La Busana (right side): David Uriel Hasson & Rivca Galante Alberto & Jaco Levy family Cohen family Menashe family (Grandmother of Fortune Soriano) Chilibee Turiel (daughter: Lea—Brussels--grandfather of Fortune & Bella Soriano) Dr. Mercado Hasson (lived upstairs & had medical clinic downstairs) Allegra Alhadeff (upstairs) (teacher of embroidery & French) Moshe Alhadeff children: Ner & Virginia Joseph Avzaradel -– wife: Regina Treves (children: Alesandro, Elia, Alberto, Stella, & Allegra) La Busana (left side): Behor Amato – wife: Lea Moshe Amato – wife: Simha Sharhon (tall son Yitzhak (―John‖) moved to France) Hezkia Franco (President of the Jewish Community) Marco Shemaria (destroyed by bombings, now a vacant lot), son: Yakov, daughter: Laura, survivor Calle de la Talmud Torah (right side): David Benun & Behora Franco Community coffins in room across from the ―genisa‖ Mussani Tarica (upstairs) -- wife Ester (short) (son & 2 daughters) Calle de la Talmud Torah (left side): Talmud Torah (later community oven) Cordoval family (travel agent) ―Genisa‖ room where old & damaged books kept until buried (located across from the community coffins) Cadranel family (dress maker) Raul Benveniste Sharhon (worked for the Alhadeff business) El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (left side): Bohor Russo Shimon Menashe?? Nissim Benun -- wife: Camprada Cadranel (of Milas) Yacov Huniu (―carosero‖) wife: Rebecca Algranti (daughter in Israel) Avram Palombo –wife: Lea Franco, 10 children: Behora, Moshe, Ezra, Jacob, Leon, Matilda, Rachel, Regina & Rahamim Jacob Algranti & Rachel Alhadeff Shimon Menashe (children: Eduardo, Joe, Edmond) (moved to Israel) (his 2nd marriage was to Julia from Izmir) Alibamia street entry: Moshe Menashe (tailor, married twice) (children: David, Marie & Chilibee) Yacov Shemaria -- wife: Flor Shemaria; children: Moshe, Abramo (& Amelie died April ’44 bombing) Miriam Sidis Nahmias Abner Notrica (wife: Marie, children: Risula) Bohor ―Kasap‖ Hasson ―Agapite‖ Benveniste (son: ―Haimach‖ died in 1944 bombing) Levy orphans Sarah & Estrella Capeluto & later: de Leon families (daughter: Stella) Yitzhak Alhadeff (wife: Miriam Shemaria) Sarota Shaul Solomon ―Mavro‖ Alhadeff Chilibon Menashe (he was a tailor, wife: Lea Menashe, children: David, Marie & Chilibee) El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (side street): Davidchon Alhadeff (wife: Sol Leon & 6 children) Yitzhak Amato (upstairs) daughters: Sarah, Lea, Rebecca Samuel Capeluto (had notions shop in business square) wife: Mazaltov & 2 daughters Diamante, Perla Levy? Yacov Halfon (wife: Estrella) Arugetti (upstairs)(married Alhadeff) Maslia Hasson Yosef Sharhon (Lucia, Selma & Matica) (Sylvia & Sophia?) Joseph Cohen family El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (right side): Nissim Hasson –- wife: Rachel Hasson (6 children: Natan, Amelie, Bellina, Haim, Fortunee Fani) Solomon Pihas & Sarina Benun Bohor Alhadeff -- wife: Mazaltov Mizrahi (had tavern in Calle Ancha) (5 daughters & 2 sons) Maslia Notrica (upstairs) & Rosa Franco (daughter: Sara Jerusalmi) Morris Soriano wife: Rachel Soriano Giuseppo Alcana – wife: Miriam (or Marie) (had a son and daughter) Rahamim Galante (upstairs) – wife: Lea Hasson, (Baruch, Diana moved to Portland) Avraham Alcana (downstairs) – wife: Yoshevet Notrica (children: Miriam, Josef, Nissim. Daughter, Miru moved to L.A.) Bohor Israel Hasson (―de Megre‖) wife: Rachel Levy (children: Joseph, Yakir, Morris, Samuel, Luna & Matilda) Selim Mizrahi (from Anatalia) Rafael Capeluto Mussani Alhadeff (upstairs) worked at Alhadeff dept. store with fabrics. Sons: Alejandro, Ruben (L.A. after War), (& Felipo died April ’44 bombing). Yahiel Alhadeff (wife: Mazaltov) El Datilar (Dimosthenous Street at the corner of Perikleos Street): Isaac Cohen wife: Rizula Cohen (children: Eliachon, Eliakim, Desiree, Victor, Jamila) Giuseppo Alcana (goal keeper) Bension Levy –- wife: Reina Fereira (children: Fortunee…) Destroyed street (park where Holocaust memorial is now): Benveniste produce stand Italian photographer Natan Hasson (wife: Sarina Levy) (nicknamed: ―Bilizik‖) David Capeluto (upstairs) (made bauls) (son: Victor) Nissim Israel (a haham) (son moved to Los Angeles)

Source: http://www.rhodesjewishmuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/List-of-families-around-Kehila-Shalom2.pdf

Section 15100 - mechanical general equipment

SECTION 23 01 00 - MECHANICAL GENERAL EQUIPMENT Flashing and Sealing Equipment and Pipe Stacks ASME - B40.1 - Gages - Pressure Indicating Dial Type - Elastic Element. ASTM E1 - Specification for ASTM Thermometers. ASTM E77 - Verification and Calibration of Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers. ASTM F708 - Design and Installation of Rigid Pipe Hangers. MSS SP58 - Pipe Hangers and Supports - Materials

Drugs 61: 631-638, no. 5, 200

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