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Leukotriene Inhibitors
Please Fax Form to: 419-887-2028
Physician/Providers Inquiry only: 419-887-2520, Option 2 then Option 1

: ____________________________________________ Date of Request: ________________
Paramount Member ID Number: _________________________________ DOB: __________________________
NAME: ______________________________SIGNATURE: ______________________________
Provider Address: ________________________________________ Paramount Provider ID:_______________
Phone: _____________________ Fax: _______________________ Contact Name: _____________________

Paramount Member is enrolled in: □Elite/ Medicare Part D

Enhanced Part D
Singulair®, Zafirlukast, Accolate®(brand) Elite®
Standard Part D
 *Over-the-Counter (OTC) products are covered with a prescription written by a licensed prescriber.
Cetirizine OTC (formerly branded Zyrtec®) and loratadine OTC (formerly branded Claritin®) are covered
under the pharmacy benefit at a zero-dollar ($0) copay if written as a prescription and filled through the
Prior Authorization Request for a Leukotriene Inhibitor for which step therapy has not been met:
» Drug/Dosage/Frequency Requested: __________________________________ «
» Diagnosis: __________________________________ « Drug, Dose, Frequency Dates Intolerance, Lack of Efficacy or Adverse Reaction Sample?
_______________________ ___________ _________________________________________
_______________________ ___________ _________________________________________
Yes No
If step therapy has been met but is not reflected in the member’s current pharmacy profile, please provide information drug, dose, frequency and dates of utilization. This form is available at: >> Prescription Drug Program >> Prior Authorization Forms

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Clin Chem Lab Med 2006;44(1):110–120 ᮊ 2006 by Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York. DOI 10.1515/CCLM.2006.021 2006/397 EC4 European Syllabus for Post-Graduate Training in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: version 3 – 2005 Simone Zerah1,*, Janet McMurray2, Bernard 18 Laboratoire National, Luxembourg, Luxembourg Bousquet3, Hannsjorg Baum4, Graham H. 19 Department

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