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2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships
Interstate Regatta
Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith, NSW
Monday, 7 March to Sunday, 13 March, 2005
DHL, global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, has made a major investment aimed at securing the future prosperity of Australian rowing, in becoming the naming rights sponsor for the upcoming 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships
Interstate Regatta
"DHL is all about delivering on time with speed and precision. As a team sport rowing seeks the same synergies. Arguably it demands the ultimate team performance and that's the kind of discipline and spirit we want to encourage among the youth of Australia." Quote - Gary Edstein, DHL Regional Director – Oceania, Media Launch, 20 January, 2005 WELCOME ABOARD DHL
2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta ONLY TWO WEEKS TO CLOSE OF ENTRIES
Entries close at 5.00 pm EDST on Monday, 14 February, 2005
NSW Registered Competitors – On Line via NSWRA Rowing Manager – now open
All Other Competitors – Paper Entry authorised by State Association
and delivered to NSW Rowing at PO Box 722, Glebe, 2037
accompanied by entry fees
Entry Fees = $40 (incl GST) per seat including coxswains
The payment of deposits has been waived for this regatta.
Please review the information contained in Bulletin 2 and the Supporting Information provided
regarding Australian Rowing Championships which may affect your entry before finalising your entry.
Your particular attention is drawn to changes made by RA Board on Friday, 28 January, 2005,
regarding substitutions and composite crews.
Changes made by RA Board in summary mean firstly, that members of a composite crew may come from any
club in any State Association provided that 50% of the crew is from the same club and no more than 3 clubs are represented; and secondly, a substitute in a crew may come from any club provided the 50% / 3 club rule remains in tact.
Order of Events and Summary of Events by Category – see
Entry Method: NSWRA registered competitors may enter through the NSWRA on-line entry system – now
open and ready to receive your entries.
All other entries must be made on the official entry form included with this Bulletin, batched together with an ENTRY PAYMENT AND SUMMARY FORM, including the appropriate entry fees and forwarded to your State Association for authorisation in sufficient time to reach the Organising Committee by the time and date for closing of entries. Entry Forms and Summary Forms may be downloaded from
Payment of entry fees should be made to your State Association who wil , in turn, forward all authorised entries together with one cheque to cover all entry fees. (No entry fee for Interstate events.) In completing entry forms, it is imperative that where age events are involved, the competitor’s DATE OF BIRTH is included in the form – NOT their age.
Club Name: Those Institutes and Academies placing entries on behalf of their competitors should note that
the competitor’s club name is required to be included in the form followed by the Institute name, e.g, NEPEAN/NSWIS. This naming protocol will be carried throughout the program/results/draw documents affording appropriate recognition.
Guidelines have been developed by RA to assist sporting clubs and associations when acquiring and displaying images of children and young people on web sites and in other publications. It is important that clubs, coaches, competitors and parents read these guidelines prior to the submission of entries. NSW Rowing has contracted experienced and reputable photographers to operate at this regatta. For details of the guidelines see 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta THE LATEST NEWS!
We have successful y negotiated with MASTERCARE to sponsor the big television screen for spectators
to view the finals stroke by stroke, from start to finish.
The Members Reserve seating area includes the area of the grandstand adjacent to the finish line and provides the best view of the final 150 metres of the course. The daily rate for entry to the Members Reserve ranges from $10.00 on Tuesday to $25.00 on Saturday and Sunday. A Members Reserve Gold Pass guarantees you a seat in the grandstand for the week - $75. A limited number of vehicle passes for parking on the Island are available to Members Reserve Gold Pass holders only at a cost of $50. AVAILABLE ONLY TO MEMBERS RESERVE GOLD PASS HOLDERS Please note: Grandstand seating will be for Members Reserve ticket holders only
(seats will not be reserved.)


General spectator parking will be on the south side of the course – shuttle buses will operate from car parks to the Island. We encourage you to pre-purchase your entry tickets and parking passes – save the hassle at the gate! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Complete the Ticket Order form attached to this Bul etin and return it to 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta THE LATEST NEWS!


The Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASDA) will likely conduct drug testing at this regatta. Competitors and coaches are urged to take note of the following extract of ASDA published requirements in respect of Banned Substances for Therapeutic Use and act accordingly in achieving exemptions for appropriate athletes.
“Banned Substances – Therapeutic Use – Standard Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process.
If an athlete suffers a medical condition that a doctor can only treat with a therapeutic substance, he or she must check whether the legitimate therapeutic use of the prohibited substance is permitted under the relevant National Federation’s (Rowing Australia) anti-doping policy. Before using any prohibited substances athletes must contact their National Federation to determine whether their sport’s anti-doping rules allow the use of prohibited substances for legitimate therapeutic purposes. If the relevant National Federation’s anti-doping policy has a provision for therapeutic use of prohibited substances the athlete must strictly adhere to the approval procedures. More information on the therapeutic use of prohibited substances and access to application forms can be found on the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC) website – .
Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemption (ATUE) The World Anti-Doping Code has set in place standard
procedures for ATUEs. Athletes who require the legitimate use of the substances below need to apply for an ATUE: an inhaled asthma medication (formoterol, salbutamol, salmeterol, terbutaline; a non-systemic glucocorticosteroid (anal, dermatological, aural, inhalation, intra-articular, nasal and opthalmological administration; glucocorticosteroids are contained in some anti-inflammatory preparations). Note that from a January 2005, glucocorticosteroids applied dermatological y (e.g skin Previously the ATUE process was cal ed a ‘medical notification’. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has designed an Abbreviated TUE form for athletes to complete prior to using an inhaled asthma medication or non-systemic glucocorticosteroid. Athletes should always check with their National Federation’s medical officer to ensure they are following the correct ATUE procedure. Abbreviated TUE forms that have been completed must be sent to (Rowing Australia – Adam Horner) NOT to ASDA or ASDMAC. If an athlete is unsure of what process they must follow they can call the ASDA Hotline (1800 020 506) for further advice.
Bicycles and Helmets: ALL cyclists are required to wear a safety helmet whilst cycling in any location at the
Sydney International Regatta Centre.
Coaches wishing to follow races will do so on the NORTHERN side of the course only, travelling in a clockwise
fashion from 100m above the start to the barrier located 200m from the finish along the “low road” and
returning to the start on the “high road”. NO BICYCLES WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE 200 METRE FINISH AREA or on the southern bank.
No Bare Feet: Please ensure you wear some form of foot covering when walking around the venue.

Beat the Heat: Be mindful of the old adage “prevention is better than cure”. Refer to information on NSW
2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta BOATS AND EQUIPMENT
Please be assured that all equipment will be checked to ensure it meets the requirements of Rule 8.3 particularly
in respect of bow bal s and shoes being appropriately tied down. The Rules will be enforced rigidly.

You are reminded that all boats will be weighed with the fittings essential to their use, in particular with riggers, stretchers and slides but without oars or sound amplification equipment and loudspeakers. Boats not meeting the safety requirements will not be weighed. Please refer to Rules 8.3 and 4.11.2. Boat weighing will commence from 8.00 am on Saturday, 5th March.
Competitors in the regatta will have access to the course and its facilities for training from 8.00 am on Thursday,
3 March. Competitors requiring access to the course prior to this time should make arrangements with Venue Management on 02 4730 6790. There is a cost of $6.60 per person per day payable to the Venue Management.
Triathlon Event – Saturday, 5 March at 5.00 pm:
We have been advised by Venue Management of a
triathlon which will be conducted on Saturday evening, 5 March commencing at 5.00 pm. Competitors wishing to train during that time are required to take great care negotiating roadways and pathways and accept the direction of Venue staff at all times. The competition and warm-up lake will remain available during the event but cycle tracks may not be available for coaching. For further information contact Venue Management on 02 4730 6790.
Nominees for selection in an Australian Rowing Team should carefully read the Rowing Australia Inc Australian National Rowing Team Selection Policy – available on the RA website – and adhere to the requirements of that document.
Competitors in Events 1 to 14 may race in their respective Institute/Academy racing uniform. FOR ALL OTHER NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS all competitors must wear the registered colours/racing uniform of their club or school.
All passes can be collected by Team Managers from the Accreditation Centre between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm each day from Saturday, 5 March. The Accreditation Centre will be located in the building immediately on the left of Gate A. Team Managers should identify themselves to the attendants at the Gate, park outside the building or as directed by the Gate Attendants and proceed to the Centre.
At least two doctors will be in attendance throughout the regatta and paramedic services will be provided by
Ambulance Australia. Contact details of doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs and other medical services will be included in Team Manager Information packs.
Three briefings in all will be conducted. Competitors, including coxswains, coaches and team managers are
Sunday, 6 March at 3.30 pm in the Grandstand – all events Thursday, 10 March at 5.30 pm in the Grandstand – school events Friday, 11 March at 7.30 am in the boat park – school events 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta

Rowing Australia has expanded the rules regarding Weather and Fairness and the processes to be followed in
certain circumstances. In essence, the Weather and Fairness Committee comprises the members of the Jury, the Competition Manager and in the case of Selection Events, the Chairman of the Athletes’ Commission.
We have had requests for the loan/hire of boats for the regatta. In particular – so far – we have crews looking for a coxed quad for the U17 4x+, a double scull and a single scul . If you can help, or if you are needy, we’ll try to marry you up – but please try to make direct contact with Sydney clubs if possible. We’ll happily provide contact names and numbers. If you are looking for an extra row – let’s know and we’l put your name on an Orphans List in case someone is desperate for a substitute. REMINDERS
MEMBER PROTECTION DECLARATIONS: The NSW Government has introduced legislation for the
safety, welfare and wel being of children in our State. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of all persons who
have direct contact with children where that contact is not directly supervised to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration. The specific details and required form are downloadable from
CODE OF CONDUCT: Every competitor entering the 2005 Australian Rowing Championships and
Interstate Regatta is bound to abide by the Rules and Laws of Boat Racing of Rowing Australia and in particular, its Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ THIS BULLETIN IN CONJUNCTION WITH PREVIOUS
Event Co-ordinator – Margaret Mackenzie
Tel/Fax: 02 4987 7900
Mobile: 0417 089 619
Organising Committee
2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta AUSTRALIAN ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS
Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith, NSW
Monday, 7th March to Sunday, 13th March, 2005
Credit Card Number: / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 2005 DHL Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta

Source: http://www.rowingnsw.asn.au/regattas/04-05/nationals/05_Nationals_Bulletin_3.pdf


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