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SearsHldgs38.72 +8.4 38.98 35.80
AlcatelLuc 4.23 -3.2 4.25 4.17
64.20 +5.9 64.71 61.00
ReynAmer 48.07 -1.5 48.34 46.55
CntryLink 29.73 +2.8 29.89 29.10
Energizer 94.99 -1.4 96.61 94.98
CVS Care 68.77 +2.7 69.71 68.21
BarnesNob 15.85 -1.3 16.23 15.76
17.11 +2.6 17.18 16.74
NCR Corp 32.57 -1.3 33.08 32.57
Yesterday’s ive biggest gainers and ive biggest losers among 73 stocks of Triad interest. Companies chosen are either based in the Triad or have signiicant operations here.
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HouseGOPretreats Trader Joe’s opponents
vow to continue fight
n The Friendly
Coalition promises to
file a protest petition
with the City Council.
B K P
TIM RICKARD/News & Record
Dow posts another
triple-digit increase
different matter to earn the ter is expected to bring 8-1 to rezone 6.77 acres for alition, a group formed to store. Normally, that would zoning, said there will cer- tainly be a protest petition. ers are appointed by the residential land in the com- posed rezoning.
Charter steps up fight
to control Time Warner points, or 1.2 percent,
Home sales
Puerto Rico hit again
with credit downgrade increase 18.5% TheAssociatedPress
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico
n Hottest spots in 2013
dling a battery of lawmak- of what you’ve said today management has rejected debt by two notches to were Kernersville and
ers who came armed with than the last two (Fed lead- skepticism about the Fed- ers),” said Rep. Shelley northwest Greensboro,
new housing report says. 2,426
ground. Be consistent. Sig- hints of how her leader- B K P
In her first public words Bernanke’s. She stressed since becoming Fed chair- that the Fed would decide with her predecessor, Ben — and eventually to raise But Time Warner Cable general obligation bonds Source: Donald Jud of Jud & Associates TIM RICKARD/News & Record
slightly pull back its stim- keep borrowing rates low pany” with a lowball offer. Government Development Federal health panel
The Greensboro Housing get a loan and have reason- rejects naproxen claim the “near term.”
approach to the 2008 finan- word. Her key goal: As- SILVER SPRING, Md.
Greensboro Regional Real- the most sales were 27284 Marian Stafford, the presi- boro, with 517 houses sold.
naproxen, the pain reliever have led to a potential medications, is safer on the demands.
Dow Jones
Pct. change from previous: +1.22% High 16,027.19 Low 15,803.40 composite
Standard &
Poor’s 500
Pct. change from previous: +1.11% High 1,823.54

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