Snowden has extensive capabilities in mineral processing and metallurgical engineering consultancy including project planning and evaluation, study management, resource evaluation, performance testing, process plant evaluation and environmental management. Snowden’s consultants and associates have worked on various projects in a diverse range of geological, mineralogical and physical environments on most of the major commodities including lithium minerals and lithium
carbonate production to be used in electrical vehicle batteries.
Major clients include:
Consulting skills:
Evaluation, design, planning, scheduling, Qualified and competent persons and engineering reports Metallurgical accounting and auditing procedures Process facilitation and project management Design of metallurgical laboratory and pilot plant testwork for exploration and expansion Analysis, syntheses and interpretation of Environmental impact assessment and cleaner Independent evaluation of ore assets, plant throughput, metal extraction and recoveries Design, construction and operational HAZOP Sampling quality protocol design and audit Grade control and reconciliation including Evaluation of ore beneficiary circuits as well as design of effective ore characterisation test procedures for optimal throughput PERTH BRISBANE JOHANNESBURG VANCOUVER OXFORD BELO HORIZONTE CALGARY Projects include:
Galaxy Resources – Mt Cattlin and Jiangsu – Australia/China
Snowden conducted independent engineering reviews during construction, commissioning and ramp-up of these lithium plants for investors (financial institution). These included site visits in Australia and China, resource evaluation, evaluation of process design criteria, and IPO documentation. BGSR Mining and Metals
Snowden conducted a scoping study including a review on lithium mineral processing emphasis being on lithium carbonate production from petalite ores. The study also included a basic capital and operating cost estimate. Global Presence
Snowden is well positioned to respond quickly and effectively to on site demands through a network of worldwide offices, ensuring efficient global solutions delivered locally General Inquiries


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Lesson 3.5

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