How much caffeine is in that

How Much Caffeine Is In That?
by Sonja Stewart on 4 March 2010 (25 comments)
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Whether you're trying to avoid your own caffeine intake due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, or health reasons,
or trying to keep your kids from ingesting more than their fair share, here's a list of a few everyday items
and their caffeine content.
Coffee varies in caffeine content drastically, even in the same coffeehouse, on the same day. Everything
from roast styles to brewing methods affect the amount of caffeine you get. The lighter the roast, the more
caffeine it has.
Starbucks (Grande) iced coffee, 16 oz: 190 mg. This is double-brewed. Without the ice it contains

Starbucks brewed coffee, 16 oz: 330 mg. Brewed coffee has 50% more caffeine on average than
instant coffee.

Instant coffee, 16 oz: 60-345mg
Starbucks latte, 16 oz: 150mg
Starbucks espresso, 1 oz (1 shot): 58-75mg
The longer a tea is steeped, the higher the caffeine content. If after the first steep, you add more hot water
to the tea or tea bag, the tea becomes almost entirely decaffeinated.
Starbucks Tazo chai tea latte, 16 oz: 100 mg
Regular black tea, 8 oz: 40-120 mg
Stash green tea, 18 oz: 78 mg
Snapple iced tea, 16 oz: 18 mg
12 oz Nestea: 17 mg
Decaffeinated black tea, 8 oz: 2 mg
Soft Drinks
All drinks are 12 oz servings
Mountain Dew: 54 mg
Mello Yello: 53 mg
Diet Coke: 47 mg
Tab: 47 mg
Dr Pepper: 42-44 mg
Sunkist Orange: 42 mg
Pepsi: 36-38 mg
Coke: 35 mg
A&W Cream Soda: 29 mg
Barq's Root Beer: 23 mg
A&W Root Beer: 0 mg
7-Up: 0 mg
Sprite: 0 mg
Mug Root Beer: 0 mg
Fanta: 0 mg
Energy Drinks
No Name (formerly known as Cocaine), 8.4 oz: 280 mg
Monster Energy, 16 oz: 160 mg
Full Throttle, 16 oz: 144 mg
Enviga, 12 oz: 100 mg
No Fear, 8 oz: 83 mg
Rockstar, 8 oz: 80 mg
Red Bull, 8.3 oz: 76 mg
AMP, 8.4 oz: 74 mg
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate, 1.45 oz: 31 mg
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar, 1.55 oz: 9mg
Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, 8 oz: 84 mg
Haagen-Daz Coffee Ice Cream, 8 oz: 58 mg
Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, 8 oz: 50-60 mg
No Doz, 1 Tablet: 200 mg
Excedrin Extra Strength, 2 tablets: 130 mg
Anacin Maximum Strength, 2 tablets: 64 mg
Midol Maximum Strength: 60 mg
Things get a little tricky when it comes to what has caffeine and what doesn't. I knew Barq's Root Beer had caffeine, but didn't know that A&W Cream Soda has it as well. And just to confuse matters more, A&W Regular Root Beer is caffeine free. Also surprising was the caffeine content in Sunkist Orange. This list will help you keep the caffeine out of little hands (because they absolutely do not need it), and keep the buzz where it belongs — in your hectic, parental world. This list was compiled with help from the Mayo Clinic article on caffeine content.    Taken  from­‐much-­‐caffeine-­‐is-­‐in-­‐that  



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