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Products, technologies
and services for the
restoration of monuments
Description The formulations of SPARTYTE AR-rap are composed out of special inorganic and mineral
components, which, when mixed with ADHEWAT/RM, can be used to repair and reproduce almost every type of sandstone. The product is available in different types, depending on the type of application or colour. A final code or number distinguishes the different types. Advantages • Good mechanical and physical properties, colourfastness also in severe climatic
circumstances and UV-rays. Total absence of effloresces salts. • Thixotropic properties of the product allow an optimal adhesion, and contribute to a good workability when applied vertical or overhead. • The product can also be formulated towards a piece of stone from the jobsite, after analyses by our laboratory, of both the pigmentation as the physical-mechanical properties of the existing stones. • The formulations of SPARTYTE AR-rap contain mainly some sandstone pieces (of which the origin and density differ in function of a wide range of esthetical and structural finishing) in an optimal granulometric distribution. • Mixing liquid is circa 20% on the total powder. Hardening is based on the formation of mono-silicates that will react with some particular silica’s. • The accelerated hardening of the product (workability time between 5-10 minutes) insures a fast repair also for large thickness. In the case if the substrate is too weak or fragile or the repair that needs to be done is too large, the use of a metal formwork, in the size of the repair, can be used to ensure a smooth and fast repair. • Do not apply the product after the hardening is started. Do remix the product when it is • The hardening rate will be faster at cold temperatures. • Volumetric stability can be obtained in function of particular demands: different levels of expansion can be introduced in the formula, partially or totally compensating for the shrinkage, by obtaining different levels of controlled volume increase. Field of Wherever there is the need for reconstruction or repair of ancient sandstone or of particular
application value.
Use • Mix only with ADHEWAT®/RM by adding the necessary liquid to obtain the desired
consistency (indication 18% of liquid referring to the dry powder). • It is not necessary to wet the product after application. • Avoid application during cold temperatures, or it can start to rain. When the temperature is lower then 6-8°C the hardening will take place slowly. In areas were rains can occur it is better to protect the product against possible aggressive particles in the atmosphere until the hardening is complete (at least 10 days). Afterwards the application can be impregnated with WP 55/LP followed by a consolidation with TECNOSOLID 82, 24 hours after application, as well on the repaired surface as on the remaining structure. TECNOCHEM ITALIANA S.p.A.
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and services for the
restoration of monuments
• In the case there is some special colour specified for the repair, the following two methods are possible: 24 hours after reconstruction with the bigger part SPARTYTEAR-rap finish the application with a thin layer application (1-3 mm) of SPARTYTE AR-rip. This product is available in a wide range of colours to meet the desired job site or sandstone colour. Circa 10 days after application of SPARTYTE AR-rap, impregnate the surface with WP 55/LP and 24 hours after, apply a layer of VELART, which is a thin transparent protective layer, and can be formulated “ad hoc” in a wide range of colours. Storage Information according to 2003/53/CE:
12 months in original packaging, un opened, kept in dry and protected area between temperature from +5°C and +35°C. Packaging Bags of 15 kg powder in pails.
Cans of 5 kg ADHEWAT/RM. This is an excess of liquid and not pre-packed! (use only the amount of liquid to obtain the desired consistency). Technical
properties at +20°C about 10 min
(typical values) at +35 °C about 20 min
The mechanical resistance will have some variations depending on the application. Since it is impossible to list full data, some interval values are given. The real values will be varying in between these limits: Compressive strength N/mm2 Flexural strength N/mm2 Dimensional stability Depending on the expansion the residual shrinkage will Consumption ± 2 Kg/mm/m2
Remarks Do not apply SPARTYTE AR-rap on a substrate that is continuously wet or that has
periodical capillary rising of humidity. Clean the substrate before application. Keep the product stored inside a dry environment. Once opened use complete bags and keep the remaining liquid perfect closed. Safety Read carefully the instructions on the packaging or read the Material Safety Datasheet
indications related to the product before applying.
The above information is based on our best experiences and lab results and on results of the application of the product in various fields. Tecnochem Italiana is not responsible for negative performances due to not proper use of the product or for defects due to elements not connected with the quality of the product included wrong storage. Technical characteristic in this technical data sheet are up-to-dated periodical y .Revision date of this technical data sheet is indicated below. Changes of this data sheet can be found in our web-site where you can find the same technical data sheet updated in real time. TECNOCHEM ITALIANA S.p.A.
24030 BARZANA (BERGAMO) ITALY – VIA SORTE 2/4, TEL. **39 035 55.48.11 – TELEFAX **39 035 55.48.16 E-mail:


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