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A9 021214 biz

SearsHldgs38.72 +8.4 38.98 35.80
AlcatelLuc 4.23 -3.2 4.25 4.17
64.20 +5.9 64.71 61.00
ReynAmer 48.07 -1.5 48.34 46.55
CntryLink 29.73 +2.8 29.89 29.10
Energizer 94.99 -1.4 96.61 94.98
CVS Care 68.77 +2.7 69.71 68.21
BarnesNob 15.85 -1.3 16.23 15.76
17.11 +2.6 17.18 16.74
NCR Corp 32.57 -1.3 33.08 32.57
Yesterday’s ive biggest gainers and ive biggest losers among 73 stocks of Triad interest. Companies chosen are either based in the Triad or have signiicant operations here.
BUSINESS Formorebusinessnews,
HouseGOPretreats Trader Joe’s opponents
vow to continue fight
n The Friendly
Coalition promises to
file a protest petition
with the City Council.
B K P
TIM RICKARD/News & Record
Dow posts another
triple-digit increase
different matter to earn the ter is expected to bring 8-1 to rezone 6.77 acres for alition, a group formed to store. Normally, that would zoning, said there will cer- tainly be a protest petition. ers are appointed by the residential land in the com- posed rezoning.
Charter steps up fight
to control Time Warner points, or 1.2 percent,
Home sales
Puerto Rico hit again
with credit downgrade increase 18.5% TheAssociatedPress
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico
n Hottest spots in 2013
dling a battery of lawmak- of what you’ve said today management has rejected debt by two notches to were Kernersville and
ers who came armed with than the last two (Fed lead- skepticism about the Fed- ers),” said Rep. Shelley northwest Greensboro,
new housing report says. 2,426
ground. Be consistent. Sig- hints of how her leader- B K P
In her first public words Bernanke’s. She stressed since becoming Fed chair- that the Fed would decide with her predecessor, Ben — and eventually to raise But Time Warner Cable general obligation bonds Source: Donald Jud of Jud & Associates TIM RICKARD/News & Record
slightly pull back its stim- keep borrowing rates low pany” with a lowball offer. Government Development Federal health panel
The Greensboro Housing get a loan and have reason- rejects naproxen claim the “near term.”
approach to the 2008 finan- word. Her key goal: As- SILVER SPRING, Md.
Greensboro Regional Real- the most sales were 27284 Marian Stafford, the presi- boro, with 517 houses sold.
naproxen, the pain reliever have led to a potential medications, is safer on the demands.
Dow Jones
Pct. change from previous: +1.22% High 16,027.19 Low 15,803.40 composite
Standard &
Poor’s 500
Pct. change from previous: +1.11% High 1,823.54


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