Thank You
. . . to all for your financial support. Last weekend’s collection was over $1,400 . . . also for your contribution to the Helping Others collection for Haiti. Like the week before, it was around $1,500. A cheque for $3,000 is on its way to Development & Peace.
Coming Events
Monday, Feb. 1
Pastoral council meeting in the office at 7:30 pm. All members are asked to do their
best to be present.
Tuesday, Feb. 2
Mass at Le Vivalis Residence at 10:30 am.
Thursday, Feb. 4
Mass at Le Wellesley Residence at 9:30 am.
Weekend of Feb. 6/7
5th Sunday of Ordinary Time. Regular Mass schedule. Deacon Gerry is the scheduled
Tuesday, Feb. 9
Communion Service at Le Vivalis at 10:30 am
Faith First meeting for children and parents at 7 p.m in the south wing.
Weekend of Feb. 13/14
Monica Lambton, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation coordinator for the English
province of the Congregation of Notre Dame, will be our guest speaker at both Masses.
She will also join us for our Potluck supper following the Saturday Mass.
Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate will be available for purchase before and after each weekend Mass. For You Information
Supplies for Haiti
Ann Marie DiMichele has a way of getting supplies to Haiti. She is gathering clean
used clothing for children and medical supplies (cf. back of bulletin for a list). If you can
help, please bring items with you when you come to Mass next weekend.
Choir Director
We are looking for a choir leader or two to direct our choirs at the 5 pm and/or 9 am
Mass. Please spread the word. Applicants should speak with Fr. Ernie.
Green Church Conference
St. Charles Church will host the 1st Green Church Conference with guest speaker
Andre Beauchamp, author of Environnement et Église (2008), with work-shops, lunch
and liturgy. Tuesday, Feb. 9, 9am – 4pm. $20. (students $10). Register at

Marriage Encounter weekend, Feb. 12 -14. For further information and/or
registration, please contact Mary or Len Silvestri at 450-622-1070 or by e-mail at

Closer to the Front
We ask everyone to kindly take seats closer to the front when you come to Mass. The
vast majority of our parishioners sit in the last 5 or 6 pews, leaving the front almost
completely empty.
Pastoral Council
The role of the pastoral council is to work with Fr. Ernie and Deacon Gerry in
determining and organizing the pastoral life of our faith community. Several members of
the council have recently resigned from the council for health and work reasons. We
invite others to volunteer to serve. Unlike the Board of Wardens where members must
reside in the geographical territory of St. Edward’s, membership in the pastoral council
has no geographical restrictions. If you are interested, please speak with Fr. Ernie.
Supplies for Haiti
Calamine solution and Aspirins, Motrin, etc.

Source: http://www.stedwardtheconfessor.ca/data/files/bulletins/bulletin_10-01-31.pdf

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