Rainier 2000 picture key

Rainier 2000 Picture Key
Meeting Richard at the Portland airport coming in from Denver, Sunday 7/2/00 10pm. Billy Neff, Richard Stum, Matt Mower, Haley Stum, Justin Stum. Going over team instructions at Portland airport 7/2/00. Billy, Matt, James Dunne, Karl Stum. Getting checked out and prescribed for Diamox altitude medicine. Katherine Moom (Marsha’s sister physician), Billy, Greg Moon. Portland airport when Justin and Billy came in, 7/1/00. Adjusting crampons at airport. Sunday night. White River trail, Monday morning 7am, ~5,000’. Richard; Billy. Gotta love that July weather! On the Interglacier, Monday morning ~11am, ~7,000’. Justin. (I like the matching swimming shorts and gaiters!) More of the Interglacier, Monday afternoon, ~7,800’. Richard; Billy. Roped up and placing wands on the upper Interglacier, Monday afternoon, ~8,100’. Billy, the beastly trail-breaker. 10 Last leg of the Interglacier, Monday afternoon, ~8,600’. Dakota Dunne, Richard, Justin, James. 11 Setting up tents at the palatial Camp Curtis, Monday, 5pm, 9,100’. Justin, Karl. 12 Looking up the Emmons toward the summit as the clouds lifted. Tuesday ~8am. 13 Camp Curtis, Tuesday 7am. James; Dakota. 14 Ready to leave Camp Curtis with our 65lb Samonsite. It was definitely a 5-star hotel! (read windswept rocky ridge), Tuesday 9:30am. Justin, Billy, Karl, Dakota, Richard, James. 16 Crossing our first big snow bridge as we just get onto the Emmons, Tuesday, 10am, 8,800’. Billy. 17 Looking back at the crevasse and Camp Curtis (up on the rocky ridge). Dakota, Richard, Justin, 18 Leaving Camp Schurman, Tuesday, 7/4/00, 11:30am, 9,500’. Dakota, Richard, Justin; James. 19 Crossing a crevasse (it was worse than it looks) up on the “corridor”, Tuesday, ~10,200’. Karl ready to arrest, Billy crossing, Dakota in foreground. 20 Forever upward on the Emmons corridor, Tuesday, ~10,500’. 21 Forever upward on the Emmons corridor, Tuesday, ~11,000’. 22 Bad to the bone Justin!! (note the 15 lb Nikon, circa 1970). No gloves, no wind. We had it good. Setting up mid-camp below crevasse and large serac in background, Tuesday, 4:30pm, 12,000’. Richard, Dakota, Billy, James. (Some real bad hair days!) Back on the trail traversing North, Wednesday 7/5/00 ~8am, 12,000’. Wednesday. Great weather. No wind, no clouds. 12,000’. More of the Emmons, Wednesday morning, ~12,800’. Break time, Wednesday morning, ~13,000’. James; Justin. Looking over at Little Tahoma. Wednesday, ~13,000’. Break time, Wednesday morning, ~13,000’. James; Justin, Dakota. Will it ever end? (my quads were wondering). 12 Crevasse and serac, ~13,400’. Billy 14 Crevasse and serac, ~13,400’. Dakota 15 Crevasse and serac, ~13,400’. Justin 16 The summit at last!! 1:30pm, Wednesday, 7/5/00. 14,411’ No wind. Dakota, Billy, James, Richard, Justin, Karl. (at least Billy’s excited!). 18 Karl belaying Billy as he drops down into a steam cave on south side of crater, Wednesday, 5pm, 19 Starting down from the mouth of the steam cave. James, Richard, Justin. 20 Making our way down an ice chute in the cave with rope and prusiks. 21 In the steam cave looking on as Billy starts returning up the ice chute. James. Note Richard’s wet Looking up at the snow-covered summit from camp in the crater. Wednesday evening. Looking back at our camp. Wednesday evening. Camp in the summit crater, South side, ~14,200’. Note steam from vents along crater rim. Mounting the summit crater rim for a view as the some fog rolls in. Wednesday evening. Karl; Billy. Atop the summit crater rim taking in the sunset in the fog. Wednesday evening. Karl; Billy. Atop the summit crater rim taking in the sunset in the fog. Wednesday evening. Karl; Billy. Summit camp at 4F degrees, no wind. Thursday, 7/6/00, 7am. Groundhog-Dakota popping out to check conditions. Billy lacing up for the descent. Thursday morning. Ready to descend after a great summit camp. James ready for bear, Richard finally gets that the sun is shining (clown face with zinc oxide from the ‘70’s), Dakota with that REI rain hat (actually a good shading device), Billy with chest harness on, ready to fall in a crevasse, Justin just back from the hair salon and Karl with his lumberjack shirt (a slam to all the name brand stuff). 10 Going down was a real…well you know. Snow was firm when we started. 11 More downhill. Note good rope control. 12 Breaktime on the descent. ~12,000’. 13 Crampons balling up in soft snow. We took them off just after this. ~11,000’. 14 Heading back up toward Camp Curtis from the Emmons glacier. 15 Back at the parking lot! Do you see relief in those feet or what!! ~5pm.

Source: http://www.stums.org/mountaineering/pdf/Rainier2000PictureKey.pdf


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