Hepatobiliary manual

Surgical Oncology Manual: Patient Protocols:
Daily Rounds:
• Al inpatients must be seen by the chief resident or fel ow prior to that day’s OR • Multidisciplinary notes are to be completed for every patient. • Rounds are made with the attending on service when he/she is available. • Al notes must be signed by the attending. • The care plan for each patient must be discussed with covering nurse and floor • The notes are to be placed in the charts prior to the end of the day, only after being Office Hours:
• Office hours take place on Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm and Fridays from 9am to • The office runs most efficiently if the new patients are seen by the fellow/resident prior to the attending. Attendings wil see revisits. • The tumor history form should be fil ed out completely by the resident or fellow, leaving the assessment and plan blank for the attending to complete. • CT scans and MRIs brought from outside hospitals by patients being scheduled for surgery or other procedures are to be given to the coordinator after review by the attending so that they may be scanned into PACS. Surgery:
• Patients are seen by a resident/fel ow in the holding area half an hour before the scheduled start time (i.e. at 7:30AM for an 8AM case). • Epidural: if applicable, the pain service team should be notified that the patient is in o Cirrhotic patients (those with HBV or HCV) should NOT have an epidural o RFA and PEI patients should NOT have an epidural placed. o Patients scheduled for laparoscopic resections should not have an epidural • The anesthesia resident for the case should be informed that the patient is in the • Check with the coordinator about outside films on the day before surgery. These should be scanned into GE PACS pre-op. In-house films are brought up on the • Al patients should have pneumatic compression boots placed and turned on prior to induction of anesthesia and maintained post-operatively until ambulating. • Unasyn 1.5gm IV (stocked in OR cluster) is given as prophylaxis prior to incision. o Patients with penicil in or cephalosporin al ergies should receive Clindamycin 600 mg IV and Gentamicin 1.5 mg/kg (ideal body weight) IV once prior to o Private ID consultations by Dr. Gumprecht should be obtained in those patients with indwel ing biliary stents prior to surgery. They should receive Zosyn 3.375gm q6 h and Diflucan 200 mg qD prior to the incision and for 1 week postoperatively, or until afebrile and D/C’d by attending. • Subcostal incisions are closed in 2 layers with a running stitch while re-op cases have the fascia closed with interrupted #1 PDS in a figure of eight fashion. • The use of staples vs. subcuticular skin closure should be discussed with the • Patients without epidurals should be written for an IV PCA with a basal rate (unless • Toradol should not be used in cirrhotic patients since it can exacerbate hepatorenal • Liver transplant monitor, PT, PTT, INR, and CBC w/ platelets are checked in the recovery room and then daily for 2 days. If on POD #2, al labs are trending toward normal, then no further labs need to be checked. However, if labs are trending the wrong direction, they should be checked daily. • Patients are seen approximately 4 hours after arrival in the PACU as a post-op • Resection patients must spend the first night in the PACU, TICU, or SICU, after which they can ONLY be discharged to 9C. • Patients without a fresh bowel anastomosis can have clears in the PACU and on POD 1. On POD 2, they can be advanced to the appropriate solid diet and have IVF stopped. If patients develop hiccups or belching, they are made NPO and placed • Patients with fresh intestinal anastomosis can be place on clears when they have bowel sounds and advanced to solid diet when they pass flatus • Patients who are over 70 years old undergoing hepatectomy must have an NGT placed in the OR and this should not be D/C’d until POD#1 – as cleared by the attending. These patients should be kept NPO until POD#2. • Epidural and PCA pumps are kept until the patient is tolerating solid diet. When the patient is tolerating a solid diet, he/she can be placed on oral pain medications. Foley catheters should not be D/C’ed while the patient has an epidural. • An attending should be consulted prior to removal of any drains. • Patients are discharged with Dilaudid or Percocet. Tylenol #3 has traditional y not provided adequate pain relief for resection patients. • Patients are instructed to return to office hours on approximately POD 10 for staple
Hepatic Resections in Cirrhotic Patients:
• The anesthesiologist is instructed to limit crystal oid administration in these patients. • These patients are placed on an albumin (5%) drip at 50cc/hr as their post- operative maintenance IV fluids until they are tolerating oral diet (usual y POD 2). • If they have low BP or urine output < 20cc/hr, they are bolused with 250cc of 5% albumin. No crystal oids are given to these patients. This information should be reiterated to the person covering overnight. • Patients are given Lactulose 30cc PO BID starting on POD 1 to prevent • Patients with HBV cirrhosis should be placed on their normal antiviral medication • Doppler ultrasounds are obtained on POD#1 and 2 to check for patency of the Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) & Ethanol Injection (PEI):

• No epidural is placed in RFA/PEI patients.
• The hepatobil iary ultrasound machine is obtained from the 12th floor of 5 East 98th street, exam Rm #26 by the resident/fellow and brought to the OR room. It must • Films are brought up on the room’s monitor. • Patients with platelet count <75,000 are given 1 pooled unit (5units) of platelets, patients with platelet count <50,000 receive 2 pul ed units. Patients with INR > 1.5 are given 2 units of FFP. Blood products should be requested as soon as the patient • Unasyn (or Clinda/Gent for PCN al ergic patients) should be given in the OR prior to • Patients should have a CXR and CBC checked in PACU. • CBC and LFTs are checked again in am. • Patients are observed overnight and discharged with Dilaudid/Percocet, • Patients are instructed to return to office hours in 1 month with a triple contrast CT scan to be scheduled for the day of the visit.
Trans-arterial Chemo-embolizations:

• Patients are ordered for Unasyn or Levaquin (based on al ergy) and Kytril 1mg IV or Zofran 32 mg IV prior to the embolization. • The embolization is done by the interventional radiologists in Special Procedures; the patients are admitted overnight to 9C for hydration with D5 1/2 NS @ 75cc/hr and • Patients may have clear liquids unless they are experiencing nausea. • Post-op exam should include a check of the groin and pulses on the side of • They are given Unasyn 1.5 gm IV Q 6 H (Levaquin or Clinda/Gent based on al ergy) and Kytril 1mg IV or Zofran 32 mg IV (based on availability at hospital) along with • CBC, Liver transplant monitor and PT/PTT are drawn the next am. • If patients are able to tolerate oral diet and labs are acceptable, they are discharged with Dilaudid, Zofran/Kytril, and Levaquin for 1 week. • Patients are instructed to return to office hours in 1 month with a triple contrast CT scan to be scheduled for the day of the visit.
Operative Days:
Conferences and Clinics:
o 7:00am: GI Oncology Conference, held in GP2B o 7:00am: Department of Surgery M&M conference o 9:00am to 4pm: Surgical Oncology Clinic, held on the 12th floor of 5 E 98th o 7:00am: Surgical Oncology Radiology Conference, held in the Radiology o 7:30am: Tumor Board, held in GP2C o 8:30am:Surgical Oncology Pathology Conference, held in Annenberg 15th o 9:00am to 12:00pm: Surgical Oncology Clinic, held on the 12th floor of 5 E
Donor Operations:

Residents are encouraged to participate on al donor operations when they do not
interfere with scheduled surgeries or office hours. If the fel ow on Surgical Oncology is needed for a donor operation, it is his/her responsibility to obtain coverage for any

Source: http://www.mssurg.com/Surgical_Oncology_Manual.pdf


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