Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II Department of Forestry and Non Renewable Detailed Description of the survey equipment, office equipment and other accessories Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II Contents Equipment list with procurement specifications.3 1 Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II Equipment list with procurement specifications

LOT #1:
1.1 Surveying Equipment

The description below is for one set of the equipment. Two sets of GPS equipment will be
purchased mainly for standard surveying.
1.1.1 GPS Specifications (Single frequency L1)

One base station receiver and 1 rover + 1 fibre bipods
L1 application software, Office bracket + download cable
Kinematic Initialising bar/Quick release
External antenna, External antenna cable, vertical antenna extension
HI measuring tape, Field system bag, Field bracket
Operating manual user guide CD

Positional accuracy
Kinematic, stop & go 10-15mm + 2ppm(horizontal) Channels
12 L1 with full code and carrier

Communication and serial port
Infrared link (transfer rate up to 115200-baud rate)
The description below is for one set of the equipment which will be purchased.

Antenna Options
GPS, Glonass, OmniSTAR, SBAS, Galileo (optimized for OmniSTAR)

• 220-channel L1C/A, L1/L2/L2C. Upgradable to L5 and GLONASS L1/L2C/A, L1/L2P Full Cycle
• Multipath signal rejection
• 4-channel SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)

Code Differential GPS Positioning3
Horizontal accuracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.25 m + 1 ppm RMS (0.8 ft + 1 ppm RMS)
Vertical accuracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS (1.6 ft + 1 ppm RMS)
Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II Real-Time Kinematic (RTK up to 30 km) Positioning3
Horizontal accuracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 mm + 1 ppm RMS (0.026 ft + 1 ppm RMS)
Vertical accuracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 mm + 1 ppm RMS (0.05 ft +1 ppm RMS)

Lemo (Serial) .
26-pin D-sub, Serial 2, Full 9-wire RS232, using adaptor 26-pin D-sub, Serial 3, 3 wire RS-232, using adaptor cable Fully-integrated, fully-sealed 2.4 GHz Bluetooth module6 Fully-integrated, fully-sealed, internal 450 MHz (UHF) Tx/Rx; Internal 900 MHz Tx/Rx External GSM/GPRS, cell phone support 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, and 20 Hz positioning Correction data input/output . . . . . . CMR™, CMR+™, CMRx™, RTCM v 2.x & 3.x Data outputs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NMEA, GSOF, 1PPS Time Tags (Marine version)
1.1.3 General demands on the GPS set
a. The equipment must have a functional and easy to use design (very user friendly).
b. The warranty should be at least one year. There must also be a guarantee that in
case of malfunctioning equipment, the dealer must have a replacement available within one week. c. All equipment must be highly durable and robust, even in extreme weather
conditions. Approved durability of at least IP67 on the international ingress protection scale is required. It should perform without problems at all altitudes to be found in Zanzibar. d. Working temperature according to the extreme temperature range in Zanzibar.
e. It is an advantage if the dealer can provide service and technical support possibilities
within Zanzibar, Tanzania or nearest countries, and it would be beneficial to have a version of the manual in Swahili. f. As part of the bid evaluation, a demonstration of the equipment may need to be

1.1.4 Total Station

The description below is for one set of the equipment. Three sets of TPS equipment will be
purchased mainly for standard measurement tasks.

Angle measurement (Hz, Vt):
Accuracy : 5” (1.5 mgon) le Measurement (Hz, V)Angle
Method: Absolute, continuous, diametrical
Display resolution: 1” / 0.1 mgon / 0.01 mil
Compensation: Quadruple axis compensation (Setting On, Off)
Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II Distance Measurement with Reflector:
Range Reflective prism GPR1 3’500 m
Range Reflective tape (60 mm x 60 mm) 250 m
Accuracy / Measurement time Standard: 1.5 mm+2 ppm / typ. 2.4 s, Fast: 3 mm+2 ppm / typ.
0.8 s, Tracking: 3 mm+2 ppm / typ. <0.15 s

Distance Measurement without Reflector:
Range (90% reflective)
PinPoint – Power > 400m
PinPoint – Ultra > 1000m
Accuracy / Measurement time 2 mm+2 ppm / typ. 3 s

Data Storage/Communication:
Internal memory Max: 24’000 fixpoints, Max.: 13’500 measurements
Interfaces: Serial (Baudrate 1’200 to 115’200);USB Type A and mini B, Bluetooth Wireless
Data formats: GSI / DXF / LandXML / user definable ASCII formats

General Telescope:
Magnification 30 x.
Resolving powerT3”.
Field of view 1° 30’ (1.66 gon) / 2.7 m at 100 m
Focusing range 1.7 m to infinity.
Reticle Illuminated, 5 brightness levels

Environmental specifications
Temperature range (operation): -20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F).
Humidity: 95%, non condensing

Type: Lithium-Ion,
Operating time: approx. 20 hours

Total Station
including External Battery and tribrach 5.1 kg; Centering accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5 m
Instrument height

Keyboard and Display
Application programs:
Topography (Orientation & Surveying), Stake Out, Resection, Height
Transfer, Construction, Area (Plan & Surface), Volume calculation, Tie Distance (MLM), Remote
Height, Hidden Point,Offset, Reference Line.
Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II 1.1.5 Handheld GPS
The handheld GPS will be used for navigation purposes and must have the following specifications: a. Option to transfer coordinates (waypoints, routes and tracks) to and from the receiver.
b. Option to add maps
c. PC software for up- and downloading of data should be included.
a. Batteries, USB cable for data transfer to/from the GPS, manuals and an AC charger should
b. The equipment should be weather protected to IPX7 standard (waterproof to 1 meter
c. The display should be bright/ screen that provided clear detail (readable in both sunlight
and fading light) and easy use to access most functions several different screen colour displays to get the most out of available light. d. At least 15 hours of continuous usage from one set of fully charged batteries. It should also
accept power from car power supply. The unit should also be able to get power from a computer via the USB cable. e. Both rechargeable and ordinary (AA or AAA) batteries should be possible to use.
h. Storage possibility of 2000 waypoints that can be shown with name and a graphic symbol.
It should also be possible to save 200 tracks along with at least 200 reversible routes in the built-in memory. i. The equipment should have a built-in compass, which can calculate the bearing from both
j. The equipment should have a barometric altimeter.
k. The equipment should have high sensitivity and high accuracy in its position readings, and
l. The equipment should have 5 MP autofocus camera; automatic geo-tagging, photo
navigation (navigate to geotagged photos). m. It should be able to calculate estimated time, time of arrival as well as distance to a
waypoint and to the final destination, and have proximity alarms. n. It should be capable of area calculation.
o. The height should be possible to display, using a barometric altimeter.
p. The display should have strong back light, and have options in terms of numerical data
q. It should be reasonably easy to master (user friendly).
r. The manual should be capable to explain the buttons, details how to use them, show all
modes, the sub-screens/pages underneath the buttons and selections. 1.1.6 Measuring tapes
Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II 2.1 Office equipment

2.1.1 Plotter

Printer Technology:
1 each (black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta) 8.3- to 42-in wide sheets; 24-, 36-, 42-in rolls Memory/print languages/typefaces: Memory, standard: Adobe PDF 1.3, Adobe PostScript 3, TIFF 6.0, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP-GL/2, HP RTL Ethernet USB, HP Jetdirect WIO 10/100 Internal Print Server, supporting TCP/IP (including LPR and IPP), AppleTalk, IPX/SPX protocols, Centronics parallel port, IEEE 1284-compliant Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, 7, 2003/8 Server): with HP Drivers; UNIX, Linux: with HP Embedded Web Server file submitter; AutoCAD: 2000-2004, 14 for Windows, Adobe PostScript drivers for Windows (2000, 2003/8 Server, XP,7), Mac OS 8.5 and higher, Mac OS X v 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.x
2.1.2 Printer
Printer Technology:
Windows 7,Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, MAC OSX, Unix Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II 2.1.3 External Hard Disk
 At least 500 GB hard disk capacity  Transfer: USB 2.0 2.1.4 Digital camera
The camera will be used for documentation of adjudication processes.
a. The camera should have at least 10 Megapixel capacity
b. The camera should be weather protected
c. Charger, case and a Secure Digital (SD) memory card of at least 2 GB should be
2.1.5 Rollpapers, cartridges

Plotter cartridges each of them 300 or 680cc: 6 sets
Printer cartridge : 4 sets
Roll paper : 20 rolls. Bright white inkjet paper, 36 or 42in x 150 ft, 90g/m2
Sustainable Management of Lands and Environment II The list of items has been divided into lots as follows:

The table below defines the quantities of each item to be procured.



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