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Product Data Sheet
Curing Agents
Butanox M-50
Product description
Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, solution in dimethyl phthalate Specifications
Due to the relatively unstable nature of organic peroxides a loss of qualitycan be detected over a period of time. To minimize the loss of quality,Akzo Nobel recommends a maximum storage temperature (Ts max.) foreach organic peroxide.
When stored under the recommended storage conditions, Butanox M-50will remain within the Akzo Nobel specifications for a period of at leastthree months after delivery.
Thermal stability
Organic peroxides are thermally unstable substances, which may undergoself-accelerating decomposition. The lowest temperature at which self-accelerating decomposition of a substance in the original packaging mayoccur is the Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT). TheSADT is determined on the basis of the Heat Accumulation Storage Test.
Emergency temperature (Tem) : 55°CNo control temperature (Tc) required The Heat Accumulation Storage Test is a recognized test method for the determination of theSADT of organic peroxides (see Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods,Manual of Tests and Criteria - United Nations, New York and Geneva).
Major decomposition
Carbon dioxide, Water, Acetic acid, Formic acid, Propanoic acid, Methyl products
Packaging and
The standard packaging is a 30 l Nourytainer for 30 kg peroxide solution.
Both packaging and transport meet the international regulations. For theavailability of other packed quantities contact your Akzo Nobelrepresentative.
Butanox M-50 is classified as Organic peroxide type D; liquid; Division 5.2;UN 3105; PG II.
Safety and handling
Keep containers tightly closed. Store and handle Butanox M-50 in a drywell-ventilated place away from sources of heat or ignition and directsunlight. Never weigh out in the storage room.
Avoid contact with reducing agents (e.g. amines), acids, alkalis and heavymetal compounds (e.g. accelerators, driers and metal soaps).
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for furtherinformation on the safe storage, use and handling of Butanox M-50. Thisinformation should be thoroughly reviewed prior to acceptance of thisproduct.
The MSDS is available at
Butanox M-50 is a general purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP)for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins in the presence of a cobaltaccelerator at room and elevated temperatures.
The curing system Butanox M-50/cobalt accelerator is particularly suitablefor the curing of gelcoat resins, laminating resins, lacquers and castings;moreover the manufacture of light resistant parts may be possible contraryto the curing system benzoyl peroxide/amine accelerator.
Practical experience throughout many years has proven that by theguaranteed low water content and the absence of polar compounds inButanox M-50, this peroxide is very suitable in GRP products for e.g.
marine applications.
For room temperature application it is necessary to use Butanox M-50together with a cobalt accelerator (e.g. Accelerator NL-49P).
Depending on working conditions, the following peroxide and acceleratordosage levels are recommended: In a high reactive standard orthophthalic resin in combination withAccelerator NL-49P (= 1% cobalt) the following application characteristicswere determined: Gel times at 20°C
2 phr Butanox M-50 + 0.5 phr Accelerator NL-49P 2 phr Butanox M-50 + 1.0 phr Accelerator NL-49P Cure of 1 mm pure resin layer at 20°C
The speed of cure is expressed as the time to reach a Persoz hardness ofrespectively 30, 60 and 120 s.
2 phr Butanox M-50 + 0.5 phr Accelerator NL-49P 2 phr Butanox M-50 + 1.0 phr Accelerator NL-49P Cure of 4 mm laminates at 20°C
4 mm laminates have been made with a 450 g/m2 glass chopped strandmat. The glass content in the laminates is 30% (w/w).
The following parameters were determined:- Speed of cure expressed as the time to achieve a Barcol hardness(934-1) of 0-5 and 25-30 respectively.
Residual styrene content after 24 h at 20°C and a subsequentpostcure of 8 h at 80°C.
2 phr Butanox M-50 + 0.5 phr Accelerator NL-49P 2 phr Butanox M-50 + 1.0 phr Accelerator NL-49P 2 phr Butanox M-50 + 0.5 phr Accelerator NL-49P 2 phr Butanox M-50 + 1.0 phr Accelerator NL-49P Pot life at 20°C
Pot lives were determined of a mixture of Butanox M-50 and a non-preaccelerated UP resin at 20°C.
Butanox M-50 is miscible with phthalates and slighthly miscible with water.
Butanox M-50 is available in the colors blue, yellow-A, red-YM andred-YM 1/6.
Butanox and Nourytainer are registered trademarks of Akzo Nobel Chemicals BV or affiliates.
All information concerning this product and/or suggestions for handling and use contained herein are offered in good faith and are believed to be reliable. Akzo Nobel PolymerChemicals, however, makes no warranty as to accuracy and/or sufficiency of such information and/or suggestions, as to the product's merchantability or fitness for anyparticular purpose, or that any suggested use will not infringe any patent. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or extending any license under any patent.
Buyer must determine for himself, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of this product for his purposes. The information contained herein supersedes all previouslyissued bulletins on the subject matter covered. The user may forward, distribute, and/or photocopy this document only if unaltered and complete, including all of its headers andfooters, and should refrain from any unauthorized use. You may not copy this document to a website.


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