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ِ◌Dr Hanjani--Dr Nazeri--Dr Noohi--Dr Yousefnia – Dr Shenasa Dr Mohebbi-- Dr Shabestari-- Dr Pourmoghadas-- Dr Amin Clinical and Procedural Complications of TAVR Diastolic Ventricular dysfunction in pediatric age group Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation by ultrasounds (epicor system) during concomitant cardiac surgery Dr Sadr bafghi--Dr Mandegar--Dr Rajaee khorasani--Dr Mojtahedi Introduction to 3D Echo Overview of World Heart Failure Dr Ghayyoumi(Iran) Dr Sharifkashani (Iran) Dr Amin(Iran) Dr Ajami(Iran) Dr Laali--Dr Borzooee--Dr Oraii—Dr Shafiee—Dr Naseri Management of Congestive Heart Failure in Children with Emphasis on new Therapeutic Strategies Impact of ASD device closure on right ventricular function by tissue Doppler Imaging : 12 months follow-up study What is the new news about heart failure surgery Bentall operation, past, present, future Prognostic Significance of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Acute Myocardial Infarction graft for small diameter cardiovascular application Dr Yousefnia -- Dr Ramezani-- Dr Dabestani--Dr Tabandeh Dr Malek Hosseini (Iran) Dr Laali (France) Dr Hosseinahmadi (Iran) Dr Sharifkashani(Iran) Dr Panahipour (Iran) Dr Hashemian --Dr Pezaeshkian-- Dr Choroomi --Dr Amirghofran Dr Mirhosseini --Dr Salehiomran -- Dr Aminian -- Dr Ghasemzadeh Renal denervation for resistant HTN without Simplicity catheter Dr Hashemian--Dr Ajami--Dr Ghanbarian--Dr Ostovan Pulmonary Regurgitation after Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Assessment and Treatment New concept in peripartum cardiomyopathy Efficacy of Holter monitoring for detecting cardiac arrhythmias in children A Comparative Survey on the Frequency of Congenital Heart Disease among Single versus Multiple Gestations Dr Aminian--Dr Salehiomran--Dr Moaref--Dr Amin Ventilator weaning after Heart and lung transplant Dr Aghsadeghi (Iran) Dr Nikeghbalian (Iran) Dr Khosravi(Iran) Dr Shenasa--Dr Nematipour--Dr Babaeebeigi--Dr Rezaeeian Tissue Engineering of pericardium: Magnetically guided recellularization of decellularized pericardium derived Aortic Valves Dr Emkanjoo--Dr Oreiee--Dr Jadbabaee--Dr Yaminisharif Rate Control Or Rhythm Control in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Cardiac Output in Different Right and Left Ventricular Pacing Sites in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Current treatment options for ventricular arrhythmias in patients with heart failure Contrast induced nephropathy ( CIN ) after administration of IODIXANOL (VISIPAQUE ) during cardiac catheterization in children with congenital heart disease Anesthesia protocol in patient with ICD/CRT Dr Ghanbarian--Dr Ziaolhagh--Dr Gabriel--Dr Ambros – Dr Zarrabi Coronary artery bypasses grafting in patients with low Nutrition for patients with cardiac surgery Modification of surgical technique and myocardial reperfusion for better protection of the heart in coronary artery bypass grafting Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery Dr Zamani --Dr Ostovan--Dr Farshidi--Dr Farbod Heart transplantation in advanced postpartum cardiomyopathy Comparison Between the Frequencies of Positive Tilt Test in Children and Adolescents With or without Isosorbide Dinitrate New treatments of congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries Video Assisted Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair, Shiraz Experience Stenosis of intracranial and extra cranial arteries , interventional approach Heart Failure with preserved ejection fraction: Echocardiographic findings 3D Echocardiography in adult congenital heart disease Dr Keshmiri--Dr Barzigar--Dr Nemati--Dr Azimzadeh Engineering technique in order to improve the patency Modifiable cardiovascular risks factors among physicians in comparison to general population-2009 Spinal cord protection in aortic surgery ,review Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in northern urban area of iran-2009 Haemostatic role of TachoSil Surgical path in cardiac surgery The patterns of antihypertensive drug prescription in middle provinces of Iran, 2007 (based on IHHP) Post St Segment elevation myocardial infarction Morbidity and mortality related to catheterization in pediatric cardiac center of Shiraz University of Medical sciences, Shiraz, Iran.



SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS 1. NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Amaryl 1 mg, tablet Amaryl 2 mg, tablet Amaryl 3 mg, tablet Amaryl 4 mg, tablet QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Each tablet contains 1mg, 2mg, 3mg or 4mg of glimepiride. Excipients: 1mg, 2mg, 3mg and 4mg tablets also contain 69.0 mg, 137.2 mg, 137.0 mg and 135.9 mg lactose monohydrate per tablet respectivel

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Are the body's own substances (based on the hyaluronic acid) applied for the correcton of the shape of the lips, the correction/emphasis of the chin, cheekbones and lower jaw, even the shape of the nose or other irregularities left after the surgical treatment. We use Teosyal, Surgiderm, Juvederm and Antehis. Injecting of natural remedies (hyaluronic acid), filling-up the lines and Short descrip

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