1523 Il inois St, Meyer Hall, Golden, CO 80401 ewarren@mines.edu
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA
• Dissertation: “Silicon microwire arrays for photoelectrochemical and photovoltaic applications”
• Advisor: Dr. Nate Lewis (co-advisor: Dr. Harry Atwater), GPA: 3.6/4.0

University of Cambridge
, Cambridge, UK
• M. Phil, Engineering for Sustainable Development, Advisor: Dr. Rod Lynch • Dissertation: “In-situ remediation of groundwater pollution using photocatalysis”
Cornell University, College of Engineering
, Ithaca NY
• B.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, magna cum laudeGPA: 3.8/4.0; Dean’s List; John McMullen Dean’s Scholar, Tau Beta Pi

National Renewable Energy Lab/Colorado School of Mines, Postdoctoral Scholar
• Design and experimental testing of concentrated solar/thermoelectric systems California Institute of Technology, PhD Candidate
• Fabricated silicon microwire photovoltaic cells and photocathodes for solar-driven water splitting • Developed catalyst deposition techniques for microstructured semiconductor electrodes • Photoelectrochemical testing of semiconductor materials using viologen redox couples • Optimized CVD growth of Si microwires using the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) process • Developed micro-imprint lithography and electrodeposition techniques to control the patterned growth of silicon microwires • Investigated the material and electrical properties of VLS silicon microwires grown from electrodeposited Cu • Studied the heterogeneous catalyst/semiconductor interface for a variety of hydrogen evolution catalysts through electrodepositon, electrochemical characterization, and semiconductor device modeling. • Contributed to multiple grant proposals and reports (DOE-BES, DARPA, ARPA-E, Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation)
University of Cambridge,
M.Phil Candidate
• Combined laboratory and field research to investigate charge transfer during the photo-excitation of titanium dioxide for the • Modeled in-situ groundwater cleanup for a photocatalytic reactor and created a model to predict the change in pollutant concentration downstream of the remediation site.
Cornell University,
Undergraduate Researcher; Advisor: Dr. Ruth Richardson
• Investigated the biodegradation of chloroethenes by bacterial communities, specifically Dehalococcoides ethenogenes • Created metagenomic fosmid DNA libraries of dechlorinating anaerobic microbial communities • MRS Gold Award, Material Research Society Spring 2012 Meeting • Constantin G. Economou Prize, Caltech, 2009 (Awarded for best Candidacy Research in Chemical Engineering Department) • Overseas Trust Fellowship, Cambridge University, 2006 • Member, Tau Beta Pi, Inducted Fall, 2004 • Merck Engineering and Technology Fellowship 2002 – 2004, (national award ~30 per year) • Cornell: John McMullen Dean’s Scholar (2001-2005), Engineering Dean’s List (2001-2004)

LMI (McLean, VA), Energy and Environment Intern
• Analyzed the Department of Defense’s non-tactical biofuel consumption and used GIS software to determine the most effective sites for new biofuel infrastructure • Wrote a chapter of the DoD’s report to Congress on current and projected biofuel utilization in military vehicles. Piedmont Biofuels (Pittsboro, NC) Intern
• Worked with a team on all aspects of the biodiesel production process: collecting waste oil, reactor design, fuel analysis • Ran education outreach programs for farmers in North Carolina about the benefits of using biodiesel and growing oil crops
Corning Inc.
(Corning, NY), Intern
• Studied the relationship between nano-scale surface roughness and performance at the silicon/gate-oxide interface in thin film transistors and completed a comparative analysis of cleaning technologies for single crystal silicon films on glass substrates
Merck & Co. Inc.
(Elkton, VA; West Point, PA), Merck Engineering and Technology Fel ow
• Supported recombinant vaccine fermentation manufacturing and optimized parameters for RECOMBIVAX HB® and HPV • Worked with a team to optimize the fermentation processes of Lovastatin and developed molecular methods for Simvastatin
Caltech Board of Trustees,
Graduate Student Advisor
• One of two graduate student representatives for the Student Experience Committee for the Caltech Board of Trustees
Caltech Housing,
Resident Associate
• One of three resident associates for Caltech graduate apartment complex with over 400 residents
Caltech Gardening Society

• Founding member of the Caltech Community Garden, which created an organic garden on the Caltech campus • Responsible for membership management, (~30 active gardeners), dues, and organizing 2-3 workday events each year
Society of Women Engineers Cornel , Co-President (2004-2005)
• Worked closely with administration, corporate sponsors, and student members to lead Cornell’s largest undergraduate engineering student organization (approximately 250 active members).

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• Teaching Assistant for Chemical Engineering Laboratory, Dr. Michael Vici, Caltech • Teaching Assistant for Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Dr. Zhen-Gang Wang, Caltech • Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Chemical Engineering, Dr. T. M. Duncan, Cornell • Mentored two students in the Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program 2009 - 2011


Editing Experience
• American Journal Experts Contract Editor (2013 – Present) Referee Experience
• Invited reviewer for: Energy & Environmental Science (2012-Present) Professional Society Membership
• The Materials Research Society, The Electrochemical Society, Tau Beta Pi • Device fabrication: photolithography, electron-beam lithography, nano-imprint lithography, electron-beam/thermal
evaporation, DC ion-beam/RF-magnetron sputter deposition, metal electrodepositon, chemical vapor deposition of Si, wet semiconductor processing • Measurement techniques: photoelectrochemistry, electrochemistry, scanning electron microscopy, solar cell device testing
(electrical measurements and spectral response), atomic force microscopy, profilometry, ellipsometry, confocal microscopy, atomic force microscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Source: http://sunlight.caltech.edu/ewarren/Emily_Warren/CV_files/EmilyLWarren_2013web.pdf


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