development”
Student: Charlie Rutter
“Detection of Hsp90α, a Circulating Isoform of Hsp90, in
Mentor: Angelkia Burger
Plasma from Tumor-Bearing Mice and Patients”
1:00 – 3:00 PM Poster Session in UC Ballroom
Student: Roderick Bautista
“Localization of an Inhibitory Region in the hZIP1
Mentor: Renty Franklin

Student: LaToia Bryant

“Characterizing L4 and L22 Mutations in E.coli Strains
Mentor: Janice Zengel
Resistant to Oleandomycin Triacetate”

Student: Jenélle Dowling

“Low Return Rates and Pairing Infidelity in Two
Mentor: Kevin Omland
Maryland Oriole Species”

Student: Ejiofor Ezekwe

“Olfactory Epithelial Cell Degradation in Mice with
Mentor: Weihong Lin
Surgically Occluded Nostrils”

Student: Whitney Fields

“Isolation of Mutations in L4 and L22 That Confer
Mentor: Janice Zengel
Resistance to the Antibiotic Tylosin”
April 25, 2007

Biology Presenters
1:00 – 3:00 PM (continued)

Student: Tiffany Fleet
“Analyzing the Interactions between RNase MRP and
Mentor: Lasse Lindahl
XRN-1 in Order to Further Investigate RNA Metbolism

Student: Shilpa Gadwal

“The Effects of High-Level Troleandomycin Resistance
Mentor: Janice Zengel
Mutations in rRNA of Deinococcus radiodurans on
Ribosome Function”
Student: Darryl Gaines
“Novel Protein Secretion Systems in Bordetella
Mentor: Nicholas Carbonetti

Student: Jamie Heard

“A Novel System for Inducible Gene Expression in the
Mentor: Charles Bieberich

Student: Tamika John

“B-Cell Delivered Gene Therapy for Tolerance”
Mentor: David Scott
Student: Vovanti Jones

“Investigating Potential Second Site Suppressors in the
Mentor: Daphne Blumberg
Amp A Pathway in Dictyostelium discoidium

Student: Bettel Mussie

“Sex Differences in the Expression of Calcium
Mentor: Margaret McCarthy
Transporters in the Hypothalamus”

Student: Kelechi Ndubuizu

“Gene Expression of Omentin 1/2 in Stromal Vascular
Mentor: John McLenithan
Cells of Adipose Tissue”

Student: Peter Parker

“Visualization and Analysis of RNase MRP in
Mentor: Lasse Lindahl
Saccharomyces cerevisiae using Optimized Tetracystine
Tagging of SNM1p”
Student: Steven Tuyishime
“Spiramycin-resistant Mutations in Escherichia Coli L4
Mentor: Janice Zengel
and L22”


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