Here's Exactly How To Make
Money Online.
By Avery Berman
For the best resource on the Internet for making
money online.
(You won't find anything as good as this.) The following methods have been working, still work and are proven to work. You can
use them to promote your own product, an affiliate product, or anything else you might
want to promote.
Promoting an affiliate product using the below methods is how most people will make
their money, and it works great. For one of the best affiliate programs available
If you follow any, a few, or even all of the ways below with the affiliate program above, I
guarantee you will see money come in. The harder you push it, the more you will make!

Create a Blog!
(Very Highly Recommended!)
Go tooand create a blog. Make the blog
a review of the product you are promoting. The review should state how the product you are
promoting worked, and how it's so easy to do whatever it is the product says it will do after
buying the product. You should also include one minor negative if you like, such as "it was a
little confusing at first, but I got over that quick;y and the information was great!" This makes
your review sound more "real" and will get more clicks and sales. The reviews would of
course include your Affiliate link.
Once you create your blog, you can promote your blog link instead of your affiliate link, but
you may want to promote both.
Note: You don't need to create a blog to make money, but it is a very effective way to really
pull in some good money. You can choose to just promote your affiliate link everywhere
instead, but a blog with a review on it is much more convincing and works wonders. Having a
blog also works wonders in areas where you are not al owed to promote an affiliate link (such
as some article sites, which we will get into below.)
Google AdWords!
(Or Other PPC Networks)
This is one of the most effective way to consistently make sales. By Advertising with Google
AdWords your ad will appear on the right hand side of the Google search engine when people
type in relevant keywords you choose. This is an extremely powerful way of advertising.
Warning: If you have never made money online before, I suggest you use the other methods
in this report first before messing with Adwords. Adwords can be extremely profitable,
however, it has been known to take newbies who don't know Adwords well and suck out all
their money and leave no returns. A word of advice. if you go the Adwords route, BE
Email Advertising!
Sending emails to your list or ezines is very effective. A single email campaign can bring in
tens or even hundreds of instant commissions.
Affiliates are known to make literally hundreds of thousands of dollars using email lists,
and there is no reason why you cannot duplicate this success!
Below are sites where you can send an email out to a list of people.
If you do not have a list check out the fol owing programs.

MAKE YOUR OWN LIST! (Highly Recommended For Those Serious About Making
Money Online)
Make your own list! Making your own list is where a lot of mil ion dollar marketers began. This
is done by sending traffic to a "squeeze page," where the only option for the visitor is to sign
up with their name and email for more information or leave the page. An example squeeze
page is here:Once the person is on your "list," you can email them continuously, tel ing them about why
they should invest in the product you are promoting. then you include your link. chaching!
If you are going to try making your own squeeze page and creating your own list, you will
need an autoresponder service such a Aweber is the leading autoresponder in the
industry, and highly recommended.
For videos I have created that help along in the creation of a squeeze page, visitfirst and then
Your Emails Should Have A Personal Feeling While Trying To Recommend the product
you are promoting to the Subscriber! Don't Just Hard Sell It Straight Away! Tell Them
About Your Review, Or Send Them To Your Review Blog!
Social Networks!
If you're a member of an of any social networks like,, etc, you can give out your affiliate link to your friends, groups, blogs, bul etins, etc. Just message a friend or add comments to their profiles.
Be careful when doing this that it doesn't look too "spammy." Otherwise, it will just get ignored. FREE Article Submission!
(Highly Recommended Especially for Beginners)
Perhaps one of the most effective and cheap ways to make affiliate sales is by writing short,
easy articles and submitting them (free!) to high ranking article directories. Your articles
should be 300-500 words in length. When you get good, you can churn out articles in under
20 minutes.
When you submit an article to a directory with the keywords of your choice, you are allowed to
put your affiliate link or blog link in the "signature box" section, and after people are through
reading your article, they will usual y click through to your signature link if your article was
compelling enough.
The key is to write an article that actual y has some value to the reader. You don't want to just
make it a sales page. People will be looking for articles for information, not sales hype. So, all
you need to do is give them a tidbit of information, but have the big picture missing. For
example, tell them how great it is to work online, but don't exactly tell them how to do it. Then,
in your signature file, you have the cure! So they click on through and. cha-ching! Sales!
A good way to get ideas for articles to write is to simply search the article directories you are
going to submit to for others articles! Then all you need to do is either get an idea from them,
or simply rewrite their article in your own words, and link back to your affiliate link!
What more can you ask for?
Following is a list of some of my favorite article directories. You can also just search Google for "article submission" or "article directory" and get access to tons more!(It is best to link back to a blog for article marketing, as most sites do not accept affiliate links in the signature file.)(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) Forum Posting!
(Highly Recommended for Everyone)
Another extremely effective tactic to get traffic and sales is to post in related forums and
simply use a signature file that points back to your blog or affiliate link. Whenever someone
reads your post, they will also usual y read your signature.
In addition to simple targeted traffic you get from forum readers, search engines are known to
love forum sites, so you may be able to nab search engine traffic as well!
One way to go about this is to register and post on a free advertising forum. Here are two
good choices.
I also highly recommend searching Google for other forums related to home business
opportunities or making money online.
By making posts in these forums, many people WILL click through to your link, and you will
make sales!
It's that easy!
Important: Make sure that in your signature file, you are not linking using your affiliate link. In
most cases, this is not al owed, and also doesn't work as well. You should link to your review
blog, or even an article you wrote that links back to your review blog or affiliate link.
Free Advertising Using Classified Sites!
These are some free classified ad sites where you can submit an ad for free. The results from this simple solution can sometimes be surprising.
(RECOMMENDED, but can be difficult!)(RECOMMENDED)(RECOMMENDED) Coregistration Emailing!
Coregistration is a way to generate leads to your own list by paying per subscriber, instead of
just trying to get people to your site. This is a more advanced tactic.
There are many ways to go about "coreg."
One way is by using mainstream coreg services, such as, however, these
require a very high budget ($5000 minimum in many cases) to use.
The best way to get started in a successful coreg campaign is by using a service designed
specifically for Internet Marketers like us. A link is below, and you can get started for just $67
with real, quality leads. It's a great service and I personal y use it.

Read that page and you can learn all about coreg and how powerful it is. Then simply treat your list like any email list. Recommend the product you are promoting through your affiliate link and offer them reviews. Send them to your blog review or just send them the review straight in the email. You'll start seeing sales come in and money rolling into your clickbank account in no time! "Tips To Increase Your Sales Easily!"
This one is so obvious it's almost not even worth mentioning. If you have a website already that might fit the product you are promoting, pop in your affiliate link. If you have a blog add affiliate links regularly and try to work them into your post. Here's an example: "I just came in contact with this 19 year old kid who is making thousands online a month. He's got a whole video set up that explains how you can copy him. I suggest you go check it out.
Also in the links category is this little problem that many people have had. Here is how you
type a link that can say "Click Here" and link to wherever you want. This is very useful
HTML Code: <a href="">Click Here Or Whatever You Want It To Say</ Writing reviews for the product you are promoting is an excellent choice to go that will in most
cases do very well. Simply write about the product. How easy it is, how quick it is, the one
minor flaw, etc. Also be sure to write a negative or two that is small enough not to really
. This will add credibility to you and increase your sales.
Pay Per Click
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing such as Google AdWords and Yahoo SEM are without a doubt one of the most powerful tools for making real big money promoting as a the product you are promoting affiliate.
The key is so weed out "bad clicks" by pre-selling your prospect in the ad before they click. For example, you do NOT want your ad to simply say something like "NEW BREAKTHROUGH! LOOK NOW!" This ad will attract al sorts of people, and will mostly just drive up your costs without making you any money.
You want to drive curiosity and have people click, but only if they are really interested. This will guarantee more conversions and more money for you.
NOTE: I find that including something about "watching" something will increase the amount of people that click. People love videos! Social Networking
Social Networking is a really powerful marketing avenue due to word of mouth. You can generate word of mouth by friending/adding people on MySpace/Facebook or by posting interesting information on forums.
While it is true that having your picture be an attractive woman will in most cases garner more responses, I find that I'd rather be myself. It's more real, and people can usually see that. However, if you don't care, grab a picture of a good looking woman and go to town!It's best to have links to the page in your profiles with some text that makes them curious enough to click.
Press Releases and Articles
Press Releases and Articles are a bit of work but they usually provide very strong
The key is to provide value to the reader, so they feel they have got a piece of the picture, but
not all of it, so they click through to your link at the end.
If you can master this technique, you stand to make a LOT of money, without spending
Remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!
To Your Continued Learning and Amazing Success, For the best resource on the Internet for making
money online.
(You won't find anything as good as this.)


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