What a great year most of EP is having - is that 87% of farms have resistance to especially considering the dry autumn. Ivermectin and 54% have resistance to Moxidectin (the most potent ML drench). The Auctions Plus reports show that only a few months ago young Merino ewes made $45 to This means that more than 5% of worms will $90. They would have been a good buy! survive, on over half the farms in Australia, after a Moxidectin drench. Continued use of the drench will select for resistant worms. MSA accreditation
A recent result showed several farms had more resistance to Ivermectin than to a Are you registered with MSA (Meat Standards combination drench. Ivomec® had been over If you are, make sure you write your MSA We are lucky that on Eyre Peninsula we are is number at Question 7 on the sheep NVD. This
a much better situation. However;
may increase the competition on your sheep. Do a drench resistance test to find out Some supermarkets are no longer buying which drenches work on your place lambs that are not MSA accredited. Rotate between the effective drenches Include Zolvix® in the rotation If you do not have a MSA number make sure you get one. It’s not difficult. Drench purchased sheep with a good Go to the MLA web site and click MSA
Click Producer registration at the top
Enter your PIC and LPA User ID and Just think; this is one of the few
recommendations where you are encouraged Follow the training (about 30 min) I have been through this with a producer and it’s not too difficult. LambEx
The aim of MSA registration is to improve the Next year we (SA) will host the LambEx eating quality of lamb, hogget and mutton. As we achieve that, everyone will benefit. Drench resistance
An Australia wide survey has show that resistance to drenches is still increasing. We know that resistance to white and clear drenches is very common. What is now known Years ago I went, on a bus, to the Inaugural Note; if you haven’t weaned yet don’t forget to
Lamb Convention in Melbourne. It was a great give the ewes and lambs three feeds of grain. This “imprints” eating that feed into the lamb’s More importantly, it had a positive effect on me for years. I know that the farmers who went also found it very stimulating and I’m sure it Sweating about the “small stuff”
had a positive influence on their sheep management, and profit, for years. Is it worth worrying about the minor details of Labour with sheep
The time sheep management takes has been These minor things don’t take much time. It’s brought up many times. It is key reason some really just a matter of getting into the habit of
Do you know where that time goes? Is it all They can make a real difference. I’ve had three clients lift their lambing percent by over 30%. This made a real difference to their business. MLA has a project to help producers record where the time goes. This is the first step to It was really minor management changes that solving the issue. Some people may be in for For example; how much time do you spend
Big changes
checking water? Is it worth putting in a remote camera above the trough that sends a picture Sometimes big changes are warranted too. to your computer or phone? Or you may want to put in a “leak detection unit” that sends a John Symonds, from KI, has just won the text to your phone each day to show if you Australian Woolgrower of the year. This is great but the real achievement is the change he’s made. With help from Agvet Services he’s How much time do you spend moving sheep? increased his profit and improved his lifestyle. Is it worth putting in more laneways? If you want to know what they did there are five If you are interested in joining the project, let videos on the Sheep CRC web site. One is about 25 minutes long but the others are only 5, or so, minutes. They are well worth a watch Ewe condition
Type this into your browser; Sheep should be in pretty good condition this If you have already weaned make sure the ewes reach Score 3 to 4 by mating time. If you have not weaned (you are a late lamber) check the ewes at weaning. If some are below Score 3 they may be the best ewes - that Sheep Consultancy Service Pty Ltd
reared twins. These ewes can be drafted off and given the best stubbles leading up to


Empirical guidance on the management of infection in primary care in adults

Empirical Guidance on the Management of Infection in Primary Care in adults Aims ♦To provide a simple, best guess approach to the treatment of common infections. ♦To minimise the emergence of bacterial resistance in the community ♦ To promote the safe, effective and economic use of antibiotics Principles of treatment 1. This guidance is based on the best available evidence

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Telemedizinisches Monitoring und Training kognitiver Leistungen bei neurologischen monitoring and training for neurological Thomas MAIWALDa , Kathrin WAGNERb, Oliver EBERHARDTa, Matthias DÜMPELMANNb, David LIFFMANNa, Lars FRINGSb, Julie BLUMBERGa,b, and TIKANIS Software GmbH, Richard-Wagner-Str. 24, 79104 Freiburg b Epilepsiezentrum, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Breisacherstr. 63, 791

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