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BETWEEN 1970 AND 2010
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University, Competitive Balance
We chose two regarding the specific leagues and seasons: decisive/constitutive standard deviation – percentual A small group of historical winners, clubs “breaking in“ usually cannot repeat their title - “mobility“ of teams between Competitive Balance 2
Low static balance if high differences between clubs inthe table Low dynamic CB if the top-level positions are constantlyheld by a group of very same teams E.g. Champions League winners: only some strongestclubs that can win, they are from a few countries Our study
-1970/71 to 2009/2010: 40 seasons-two similar countries -two similar leagues?-not historically (political reasons (one league changing),private ownership evolution)-if perfectly statically imbalanced CB: standard deviations 0.31 (NL) and 0.32 (CZ) -for dynamic CB, Kendall's and Spearman's coefficientsof correlation Dutch League
48 clubs, 40 seasons, titles: practically all taken by Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord Rotterdam Since 1965, two “intruders”: AZ Alkmaar (2x), FC Twente Dutch League Static Competitiv e Balance
ecnalab 40,00%
mI fo egat 30,00%
necreP 20,00%
1970/711972/731974/751976/771978/791980/811982/831984/851986/871988/891990/911992/931994/951996/971998/992000/012002/032004/052006/072008/09 Dutch league 2
Dutch Dynamic Competitive Balance
Czechoslovak/Czech League
Some top clubs through the history, less stability in results In the last period (Czech league) more “stability” Czech League Static Competitiv e Balance
ecn 40,00%
alabmI fo 30,00%
egatnecre 20,00%
1970/711972/731974/751976/771978/791980/811982/831984/851986/871988/891990/911992/931994/951996/971998/992000/012002/032004/052006/072008/09 Czechoslovak/Czech League 2
Czechoslovak Dynamic Competitive Balance
ecna 50,00%
laB ev 40,00%
titiepm 30,00%
C cti
1970/711973/741976/771979/801982/831985/861988/891991/921994/951997/982000/012003/042006/072009/10 Comparison 2
cnalaB 0,6
evititep 0,4
moC ci 0,2
manyD 0 27 4 6 8 0 2 4 6 8 0 2 4 6 8 0 2 4 6 8 0
Dutch league - stable and highly imbalanced Czech league - volatile, rising imbalance Other authors: Negative evolution (commercialisation, European cups) Romania, Division C, 1983/4


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