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Risk Management Planning Form – Abseiling Activity Managing Risks and Critical Incidents in Outdoor Programs: Tasmanian Outdoor Leadership Council Risk Management Planning Form – Abseiling Activity
(To be completed by Instructor/Assessor prior to commencement of activity. Copies for leaders/instructors 24hr contact, file) Monday 5th April 2004. Start time: 8:00am. Expect to be back at the car park on the same day at 4:30pm. Location (see Site Plan): Moses Rock Crag, off Moses Rock Road, north of Margaret River. Instructors/guides: Lead instructor – Brett Huntly, Guide – James Dornan Necessary staff skills: 1. Both staff members to be currently registered with Outdoors WA as a least a Single Pitch Abseiling Guide/Instructor. 2. Lead instructor to have at least 5 years experience in leading abseiling programs with significant experience in rigging on natural anchors. 3. Guide to have at least 1 years experience in at least assisting with abseiling programs or preferably some experience in leading. 4. Lead instructor to have at least current Wilderness First Aid qualification and guide to have at least current Senior First Aid. 5. Both staff to have completed in service training in the last 3 years including rigging multi-point, equalised anchor systems on natural anchors, 6. Both staff to have experience in working with groups of students 7. At least one staff member and preferably both to have a current drivers licence and drive regularly. Aims of the activity: This activity is an introduction to abseiling skills session. Students are expected to learn: • Good abseil technique on natural surfaces • Correct communication procedures for abseiling activities • An understanding of the safety aspects of roping activities • An understanding of abseiling equipment such as harnesses, descenders, karabiners, and helmets. Students are also hoped to have a challenging and fun experience that helps them to better understand themselves and the other group members. Experience of participants: All students are novices. Staff have taken part in one or two similar programs before. Medical conditions of participants (summary of significant medical conditions from Medical Information Forms): One student has exercise-induced asthma and has an asthma management plan. She is carrying her own ventolin. One staff member has a slightly sprained ankle from yesterday that has been strapped. Medications: Ventolin. Risk Management Planning Form – Abseiling Activity Managing Risks and Critical Incidents in Outdoor Programs: Tasmanian Outdoor Leadership Council Risks (List the possible events where an accident, injury or loss could
1. _Walking to/from the car park to/from the site – slipping, stumbling 5. _Rock fall resulting in injury/death to persons at bottom of pitch 2. _Walking to/from the car park– snake bite, insect bite 6. _Gear failure resulting in injury/death to participant 3. _Falling from the access track to/from the top/bottom of the site 7. _Participants washed off the rocks near the ocean 4. _Hair or clothing jam in the descender mid pitch 8. _________________________________________
Dangers/Real Risks
Risk Management Strategies
List the factors that could lead to the risk eventuating What will you do to reduce the real risks • Check medical forms and make changes as required. • Unfit, uncoordinated, injured or careless participants being • Brief the participants carefully. Re-check any new injuries injured while getting to/from the site and to/from the or issues that may affect a participant’s ability to travel well over uneven ground. Consider allocating a staff member/ teacher to assist any participants in difficulty. Ensure that the correct route up/down the access is used. • Novice students experiencing so much fear that that fail to • All abseilers will be belayed by an instructor/guide on a top apply the correct abseil technique and slip, let go or fall line belay system attached to their harness. A demonstration of correct abseil technique will be performed including what to do in case of incident. • All equipment will be within the age specified by the Equipment
manufacturer. All roping equipment will be checked by sight and feel by OD staff prior to the activity. Multi-point, Brief the participants carefully. Issue hair ties if necessary. Check for loose hair or clothing on each abseiler while dispatching. • Brief participants carefully. Cover the impact zone, correct call and get them to practise it. Enforce wearing helmets Environment
at all times. If site is too dangerous, abandon activity. • Participant gets washed off the rocks • Brief participants carefully. Provide clear boundaries. Allocate a teacher to monitor location of the students at all times. If swell is too large, abandon the activity. • Brief participants carefully. Have first aid kit handy. Check


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