P L A Q U E X® IV Information for Physicians
Plaquex® is an essential phospholipid formula containing polyenylphosphatidylcholine given as a series of infusions to clear clogged arteries. Plaquex®

General Information
1. The most important effect of Plaquex® is its remarkable ability to reduce deposits of Plaque (soft and hard) in the blood vessels. Mode of Action &
2. Clinical studies done in the past 50 years show an improved lipid profile, reduction of plaque, improved liver function and improved Preparations
before and after
3. Empirical experience also show improved the treatment
mental function, kidney function and younger How is Plaquex®
Plaquex® intravenously by infusion in D5W
5. It is often used in tandem with chelation Financial benefits
treatments as only chelation can remove heavy metals, that are also found in plaque. Ordering Information
There are few side effects. Occasionally, AFTER THE PROGRAM
patients with severe case of arterio-athero- sclerosis can initially experience diarrhea membranes and healthy receptor function, 1. Before the first Plaquex® treatment is given, normalizing the lipid exchange. It raises HDL, lowers LDL, VLDL and Triglycerides. be temporarily elevated. They will return 2. A general check-up and history including WHY IS PLAQUEX® BETTER THAN
treatment, it is highly recommended that Plaquex® is made with raw ingredients that 4. Health supplements such as Antioxidants, 1—2 treatments per month in addition to contain at least 90% PC. Other products are basic elemental minerals and multivitamins supplementing with Plaquex® Oral
made with low grade PC ingredients (35 –60%) are an important part of a health program. gelcaps.
leading to the dissociation of deoxycholic acid. This can cause hemolysis leading to kidney 5. An evaluation of the blood vessels with the FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS
As Plaquex® infusions only last 90 minutes in contrast to chelation, that takes much INDICATIONS
longer, double the amount of treatments can be done per day, increasing your revenue per improvement in patients with reduced blood HOW IS PLAQUEX® ADMINISTERED
flow to the brain, heart and other vital organs ORDERING INFORMATION
such as the kidney and the extremities. It re- duces plaque of all major and minor blood vessels such as the carotid arteries, the It is administered by infusion with a venous To order the original compounded Plaquex®, coronaries and the peripheral arteries of the contact the exclusive compounding pharmacy AnazaoHealth® Corp. at 1 800 723 7455.
suggested. Severe cases of heart disease 2. It improves liver and kidney function as well (By- pass and Angioplasty candidates) may require up to 45 treatments with Plaquex® Biorica International Corp. at or fax to 305 361 8322.
3. It‘s a prophylaxis and treatment for fatty



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