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4402 Churchman Ave, Suite 408, Louisville, KY 40215 Colyte Preparation Instructions
Please follow the following instructions one day prior to examination.
1. Prepare the colon prep by filling the gallon jug to the fill line with tap water, shake well, and set on the counter. Do not refrigerate.
2. That morning, stay on clear liquids. Do not eat any solid food all day. Avoid Corn, and salads for 2 days 3. Drink only clear liquids until 12 midnight. If you can see through it, you can have it. 7-UP, ginger ale,
Jell-O, apple juice, Gatorade, bouillon, flavored ice (Popsicles), tea (hot or cold), Kool-Aid, strained
broths are all ok. Although colas and black coffee are not see-through, you may have them as well. Do
not eat or drink any thing red.

4. At, 2 PM, take 4 laxative tablets.
5. About 2-3 PM, begin drinking the colon prep. Drink the first half-gallon over next 2-3 hours (about 8 ounces every 20-30 minutes). Take a break for 2 hours and then drink another half-gallon in next 2-3 hours. If there is excessive nausea or any vomiting, slow down, take a break for 30-60 minutes before drinking the rest of the prep. You can take phenergan tablets as recommended also.
6. Take nothing by mouth after midnight the night before the procedure. You may take your regular
medications with small sips of water at their usual times. Patients on insulin should take only half of their normal dosage.
On the day of procedure:
7. At 6.00 AM, Drink a 10 oz bottle of magnesium citrate with 20 ounces of yellow Gatorade.
8. Do not drink or eat anything until the procedure is finished.
Very Important:
Stop taking aspirin, coumadin, plavix, persantin or any other blood thinning products one week prior to the
exam date. These medications can be resumed after the examination unless otherwise advised after the
Notify us if for any reason you are unable to drink the colon prep solution. A clean colon is essential for this exam to be done. You can call 509 5088, 24 hours to reach us.
You must have someone available to drive you home since you will be given one or more sedatives for the procedure and will be unable to drive for the day.
Wear comfortable clothing that you can get in and out of easily.
Please call our office at 502 509 5088 between 8.30 AM and 4.30 PM Monday to Friday if you have any additional questions.
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What to expect?
4402 Churchman Ave, Suite 408, Louisville, KY 40215Ph. 502 509 5088 Fx. 502 365 5331 Who Gets a Colonoscopy?
Over a million colonoscopies are performed every year in the United States. Most of them are on people
fifty or older to screen for colon cancer. Over eighty percent of the time, the results are normal. When
something abnormal is found, nine out of ten times, it is not due to cancer.
What do you do before a Colonoscopy?
The day before your exam, you will be asked to take laxatives to clean out your colon. You can expect a lot
of loose, frequent stools, so you should drink plenty of clear liquids to avoid becoming dehydrated.
What does the Colonoscopy procedure involve?
You will be asked to lie on your left side with your knees drawn up towards your abdomen. Pain
medications and sedatives are given intravenously to help keep you comfortable and they may cause you to
sleep or forget portions of the procedure.
The doctor inserts a long, flexible, lighted scope into your rectum and inflates your colon.
You may feel mild cramping, the urge to pass gas or the urge go to the bathroom, but this is all normal.
The doctor carefully examines video images captured by the scope as it glides through your colon. You may be asked to change positions so the doctor can get a better view of a particular area. The doctor will remove any polyps or other potential abnormalities using tiny tools passed through the scope. You should not feel any discomfort when this happens. The doctor will then withdraw the scope slowly allowing time for any extra air to escape. The whole procedure typically takes less than an hour.
What happens after a Colonoscopy procedure?
A nurse takes you to a recovery room to wait until the sedative wears off. Most people can go home an hour
or two after that.
You may experience mild cramping for up to an hour and feel groggy for the rest of the day, but you should be able return to your normal activities by the following morning.
Any polyps or other potential abnormalities removed during the test will be sent to the lab for testing. When do I get the Colonoscopy results?
If the procedure is entirely normal, we can give you results same day. If on the other hand, some biopsies are taken or polyps are removed, pathology reports are usually available within a week.
If you do have pre-cancerous polyps or growths, having a colonoscopy may be the first step in preventing colon cancer and saving your life. Just remember that 98 percent of the time, a colonoscopy will either show everything to be normal or identify pre-cancerous growths that can be removed.
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4402 Churchman Ave, Suite 408, Louisville, KY 40215 Phone 502 5095088 Fax 502 365 5331

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