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Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Please, use home address, below)
Past Director of Suicide Center Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry
305 Sloan Building, 911 Pickens Adjunct Prof., Family Medicine
The University of South Carolina University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208 School of Medicine
Phone: 803-240-3073 (home office cell)
803-865-3946 (home office fax)

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Home Office: 9 Poachers Lane, Columbia, South Carolina 29223-3014

Marital Status: Married; four children
Social Security Number: (for tax ID purposes only; call 803-240-3073)
Previous Positions:
Full Professor/Chair Associate Professor of Director, M.D.-Ph.D.
Department Sociology Psychiatry, Behavioral Program in Behavioral
University of South Sciences, and Social Sciences, The Johns
Carolina, Columbia, Relations,Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
South Carolina
University, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland 29208 (1973- 84) Maryland 21218 (69-73) 21218 (69-73) Full Professor/Director Assistant Professor of Suicide Center Dartmouth College University of South Hanover, New Hampshire Carolina, Columbia, SC EDUCATION

1996- 2012 Research and Clinical Trial reviews of anti- epileptics (especially gabapentin/Neurontin) and forensic testimony in Crone (06), Smith,(07 & 10), Bulger (08), and Reeves (12). 1993-1994 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Visiting Professor of Psychiatry (studied with John Mann, M.D.) University of South Carolina Medical School Year I Psychiatric Residency Training (Medical Diagnosis, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Psychiatry, Neurology) 1991- 2008 Research and Clinical Trial reviews of anti- depressants (esp. SSRIs), culminating in FDA black box warnings in 10/04 (children & adolescent)s & 12/06 (adults) and Congressional testimony on The University of South Carolina (Columbia) completed four graduate statistics courses in Log-Linear Analysis Regression Analysis and Case-Control Studies (2). The University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) School of Medicine, Killam Visiting Professor in Psychiatry. The University of Vienna School of Medicine (Vienna, Austria) Research Fellow in Psychiatry. Goethe Institut (Vienna, Austria) German (July-December). Goethe Institut (West Berlin, Germany). German (May-July). Ärztliche Lebensmüdenbetreuung (West Berlin, Germany). The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore) Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, 1969. Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center (Trainee in Suicidology). University of Illinois (Urbana), Ph.D. (Major: Social-Psychology; Minor: Philosophy), 1965 (October). (With Highest Honors; Bobbs-Merrill Award). University of Illinois (Urbana), M.A. (Philosophy, Logic, and History of Science), 1961. Harvard University (Cambridge), One-year Graduate Scholarship in Philosophy and Religion (not a degree candidate). University of Illinois (Urbana), B.A. (Philosophy, English, Chemical Engineering),1958. (With Honors; George Huff Award for Proficiency in Scholarship by a Varsity Athlete)

I started out as an academician with a Ph.D. in social- psychology at the University of Illinois and taught theory, research methods, and statistics for a few years at Arizona State University (1964-1965) Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore in 1968 and thereafter had ten years of supervised, formal training in the delivery of clinical services (assessment and treatment of living patients). Johns Hopkins was recently (2011) ranked as the #1 hospital in the United States. I was director of their M.D.-Ph.D. program in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences from 1969 to 1973. I have been a Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry continuously since 1969 (for 45 years). While at Hopkins I had five years of intensive patient training with psychiatric suicidal in- and out-patients. My supervisors were psychiatrists Joel Elkes, M.D., Seymour Perlin, M.D., Chester Schmidt, M.D., and Nahum Spinner, M.D. I was certified by JHUMS as a post-doctoral fellow in Psychiatry. Part of my Hopkins post-doctoral training included an internship at the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center, where I was supervised in direct clinical care of living suicidal patients by Robert Litman, M.D. I was also a Deputy Medical Examiner in Baltimore under Russell Fisher, M.D. for four years. After five years of intensive clinical training in Psychiatry, where I was promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry, I had 5 additional years of M.D.-supervised clinical training as follows: • World Health Organization Fellow in Psychiatry, Berlin, Germany, • Yale Foundations Fund Fellow in Psychiatry, Vienna, Austria, Erwin Ringel, M.D. (supervisor), 1979-1980. • Director, University of South Carolina Suicide Center (I had 12 clinical staff and assessed and treated student ca. 17-35 years old), Harold Morgan, M.D. (Harvard), (supervisor), 1985-2001. • Killam Visiting Professor of Psychiatry, Calgary, Alberta, Sebastian Littman, M.D. and Bryan Tanney, M.D. (supervisors), 1986. • Visiting Professor of Psychiatry, Western Psychiatric Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, J. John Mann, M.D. (supervisor) 1993. • Psychiatric Residency Training at Univ. So. Carolina (for 6 months), Peter Swanson, M.D., and J.T., Thornhill, M.D. (supervisors), 1993. Thus, (during and) after Johns Hopkins I had about 5 more years of formal clinical training in Psychiatry and Suicidology, for a total of about 10 years of clinical training and another 10 years of clinical experience. As Director of the USC Suicide Center (1986-2001)I did psychotherapy with suicidal college students. Of course, my 245 (to date from about 1980 to 2014) forensic cases involved intensive clinical review of the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of psychiatric and suicidal patients (much like a Pathologist would have patients). I have been active in the study and review of psychiatric medications and worked with the FDA and Columbia University in the metaphysical analysis of antidepressants. I have also studied in-depth the clinical trial data of anti-convulsants and anti-epileptics. See my recent book, Pillaged: Psychiatric Medications and Suicidality (in press, USC, 2014). Finally, I have taught Introduction to Psychiatry and Suicide Assessment and Prevention for many years at the University or South, and continue to supervise resident physicians in Psychiatry (including training them in the use of the psychological autopsy) and Family Medicine. Invited by Oxford University Press author their Online annotated bibliography on Suicide. Pathways to Suicide (1981) chosen the fourth (tied; after Shneidman, Durkheim & Joiner) most impactful theory of suicide of all times (Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior 42 (1); Table 1, page 82). Invited endorsement of International Handbook of Suicide Prevention (Stephen Platt et al. Wiley), Invited endorsement of Suicide Movies (Stephen Board Certified in Forensic Suicidology, Invited to address U.S. Congressional Committee on veteran suicides (Bob Filner, chairman (5/6/08). Invited scientific committee member of the U.S. F,D,A,/Columbia RCTs SSRI, anti-seizure data for adults; evaluate role of Ψ drugs in self- 2003 Invited Member, NIMH/UR conference on Middle-Aged Member, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine workshop on suicide prevention 1999 Distinguished Honors College Teaching Award 1998 Gamecock Faculty All-Star Teaching Award 1997 Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award 1996 Board Certified Forensic Examiner (#2950). 1995 Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award Finalist (USC). 1994 South Carolina Honors College Dean Finalist (USC). 1994-2003 Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Sciences Scientific Advisory Committee (MHCRC), University of Pittsburgh Medical School Assessment and Prediction of Suicide Book chosen as Book of the Month by Behavioral Science Book Service 1992-2003 Scientific Committee, American Suicide Foundation Fellow, International Academy for Suicide Research Killam Visiting Professor, University of Calgary, (Alberta, Canada) Louis I. Dublin Award for Research in Suicide. Russell Award for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences. Editor-in Chief, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. President, American Association of Suicidology. Foundations' Fund Fellow for Research in Psychiatry (Vienna). Young Contributor's Award for Outstanding Research in Suicide in 1974, American Association of Suicidology. Treasurer, American Association of Suicidology. National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences). Bobbs-Merrill Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Sociology at the University of Illinois. George Huff Award for Outstanding Scholastic and Athletic Achievement at the University of Illinois.

Suicide, Medical and Behavioral Sciences - Forensic Suicidology: Investigating and consulting on suicidal and equivocal deaths with particular attention to life insurance, medical malpractice, jail-prison cases, and suicide & antidepressants, Neurontin suicides, benzodiazepine and drug-related deaths. - Large-scale epidemiological analysis of suicide, attempted suicide, homicide, assault, natural death, mental and physical illness, sexual deviation, drug abuse, and alcoholism. - Suicidal careers of mid-life and aged males, especially "executive and professional suicides." - Medical training of medical students, physicians, psychiatric residents and nurses in suicide prevention, death investigation, and behavioral sciences. - Evaluation research of psychiatric clinics and suicide prevention centers; suicide prevention education. - Federal policy planning for crisis intervention. - Theories of suicide and self-destructive behaviors. - Psychoanalytic and psychiatric theory. PUBLICATIONS (I have written a total of 21 books so far)

90. 2014
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Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations and the Private Language Argument (University of Illinois, Master of Arts Thesis).

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USA TODAY, 10aFriday, May 23, 2008.
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Consultant to Finklestein et al. for several Invited scientific panel member for FDA/Columbia University reclassification study of psychiatric 1995-2001 Lewis F. Freeman estate. $75,000 endowment to USC Invited expert consultant to the U.S. National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine, Committee on Prevention of Adolescent and Adult Suicide. $2,000 research award to my honors student, Stephanie Sonnenfeld for her senior thesis 1990-1996 American Association of Suicidology $74,000 for editorial assistant (SLTB) and journal production 1993-2003 Scientific Advisory Committee, American Suicide Scientific Advisory Committee (MHCRC), University of Pittsburgh Medical School American Association of Suicidology computer grant ($3,000) 1989-1996 Student Grievance Committee, Chair (1991), USC 1985-1989 USC Provost's Fund, $133,500 to fund Center for Study of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior Killam Visiting Scholar, Calgary, Alberta $27,458 (Canadian) to do research on mid-life male suicides. Established Christopher Gibson Fund in USC Educational Foundation with $1,000 gift from Mr. R. Hammond. 1986-1987 Project Director, Sample Survey of Suicidal Behaviors Member, USC Research Advisory Committee of Vice-President J. Kuhlman Founder and Director, USC Center for Study of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior 1984-1985 Venture Fund Research Grant to Study Suicide (USC 1981-1996 Editor, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. Nominated for Editor, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. Book Review Editor, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. 1980-1981 President, American Association of Suicidology. 1979-1980 President-Elect, American Association of Suicidology. 1979-1980 Foundations' Fund Fellowship for Research in Psychiatry (FFRP Grant #78--621) for a study of the mid-life development of suicidal males in Vienna, Austria. University of South Carolina Interdisciplinary Ph.D. proposal in Social Sciences. Section Chairman, "Deviance and Social Control," American Sociological Association, National Meeting, San Francisco, California. Chairman, Sociology Section International Congress for Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, Helsinki, Finland (June). 1976-1978 Panel Study of Obese Patients in a Behavior 1975-1980 Associate Editor, Suicide and Life-Threatening 1973-1984 Professor and Chairman of the Department of Sociology, 1973-1980 Lecturer in Psychiatry, Medical University of South 1973-1975 Member of the Graduate Council of the University of 1973-1974 Member of Dean's Search Committee for Chairman of History Department, University of South Carolina. 1980-1995 Board of Directors of the American Association 1973-1975 Treasurer of the American Association of Suicidology. 1972-1973 Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Evening College. 1971-1972 Member of Mental Health Counselors' Advisory Committee, Johns Hopkins University Medical School. 1972-1973 Member of the Chairman's Advisory Committee, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University Medical School. 1971-1973 Member of the Johns Hopkins University School of 1971-1972 Member of the National Institute of Mental Health Grant Review Committee for the Center of the Study of Suicide Prevention. 1971-1973 Principal Investigator of Grant Foundation Award for Training in Behavioral Sciences for Medical Students (M37-2222) for $112,843. 1971-1973 Principal Investigator of National Institute General Medical Sciences Training Grant in Behavioral Sciences (1 T01 GM0219-01) for $433,560. 1971-1973 Creator and Director of the Johns Hopkins University M.D. - Ph.D. Training Program in Behavioral Sciences. Referee of Manuscripts for the American Sociological Review, the American Journal of Sociology, and Social Forces. 1969-1973 Associate Professor of Sociology in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; and Associate Professor of Social Relations. The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore). Consultant to various suicidology conferences, 1969-1973 Research Consultant to Evaluate Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Clinic at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. 1969-1971 Member of the Program Committee of the American 1969-1970 Chairman, National Institute of Mental Health Education and Training in Suicidology Task Force Committee. 1969-1970 Program Administrator of National Institute of Mental Health Training Grant (PHS MH T01 11126-03 for $1,000,000) in Suicidology. 1969-1971 Principal Investigator, Johns Hopkins University Grant (#M37.661 for $10,000) to do a Feasibility Study on the Use of the Teletype in Medical Education. 1968-1972 Principal Investigator, National Institute of Mental Health Research Grant (PHS #Ro1 MH 17727 for $100,000) on Social-Psychiatric Dynamics of Suicide. 1968-1970 Consultant, National Institute of Mental Health Research Grant (PHS MH #14697-01 for $60,000) to Assess Risk of Suicidal Populations with G. Donald Niswander (Principal Investigator). 1966-1969 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College (Hanover). Taught and did research on deviant behavior, and sociological theory. 1965-1966 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Arizona State University (Tempe). Directed graduate theory seminars, taught social problems, and social statistics. 1964-1965 National Science Foundation Research Grant (GS-#793) to investigate the social structure of 2,153 suicides in Chicago. 1960-1965 Teaching and Research Assistant in Sociology and Philosophy, University of Illinois (with Daniel Glazer, Joseph Gusfield, Bernard Lazerwitz, and Louis Schneider), Deviant Behavior and Criminology, Urban Sociology, Survey Research Methodology, Sociological Theory, Logic, and History of Philosophy.
(1/1/14, N = ca. 237
cases) 52% (n=124)for plaintiff; 45% (n=107)for defense, or 3%(n=6) no side. (My typical work week involves: (1) consulting (22hrs/44%), (2) research/writing (10hrs/19%), (3) teaching (8hrs/16%), (4) administration (2hrs/3%), and (5) service (inc. patient care) (8hrs/16%), for a total of 50 hours. At this time I have been just deposed ca. 50 times; trial testimony about 35 times). I have testified in 46 of the United States (40 times in SC, 16 in NC, 16 in GA, 20 in FL,8 in TX, 15 in California,6 in NYC, 7 in Illinois, etc.) and 8 foreign countries (viz., Egypt, France, Austria, Ireland, Calgary, Yugoslavia, Germany, Greece, and Canada). My consulting is about 44% of my time & 47% of my income. My income in the 2012 tax year was $290,967; of which $139,442(=48%)was 1090s consulting income. I teach half time in the medical school and undergraduate arts and sciences (one course per semester and two four-hour days, plus medical resident supervision and grand rounds; one semester on “Suicide Assessment & Prevention” and the other on “Introduction to Psychiatry”). Shelley/Brenan v. Piedmont Mental Health (Gary Poilakoff). Spartanburg, S.C. (Plaintiff) Stiles/Norris v. Judd (Robert Aranda), Laeland, FL. Seastrunk/Blankship v. USA (Christie Newman). Columbia, SC. Malpractice VA case (Defense). Watson V. Adams (Patrick McLaughlin). Florence, Mitchell v. 3 Rivers Hospital (Jones Andrews, Jr.) State of Oklahoma v. Kevin Sweat (Wayne Woodyard). Osmulgee, Oklahoma. Murder trial (Defense). Kwasniewski v. Sanofi-Aventis (Robert Murdock) Las Vegas, N.V. Product liability (Plaintiff). Senescal v. USA (Pat Fannin) Spokane, W.A. Medical Gurrieri v. Suffolk Co., New York (Andre Gregorian, Stavey v. Florence Co. (William McKinnon) Florence, Bates v. Holben (Ronald Collett) Phoenix, A.Z. Life Gurrieri v. Suffolk Co, New York (Andre Gregorian) Washington, D.C. Jail suicide (Plaintiff). Bigham v. USA (Emery Clark) Columbia, S.C. Medical Hearn v. Lancaster Co. (William McKinnon) Florence, Varinecz v. Horry Co. Schools. (Richard Smith) Hilton Head, S.C. School wrongful death. (Defense). Sobrena v. Western Reserve Life (Richard McNally). Reeves, Jack v. Pfizer. (Gene Brooks). Dawsonville, GA. Product liability (Neurontin). (Plaintiff). Celaya v. Pleasant Travel (Randy Chung). Kona, HI. Anestis v. USA. (Albert Grasch). Lexington, KY. Bannister v. Caribou Co. (Brandon Baxter). Logan, UT. Medical malpractice/Jail suicide (Plaintiff). Pryor v. Allstate (Todd Johnson). Aiken, SC. Scott Moffitt (Tom Young, Jr.). Aiken, SC. Manner of death/Contested Life Insurance (Plaintiff). Bryant v. Florence co, Detention Ctr. (Douglas Truslow). Florence, SC. Jail suicide (Plaintiff). Middleton v. State Farm (Lee Nakamura). Honolulu, HI. Manner of death/Life insurance (Defense). Michelle Eldridge (Ralph Spooner). Portland, OR. Pridemore v. Lexington Co., KY (LFUCG) (Hal Friedman). Lexington, KY. Jail suicide (Plaintiff). Williams v. USA (Emery Clark). Charleston, SC. Stalvey v. Florence co, Detention Center (William McKinnon). Rock Hill, SC. Jail suicide (Plaintiff) Ha T.T. Ngo v. WRL (Richard McNally). Sacramento, CA. Elaine Price (Brian Daniels). New Haven, CT. Manner of Tatum v. Dr. Dyer (no attorney). Dallas, TX. Manner Silva v. GSK (B.J. Crow). Albuquerque, NM. Product Bandy v. Amica Life Insurace (Peter Enslein). Washington, DC. Contested life insurance (Plaintiff) Edwards v. Harvard College (Lisa Arrowood). Boston, Villaneuva v. Unum (Randall Crane) San Benito, TX. Life insurance & manner of death (Plaintiff) Pil C. Shin v. Western Reserve Life (Richard McNally) Los Angeles, CA. Contested life insurance (Defense). Hendrickson v. Community Tx Services (Scott Kirschbaum) Coral Gables, FL. Medical malpractice Prevost v. Middleton Township (Richard Brockway) Union, NJ. Wrongful arrest & death (Plaintiff) Murphy v. FL Health Center (Edward Carbone) Tampa, Arias v, Dr. Flemenbaum (Barbara Diamond) Miami, FL. Sears v. Dr. Pistone (Joey Wright) Rock Hill, SC, Wisconsin v. Douglas Plude (Albert Moustakis, DA) Vincent T. Nguyen v. Western Reserve Life (Kenneth Fine). Santa Ana, CA. Contested Life Insurance Ward v. Lowcountry Health (Laura Evans) Charleston, Vets. v. Peake et al. (Heather Moser) San Francisco, CA. Vet suicides and PTSD (Plaintiff). Bulger v. Pfizer (Ken Fromson) Peabody, MA. Neurontin (Plaintiff) Shearer v. Pfizer (Ken Fromson) Williamstown, MA Neurontin (Plaintiff) Harris v. Dr. Jain (Sue Scuggs) Chatanooga, TN Medical Malpractice (Defense) Ben Spencer (Scott Roberts) Boone, NC Workman’s Comp (Plaintiff). Smith/van Hoosier v. Evercom, City of Independence, MO. (James Thompson). Jail hanging (Plaintiff). Smith v. Pfizer (Kenneth Fromsom/Finklestein) Nashville, TN. Neurontin suicide (Plaintiff). Harter v. GSK (Harris Pogust) Troy, OH. Paxil Martin v. GSK (Harris Pogust) Pheonix, Arizona. Paxil Sarah Lowery (Patrick Salvi) Chicago, IL. Suicide North Carolina v. Carolyn Futrell (Kevin Peters) Durham, NC Murder (Defense). Alaska v. Derek Sawyer (Jim McComas). Glenallen, AL. Murder. (Defense). Payne v. Thomas (Mike Graves). Hernando, MI. Motor vehicle accident/later suicide of other driver (Defense) Forbes v. el Monte School District (Trish Law). Los Angeles, CA. Head/injury/suicide. (Plaintiff). Settled. Nguyen v. Western Reserve Life (Adrianne Rans). Bay Bridge (SF) jumper/life insurance (D) Napoli v. Dr Crovello (Jeff Kimmel) New York ophthalmologist/suicide/hanging. (P) Thompkins v. Self Regional Healthcare (Steve Welsh) BF college student hung self on phone cord. Greenwood, SC (P) Moose/Baumgardner v. Horry Co, Detention Center (Teri Leinbach) Myrtle Beach, SC. Jail suicide of WM (D). Dr. James Short v. GSK (Kathy Lee) Indianapolis, IN. Paxil induced suicide of 40 yr old WM doctor. (P) Routhier v. Dr. Keenan (Alan Milstein) Southbridge, MA. Wellbutrin product liability & med mal of 40 WF (P) Scott v. Corrections Corp. of America (Jeff Rosenblum) Giles v. Wyeth (Andy Vickery) Illinois Drug liability(P) Crone v. Pfizer (Ken Fromson) California Gabapentin(P) Hoku Lincoln v. State of Hawaii (Reginald Yee), Honolulu, HI, prison suicide (defense). Settled. Vigilante v. Staten Island Hospital (Jon Levitt), State of Georgia v. Corbin (Bruce Hardy), Atlanta, Wendt v. Mercy Franklin Hospital (Tom Slater), Strickland (Reeves) v. Pfizer (Gene Brooks) Savannah Baranowski v. Strickland (Lisa Harris) Coral Gables, FL, medical malpractice (defense) Deposed. Pittman v. State of SC (Andy Vickery) Charleston, SC, Meyers v. Desjardins (Kari Jacobson) Tampa, FL, Kim (Eugene Brooks) Savannah, GA, product liability; Lexapro(plaintiff) Easter (Patricia Law) Riverside, CA medical malpractice(plaintiff) Arbitration/deposed. Needleman v. John Hancock (Andy Vickery) Houston, TX, In re Neurontin (Finkelstein; Kenneth Fromson), NY, NY, product liability (plaintiff) El-Batouty v. Boeing (Richard Ergo), NY, NY, Fukuda v. WRL (Adrianne Hoehner) San Jose, CA, Clear, John (Robin and John King) Westlake, OH., Bradley v. Fairwinds Treatment Center (Doug Lumpkin) Clearwater, FL, medical malpractice (defense). Trial. Dwight v. University Psychiatric Assoc. (Helms) Winston-Salem, NC, medical malpractice (defense) Bay Country Finances (Freeman) v. Fidelity) Towson, MD, life insurance (plaintiff) Settled. Chesher v. Dr. Graham (Evans) Cincinnati, OH., medical malpractice (defense) Johnson v. Eli Lilly (Cordisco) Bristol, PA, product Outlaw v. St John (Denny) Tulsa, OK, medical malpractice (plaintiff) Rydin v. Camacho (Carter) Peoria, IL, product liaiblity (plaintiff) Walendzik v. City of Lansing (Parsons) Traverse City, MD, suicide v. accident (plaintiff) Holtz, Julie (Lacione) Cleveland, OH, product liaiblity (plaintiff) Edgell v. Manifacturer’s Life (Barnette) Columbia, SC Robinson v. Theos (Killian) Grand Junction, CO Rifkin v. Morales (Brown) Sarasota,FL. Medical Malpractice (defense). Deposed & Trial. Finnell v. Hunt (Tromberg) Jacksonville, FL. Medical Malpractice (plaintiff). Parsons v. VA Hospital (Hamm). Medical malpractice Faust v. St. Lawrence Hospital (Sinclair). Oskemos, MI. Medical Malpractice (defense). Gerchik v. Stanley Villa East (Yospe), Santa Monica, Clark v. Chatham Co. (Brooks). Savannal, GA. Jail suicide. (plaintiff) Deposed. Miles v. Pfizer (Vickery). Baton Rouge, LA. Drug liability (plaintiff). State of Wisconsin v. Mark Jensen (Jambois). Kenosha, WI. Murder-suicide (prosecution). Filmed by Flanders v. NOVA CMHC (Niad). Boca Raton, FL. Medical malpractice (defense). Bostock v. GSK (Vickery). San Francisco, CA. Product liability (plaintiff). Cox v. Memorial Medical Center (Morgan). Springfield, IL. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. Lynn v. Neo Psy Consultants (Dunlop). Canfield, OH. Medical malpractice (plaintiff) Muir v. Cleveland Clinic et al. (Chamberlain), Cleveland, OH. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). State of Wisconsin v. Plude (Moustakis), Eagle River, WI. Murder-suicide (Prosecution). Trial. Owensby v. Tiefenbrunn (McCloskey) St. Louis, MO. Accutane case (plaintiff). Kubitz v. Winkles (Kehoe), Pensacola, FL. Liability Lown v. Eli Lilly (Hall/Vickery), Columbia, SC. Drug (Prozac) liablity (plaintiff). Deposed. Arizona v. Carolyn Peak (Higgins), Tucson, AR. Murder (defense). Cook v. Roth (Ader/Hitt), Miami, FL. Jail suicide 2002 Laughridge v. Dr. Kennedy (Carlock), Atlanta, GA. Lutes v. Dr. Kelley (Gazak), Louisville, KY Medical Thomlin v. Lincoln Benefit (Rogers). Jackson, TN. Contested life insurance (defense). Fowler v. Dr. Vick (Patton). Springfield, MO. Medical malpractice (defense). Settled. Reinstein v. The Bridge (Pagan). New York City, NY. Medical malpractce (plaintiff). Trial in NY Supreme Court. Crawford v. Conway Hospital (Dement). Monroe, LA. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. Lasinski v. State of Indiana (Bulger). Valpalraiso,IN. Jail suicide (plaintiff). Moore v. Corrections Corporation of America (Rosenblum). Memphis, TN. Medical malpractice Underwood v. Bishop et al. (Franklin). Savannah, GA. Medical malpractice (defense). Deposed & Trial. Coburn v. Glaxo Smith Kline (Vickery). Perry, Utah. Product liability (plaintiff). Deposed. Lee v. Hoag Memorial Hospital (Pleiss). Newport Beach, CA. Medical malpractice (defense). High v. Pasco School District (Riseborough). Spokane, WA. School suicide (defense). Deposed. Pitts/Karvelas v. Roche (Young). Columbia, SC. Product liability (accutane suicide) (plaintiff). Stanton Hoffman (Battiste). Columbia, SC. Jail Suicide (plaintiff). Marel Fulwood, Jr. (Battiste). Columbia, SC. Jail Suicide (plaintiff). Ledesma v. Nova SE University CMHC (Bell). Boca Raton, FL. Medical malpractice (defense). Alsept v. USA (Gentry). Lexington, KY. Medical Malpractice (defense). Trial. Smith-Reyes (Bobby Ortega) v. Palo Verde Mental Health Services (Healy). Tucson, AZ. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Settled. McKnelly v. Sioux Valley Hospital (Bonynge). Sioux Falls, SD. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. 2001 Cottle v. Ramsey Youth Services (Smith/McNair). Escobedo v. Claires Stores et al.(Juneau). Dallas, TX. Product liability (plaintiff). Deposed. Richardson, Eik & Zion (Chemnick). Seattle, WA. Medical malpractice/product liability (plaintiff). Ross v. Behavioral Health Care (Jenkins). Raleigh, NC. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Nugent v. Prudential (Spesia). Joliet, IL. Contested life/murder/suicide (defense). Adams v. Davidheizar (Derleth). Soldotna, AK. Contested life/drug liability (plaintiff). Posey v. Continental Life (Dover). Pickins, SC. Contested life insurance (plaintiff). Oregon v. Running (Bender). Portland, OR. Suicide /homicide (defense, criminal). Weinstein v. Verqara (Tromberg). Jacksonville, FL.
Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. Woodruff v. USA (Myers). Columbia, SC. Prison suicide. (plaintiff). Trial. Brackett v. Psychiatric Associates of Fredericksberg, VA. (Kilduff). Richmond, VA. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. Herrera v. Tarmac (Hernandez). Miami, FL. Workmans Compensation (plaintiff). Deposed. Peniche v. Columbia HCA (Grossman). Boca Raton, FL. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Williams v. Pee Dee Electric (Johnson). Columbia, SC. Workmans compensation (defense). Dr. Madison v. State of South Carolina (Whetstone). Attempted murder (defense). Falzone v. Dr. Goldschmidt (Silverberg). Fort Lauderdale, FL. Medical malpractice (defense). Sorenson v. Belmont Hills Hospital (Haley) Oakland, CA. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed/trial. Hudson v. GE Capital Assurance (Matthews). Florence, SC. Contested life insurance (plaintiff). Cooper v. Dr. Donovan (Crain). Covington, LA. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Meats v. Charter Hospital (Steadman). Wichita, KS.
Smith v. Dr. Wauters (Whitley). Tampa, FL. Medical Malpractice (Plaintiff). Settled. Keil v. Oregon Health Sciences University (Norton). Portland, OR. Medical malpractice (defense). Trial. McMahon v. Dr. Stengel (McKeon). Coeur d’Alene, ID. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Deposed. Klenotiz v. Holly Hill Hospital (Byrd). Fayetteville, NC. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Hartman v. Pfizer (Vickery). Los Angeles, CA. Drug liability (plaintiff). Rockenback v. Bellevue Pharmacy (Hine). St.Louis, Trentadue v. the United States of America (Synder, Schlossman). Oklahoma City, OK. Suicide-homicide Simon v. Sacred Heart Medical Center (Arpin). Spokane, WA. Medical malpractice (defense). Weaver v. Dr. Lentz (McKay). Columbia, SC. Medical 1998 Williamson v. Eli Lilly (Vickery). Beaumont,TX. 1997 Dunlop v. Charter Hospital (Todd). Columbia,SC. 1997 Tulley v. Dr. Gorden (Cotter). Rockford, IL. 1997 Gainous v. Columbus Life (Stahl). Nashville, TN. 1997 Forsyth v. Lilly (Downey). Honolulu, HI. Drug 1997 Chandler v. Las Vegas Medical Examiner (Chesnof). Las Vegas, NV. Manner of death (plaintiff). 1997 Gianguilio v. Lilly (Opalka). Philadelphia, PA. 1997 McDowell v. CNA Insurance (McGinley). Marietta, GA. Contested life insurance (plaintiff). 1997 Garber v. Harbor View Hospital et al. (Panter). 1997 Garrido et al. v. Dade County School Board (Mowers). 1996 Dearborn v. Dr. Fox (Clay). Raleigh, NC. 1996 Expert Witness. State of Ohio v. Della Sutorius (Croswell). Cincinnati, OH. Murder (defense). 1996 Consultant, with Park E. Dietz et al. Executive suicide cluster at First Data Corporation. Omaha, NE. 1996 Expert Witness. Mathis v. Dr. Morrison (Lawton). Charleston, SC. Medical malpractice (plaintiff). Expert Witness. Bell v. Dr. Moore (Simpson). Dallas, T.X. Malpractice (plaintiff). Expert Witness. Oliver v. Transamerica Insurance Co. (Boshears). St. Simon Island, G.A. Murder-Suicide (plaintiff). Expert Witness. Prior v. Burke Co. (Goldsmith). Marion, N.C. Murder-Suicide (plaintiff). Deposed. Expert Witness. Nield v. Fleetwood Enterprises (Coppede). Cheyenne, W.Y. Accident-Suicide (defense). Expert Witness. Simon v. Lilly (Hawkins). Louisville, K.Y. Suicide (plaintiff). N.J. v. Timmendequas (Lependorf). Murder/ 1995 Greer/Rosenbloom v. Lilly (Greenwald). Prozac 1995 Consultant. Smith v. State of SC (Bruck). 1995 Consultant. Ardis v. State of SC (Chandler). 1994 Expert Witness. Foster v. Schroeder (Northrup). 1994 Expert Witness. Zinser v. City of Cincinnati (Singer). Cincinnati, Ohio. Police suicide. 1994 Expert Witness. Saines v. Lilly (Downey). Los Angeles. Prozac suicide. (plaintiff). 1994 Consultant. Euliss v. AT&T (Theall). Greensboro, NC. Suicide/Sexual Harassment. (defense). 1994 Consultant. Gschwind v. Cessna Aircraft (Johnson). Kansas City/Paris, France. Aircraft crash. (defense). Consultant. Taylor v. Clinton, SC Jail. (Fairey, Parise - Chris Mills). Jail Suicide (plaintiff). Consultant. Ray v. McGee. Chattanooga, Tennessee (Cornelius & Collins - David King). Medical malpractice (defense). Expert witness. Arrendale v. Hangar One, et al. Cornelia, Georgia (Hugh McNatt). Airplane crash (defense). Consultant. Gorden v. Whitis, Eli/Lilly, Iowa City, Iowa (Meardon, Suppel-James Hayes). Drug Case (Prozac) (plaintiff). Expert Witness, Bolden v. Co. of Pierce, Georgia. (Robert Benfield). Jail suicide (plaintiff). Expert Witness, Yost & Amnesty International v. Mexico City Jail, Washington, D.C. (Brand & Lowell-Sue Russell). Jail suicide (plaintiff). Expert Witness, Jones v. Dr. Green et al., Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Allman, Spry - David C. Smith). Malpractice (defense). Deposed. Expert Witness, Ward v. Equitable, Durham, North Carolina (Glenn, Mills & Fisher - Bill Mills). Life insurance (plaintiff). Deposed. Expert Witness, Robinson v. Franklin Life, Miami, Florida (Steel Hector & Davis - Brian Stack). Life insurance (defense). Deposed. Expert Witness, Lee v. 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National Consultant to NIMH Affective Disorders and Anxiety Research Branch, Suicide Program, Rockville, Maryland. Expert Witness, Hurst v. Brynn Marr Hospital, Jacksonville, North Carolina (Ward & Smith - Thomas E. Harris). Malpractice (defense). Deposed & Trial. Expert Witness, Victory v. USF&G Insurance Co., New Orleans, Louisiana (Boggs, Loehn - Charles Boggs). Life insurance (defense). Expert Witness, Bramlette v. Charter Rivers Hospital, Columbia, South Carolina. Malpractice (defense). Expert Witness, Wilkie v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co., Barnwell, South Carolina. Life insurance (plaintiff). Consultant, Crolley v. Richland County Detention Center, Columbia, South Carolina. Jail suicide (plaintiff). Expert Witness, van Joslin v. North Dakota Department of Mental Health, Bismark, North Dakota. Malpractice (defense). Expert Witness, Lemon v. American General Insurance Co., Amarillo, Texas. Life insurance (plaintiff). Deposed. Expert Witness, Greason v. Kemp et al., Atlanta, Georgia. Jail suicide (plaintiff). Deposed. Expert Witness, Hinson v. SC Department of Youth Services et al., Columbia, South Carolina, Jail suicide (defense). Consultant, Poss v. McDuffie County et al., Georgia. Jail suicide (plaintiff). Trial. Expert Witness, Driggers v. Founders Life Insurance Co., Vidalia, Georgia. Life insurance (defense). Trial. Expert Witness, Fleming v. Mass Mutual Insurance Co., Atlanta, Georgia. Life insurance (defense). Deposed & Trial. Expert Witness, Funney v. Newberry County Jail, South Carolina. Jail suicide (plaintiff). Deposed at Trial. Individual Psychotherapy with Suicidal Patients, their Consultant. Revis v. Easley City Jail, Columbia, S.C. Expert Witness, Hardy v. United Life and Accident Insurance Co., Atlanta, Georgia. Life insurance (defense). Trial. Expert Witness. Lahser v. Fidelity Life Insurance Co., Killeen, Texas. Life insurance (defense). Deposed. 1983-1984 Expert Witness. Barwick v. Occidental Life Insurance Corp., Atlanta, Georgia. Life insurance (defense). Consultant. Hitt v. Felice. Law Office of Mr. F. S. Kanelos, Brookfield, Illinois. Consultant. Evaluation of proposed suicide research centre. Department of Psychiatry, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Expert Witness. Irick v. Federated Insurance Company. Workman Compensation Court, Orangeburg, South Carolina. Trial. PBS-TV National Program Panel Member, "Choosing Suicide." 1979-1980 Research Fellow at the University of Vienna School of Medicine (Psychiatry). Study of Mid-Life Development in Male Suicides. Expert Witness. American General Life Insurance Company v. MCFS Corporation. Federal Court, Jackson, Mississippi. Expert Witness. Alexander v. New York Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Federal Court, Charleston, South Carolina. Life insurance (plaintiff). Trial. Psychoanalysis with Benjamin Riggs, M.D., Professor and Acting Chairman, Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston). 1973-1975 Lecturer in Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston). Residency supervisor. 1972-1973 Offered seminar on "Death and Dying" in the Johns Hopkins University Evening College (Baltimore) and at the University of South Carolina. 1971-1973 Director of the Johns Hopkins University M.D.-Training Program in Behavioral Sciences (Baltimore). 1969-1973 Consultant to the Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Clinic, Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. (Worked with Huell Connor, Jr., M.D.). 1969-1973 Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic, the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine (Baltimore). World Health Organization Fellow in Crisis Intervention, West Berlin, Germany (Klaus Thomas, D.D. 1970-1973 Individual Psychotherapy, with Alan R. McClary (therapist), Professor of Psychiatry, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore). 1968-1969 Deputy Medical Examiner, Baltimore (City), Maryland. 1968-1973 Individual Psychotherapy with Suicidal Outpatients at the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore). 1968-1969 Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Nahum Spinner, M.D., and Seymour Perlin, M.D. - Supervisors). 1965-1966 Trainee in Suicidology at the Los Angeles Suicide (and

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Youth Workers Association, Hilton Head, South Carolina. 05/27/87 Mid-Life Male Suicides, Workshop at Annual Meeting of American Association of Suicidology, San Francisco, California. 11/28/86 Unanticipated Problems of Mid-Life Suicides, Community Mental Health Lecture, University of Calgary (Alberta) School of Medicine. Multiple Suicide Attempters, Psychiatric Residents Seminar, University of Calgary (Alberta) Psychiatry Department. 10/30/86 Biology of Suicide, Grand Rounds at the University of Suicide Assessment and Prevention in the U.S. Army, 08/02/86 Six Army Bases in West Germany. 07/13-17 Speaker, Menninger Foundation Conference on Suicide, 06/10-13 Chaired and was on Plenary Panel of the NIMH Youth Suicide Conference in Oakland, California. 05/05/86 Suicide, Columbia, S.C., Rotary Club. 05/14-16 Lecturer, Suicide Assessment and Prevention, Columbia Area Mental Health Clinic, Columbia, South Carolina. 04/03/86 Biology of Suicide, Read paper at Annual Meeting of ETV, Columbia, S.C., Discussed play- Night Mother. 07/23/85 Depression and Suicide, Coastal Carolina Hospital, 10/16-18 Keynote address, Suicide, Alberta Psychological 05/11/85 Suicide Risk Assessment in the Military, Fort Jackson, 04/20/85 The Dublin Lecture: Basic Issues in Suicide Prevention, Annual Meeting of American Association of Suicidology, Toronto, Canada. 02/15/85 Lecture, Needs of the Dying Patient, Baptist Hospital, 02/01/85 Debate with Thomas Szasz, M.D., at Harvard University 10/25/84 Lecture, Suicidal Lifestyles of the Young, "Menorah 10/25/84 CBS-TV, Charlotte, N.C. "Youth Suicide" 08/30/84 Discussant, suicide papers at ASA meetings in San 04/15/84 Suicide and Ethics, Lecture at Boston Samaritans, 03/07/84 Adolescent Suicide, Lecture at Lexington Community 04/22/83 Suicide, Suggestibility, and Contagion, American Association of Suicidology, Dallas, Texas. 03/01/83 Religion, Suicide, and Death, Lutheran Theological 11/12/82 Social Interventions in Suicide, Lafayette, Louisiana. 10/26/82- Lectures on Suicide to the Department of Psychiatry. 04/25/84 Calgary Medical School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 04/27/82 Young Suicides: A Radical Review, American Association 01/17/82 Rational Suicide, Medical College of Georgia. 12/07/81 WIS-TV - Columbia, S.C. Suicide. 11/14/81 The Suicidal Patient, USC Medical School. 06/16/80 PBS-TV - New York City (National Television, with Hugh 11/12/80 Lecture on Social Psychiatry at Universitat Wien 10/05/79 Death, Sexuality, and Aggression, American 04/08/78 "The Suicidologist as an Expert Witness," American Association of Suicidology, New Orleans. 06/23/77 Sociology of Suicide Prevention, Helsinki, Finland. 06/15/71 Crisis Intervention, West Berlin School of Medicine,

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (past scientific American Academy of Forensic Sciences (fellow) American Psychiatric Association (past member) American Association of Suicidology (past president and board- American Board of Forensic Examiners (board-certified fellow) International Academy for Suicide Research (invited fellow)
1955-1958 Varsity Track and Basketball at the University of 1960-1965 Tournament Archery. Men's State Champion in Illinois Running (Boston marathon), archery, classical music, and golf World Series of Poker & wolrd Poker Tour tournaments, 2006 - present (2nd in four tournaments). 2012 sixth place finish in main event (Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MI).

Clark,Emery, J.D. Assistant United States Attorney. 1441 Main Street, Suite 500. Columbia, South Carolina 29201 (803-929-3085). Dietz, Park Elliott, M.D.-Ph.D. Threat Assessment Group. 2906 Lafayette, Newport Beach, California 92604.(949-723-2211). Fromson, Kenneth B., J.D. Finklestein & Partners. 1279 Rte. 300, PO Box 1111, Newburgh, New York 12551 (845-562-0203 x 2755). Lumpkin, Douglas B., J.D. Lumpkin & Haskins. 1718 Main St.,
Maltsberger, John T., M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Harvard University, 115 Mill Street, Belmont, Massachusetts 02178 (617-855-3671). Mann, J. John, M.D., Chief, Department of Neuroscience, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Box 28, 722 168 th St., New York, NY 10032 (212-960-5844). Moustakis, Albert D., J.D. District Attorney, Vilas Co., 330 Court Street, Eagle river, Wisconsin. 54521 (1-715-479-3615) Silverman, Morton M., M.D., National suicide prevention resource center, 55 Chapel St., Newton, MA, 02458-1060 (617-618-2379). Tromberg & Safer (Fred Tromberg, J.D.), Attorneys at Law, 4925
Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL. 32207 (904-396-5321).


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