Pioneering R&D Centers and Cutting-Edge Products
Lithium Tantalate (LT) Wafers
for Mobile Phones

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, which
use lithium tantalate wafers, contribute to the

Shin-Etsu continues to enrich life through new technologies and products. The Shin-Etsu high functionality of today’s mobile phones.
Group has more than eight R&D centers throughout Japan. Five centers are introduced below Shin-Etsu’s Advanced Functional Materials
Research Center is developing materials that

in connection with products they have developed. The major centers not included here are the will be used in the next generation of information
PVC Research Center and the Silicones-Electronics Materials Research Center.
Photoresists Bringing IC Designs Down
to 120 Nanometers

There seems to be no limit to reductions in the
size of integrated circuits. Photoresists are
photosensitive materials used in the lithography
process. The Specialty Chemicals Research
Center conducts research into photoresists for
use in leading-edge KrF excimer lasers, and is
working on photoresists for the next generation
of lithography technologies using ArF, F2, elec-
tron beams and other illumination sources.

Silicon Wafers Used for IC Devices
Lithium Tantalate (LT)
The jewel of modern industry, semiconductors,
are made from silicon wafer substrates. Shin-
Etsu Handotai’s research centers in Shirakawa
and Isobe are working to create silicon wafers
with a larger diameter and improved surface

Diffusion Tubes of Quartz for IC Processing
Processed, high-grade quartz products are used
in diffusion tubes, smelting equipment, and
other stages of the semiconductor manufacturing
process. Quartz products are also essential in
optical fiber and optical communications parts.
The research center of Shin-Etsu Quartz Products
Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Shin-Etsu
and Heraeus Quarzglas International GmbH, is
developing quartz products for a broad range of

Silicon Wafers
applications from fundamental research through
processing technologies at Koriyama.

Magnets — Beyond Voice Coil Motors
Shin-Etsu’s Magnetic Materials Research Center
conducts research into areas ranging from the
development of magnetic materials to magnetic
field design technologies. The main demand for
these materials has been for use in voice coil
motors, but use in nonelectronics industries is
on the increase.

Diffusion Tubes of Quartz


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