Anticoagulation Clinic
Learning Experience Description
Anticoagulation Clinic
Anticoagulation Clinic is a required, four week, rotational
learning experience. Residents will participate on a team
consisting of nurses and pharmacists; and collaborate with
physicians and mid level providers when therapy decisions
require additional support from the patient's primary care
provider. Activities will occur primarily in the Mayo Clinic Health
System-Eau Claire Anticoagulation Service at the Midelfort
Building West.

Orientation to the Anticoagulation Department will include:
Developing competency in use of the Cerner Electronic
Medical Record program Power Chart

Developing competency in the use of the clinic database
program Standing Stone CoagClinic

Developing and demonstrating competency in blood
sample collection and processing using fingerstick
lancets, point of care (POC) cartridges, and POC analyzer.

Review of pharmacology of warfarin, heparin, low
molecular weight heparin (LMWH).

Use of dosing protocols for warfarin and LMWH.
Reviewing current medications with patient for
completeness and accuracy and potential warfarin-drug

Interviewing patient to assess compliance with medication
therapy and dietary recommendations, signs and
symptoms of drug related toxicities.

Teaching and reinforcing patients about anticoagulant
administration, monitoring for side effects, potential
medication and dietary interactions, appropriate actions
for suspected toxicity.

Appropriate documentation of clinical activities in EMR
and Standing Stone

Appropriate generation of anticoagulant prescriptions per
protocol and transmittal to pharmacies

Appropriate communication of clinical information and
orders to other health care providers or agencies (i.e.
nursing homes, home health care organizations, remote
testing facilities)

Referral to other health care providers for problems
encountered during patient interactions beyond your

Anticoagulation Clinic -- Learning Experience Description scope of practice
PGY1 - Pharmacy
Dave Zehms
3.0 Weeks
Snapshot Evaluation Form
3.0 Weeks
Snapshot (Use effective communication practices when documenting
a direct patient-care activity.)

4.0 Weeks
Learning Experience Evaluation
4.0 Weeks
Preceptor Evaluation
4.0 Weeks
Summative Evaluation
R1.4: Demonstrate ownership of and responsibility for the welfare of the patient by performing all necessary aspects of the medication-use system.
R2.1: As appropriate, establish collaborative professional relationships with members of the health care team.
R2.2: Place practice priority on the delivery of patient-centered care to patients.
R2.3: As appropriate, establish collaborative professional pharmacist-patient relationships.
R2.4: Collect and analyze patient information.
R2.5: When necessary, make and follow up on patient referrals.
R2.6: Design evidence-based therapeutic regimens.
R2.7: Design evidence-based monitoring plans.
R2.8: Recommend or communicate regimens and monitoring plans.
R2.9: Implement regimens and monitoring plans.
R2.10: Evaluate patients’ progress and redesign regimens and monitoring plans.
R2.11: Communicate ongoing patient information.
R2.12: Document direct patient care activities appropriately.
R5.1: Provide effective medication and practice-related education, training, or counseling to patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and the public.
R6.1: Use information technology to make decisions and reduce error.

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