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Oregon Festival Choirs is a non-profit organization with activities funded through membership tuition fees, concert revenues, fund-raising projects, and contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and public agencies. In many ways, the musical training choir members receive can be compared to the benefits of private music lessons. While rates of local teachers vary considerably, a 45 minute weekly music lesson by a teacher with good credentials would easily exceed $1000 per year. The total cost of OFC participation (including tuition/tour/season tickets/ uniform) for PRELUDE & INTERMEZZO is about half of that amount, averaging $15 per week for the school year. For FIERO, LYRICA, ARIA AND EXIT 194 members, the total cost ranges from $800 to $1100 per year, depending on the tour component for that year. Of course the difference is that in addition to weekly rehearsals of 15 to 75 minutes more instruction than private lessons, choristers gets performance and tour opportunities throughout the year and the chance to participate in a world-class international music festival. Add the social and character building benefits of OFC, and it’s clear that choir membership is a great investment. Insuring access for every interested family is a high priority for OFC. Scholarship aid is also
available on a limited basis to assist qualifying families with choir tuition.
The following table is an overview of OFC expenses.
$50 (Includes t-shirt and Each
formal uniform rental. re
Does not include black sel
shoes and any asseccories) $66 i
EXIT 194/
$200 (E) $50 ( Details TBA.)
$50 (Includes t-shirt and Participation
optional. Details in
Enrollment at OFC is for the season that begins in September and concludes with the final
activity in late Spring/early Summer. (January admission allows for mid-season enrollment.) Every chorister is expected to remain active and committed to the program for the entire season, which includes participation in tour. (See Tour Participation earlier in this booklet.) As with
many choirs, OFC makes budgetary decisions according to enrollment numbers. For this reason, OFC cannot refund choir tuition for choristers who do not fulfill their season commitment.
Tuition is due at the time of registration. There are several options for payment: Pay in full by cash, check or credit/debit card. (Make checks payable to Oregon Festival
Choirs or OFC.)
Make payments in three installments with credit/debit card (automatically deducted) or To request a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Request Form. (The completed
form with required documents must be submitted with the request at the time of registration.)
Scholarships are granted on an as needed basis according to funds the choir has available. A
minimum payment is due at registration. Refer to your Payment Form to calculate this amount. (If financial circumstances require alternate arrangements, please call Financial
Coordinator Krissie McBride – 465-4990 or email:
Each year Oregon Festival Choirs will have a concert tour component in the spring or summer.
Touring provides many benefits for the choir member and the organization as a whole. Choristers are able to test their developing skills of personal responsibility, confidence, poise, problem solving, and facing new challenges. But even more exciting is the opportunity to share the joy of music-making with new audiences, collaborate with choirs in other communities, and the fun of Cost of tour is based on the following items: The touring goal is to provide every choir member with a lasting and positive performing and educational experience. Tour budgets are based on participation by all members. As stated in Program and Policies section of this booklet, all choristers are expected to participate in tour. It
is the responsibility of the chorister’s family to ensure that the financial commitment for tour is met. Parents who anticipate potential problems meeting financial obligations should contact the choir office well in advance of tour dates regarding procedure for fundraising. UNIFORMS
Uniforms for Oregon Festival Choir members are leased for the season for $40. By maintaining a
choir wardrobe and leasing them to choristers, OFC is able to keep the costs down as well as exchange for new size to accommodate chorister growth during the season. Chorister family assumes replacement cost for any lost or damaged uniform components. An additional $10 pays for the rehearsal t-shirt which becomes the property of the chorister.
Each chorister is issued Formal (1), Assembly (2), and Informal (3) uniforms as described in the table below. Other items and accessories to be purchased by the choir member are also identified. UNIFORMS
BOYCHOIRS Rental items

Purchase items
Tuxedo pants
(1) Formal
Tux shirt and bow tie (Prelude/Intermezzo)
Black dress shoes
White dress shirt and neck tie (Fiero)
Black socks
(2) Assembly
OFC polo (distributed when needed)
Black dress shoes
Black socks
(3) Informal
OFC rehearsal t-shirt
Blue jeans or pants w/
GIRLCHOIRS Rental items
Purchase items
1) Formal
Gaucho Pants / White top / Scarf (Lyrica)
Black dress shoes*
Black skirt / Tuxedo shirt/ bow tie (Prelude/Intermezzo) Black nylons (Prelude
and Intermezzo)
not tights
(2) Assembly
OFC polo (distributed when needed)
Black dress shoes*
(3) Informal
OFC rehearsal t-shirt
Blue jeans or pants
EXIT 194 & ARIA uniforms TBA.
Uniform items may be exchanged for size change during season, provided returned uniform items are in excellent condition. The replacement cost of any damaged or lost item will be billed to the chorister’s account. When returning uniforms at end of season, please follow cleaning For more information on uniforms, call the OFC office or email the Wardrobe Coordinator. (See Staff Directory earlier in this booklet.) UNIFORM CARE
Your uniform is property of Oregon Festival Choirs. It is to be used for OFC performances only
and should not be worn for any non-choir occasions. When wearing your uniform, you are identified as a member of the choir. The moment you put on your uniform, whether at home or at a concert site, think of yourself as stepping onto the stage until you are back home and in your Remember that you are responsible for the appearance and long life of your uniform. Avoid eating meals in uniform before or after performances. Always keep uniform in garment bag on a When cleaning is necessary, please follow the instructions below.
Tuxedo/Dress shirt: Wash warm, dry warm, hang immediately.
If necessary, touch up with medium iron.
Tuxedo pants: Dry clean only.
Skirt (Prelude/Intermezzo): Dry clean only. Cool iron.
Tuxedo shirt (Prelude/Intermezzo): Wash warm, dry warm, hang immediately.
If necessary, touch up with medium iron.
Pants and top (Lyrica): Machine wash and dry
Polo shirt: Machine wash warm, dry warm, hang immediately. If necessary, touch up with
TOURS – Spring 2012
Spring / Summer Tour details for 2012 are developed by the Parent Action Council. Tentative dates for tours are listed in the Season Calendar. Fund-raising materials will be available to all choir families later in the Fall. Watch for announcements. Fiero and Lyrica will tour to Seattle. Cost is approximately $250. EXIT 194 will tour in state. Cost is approximately $200.
ARIA will tour south to Ashland. Cost is approximately $200.
Intermezzo will tour in town and then overnight to Portland. Cost approximately $125.
Prelude will tour in town for one day. Cost approximately $75.


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