Parrot MINIKIT Smart
Get more out of your Smartphone
The Parrot MINIKIT Smart
is a Bluetooth hands-free kit featuring a
Smartphone holder. It can be attached to the windshield or dashboard,
enabling you to access the navigation and Smartphone features while
keeping your hands on the wheel at all times. You can use the MINIKIT
Smart to recharge your Smartphone via a USB socket port. Its numerous
metal components and chrome finishes combine robustness and
elegance. The Parrot MINIKIT Smart can easily switch from portrait to
landscape mode to suit any configuration. Using a Smartphone’s hands-
free and navigation features in your car is now as easy as ever.
Making calls couldn’t be easier
Find your way every time
A completely versatile solution
The Parrot MINIKIT Smart was designed MINIKIT Smart, it synchronizes its the MINIKIT Smart, it is automatically connected via Bluetooth. The verbal The entries in your MINIKIT Smart wide, while its suction foot ensures that it can be attached absolutely securely to with an intuitive user interface featuring button. Its integrated lithium-ion battery and the MINIKIT Smart starts dialing Last but not least, it is 100% Bluetooth * This function depends on the Smartphone used. “mobile”, “work” or “home”.
Smartphones and Bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth hands-free charging
holder for Smartphones
for Smartphone
for iPhone
Wireless technology
Technical and commercial specifications
Parrot MINIKIT Smart
Bluetooth hands-free charging holder - Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile Connectivity/Battery
MINIKIT Smart via a 12V cigarette Interface
- Battery: Lithium-ion, charged in max. of - Battery life: up to 10 hours talk time Dimensions
Phone Features
- Dialing / accepting / rejecting calls, Kit contents
confirming calls, stating the caller’s - Transmission of verbal instructions from
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