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MOSAIC Meeting
Monday, April 2, 2007
New Introductions-Welcome Kim, Michelle and Connie II The Whole Soy Story- We will probably be hearing and reading more about genetically modified food. The thought is genetically modified soy (does this include all soy even not genetically modified?) increases estrogen and as a result, there may be a link to cancer. Did someone say there was a connection between carrageenan ingredient and cancer? Robyn from AllergyKids has contacted the author of The Whole Soy Story and the author’s contact information is on the attached email. As I learn more, I will let you all know. Of course, the concern is that a lot of our children are on a dairy free diet and turn to soy. III Food Allergy Awareness Week 5/13-5/19-This is a great time to go to your school and discuss fun ideas to educate teachers and students about food allergies. Please continue to share any ideas with the group! IV 2007 Food Allergy Walk – September 9 (Home) 303-683-3506, (Cell) 303-870-1749 Thank you Kim for heading up this year’s Walk for Food Allergies. It is on 9/9/07 at Washington Park. Time TBD, either 10am or 11am. It will be 2.25 miles or 1.4 miles around. Kim would love your help. The first meeting is 4/26 from 6-8pm. Please see attached flier for more information. She would also like your feedback from last year’s Walk and/or new ideas for this year’s Walk. Your participation is important to keep increasing food allergy awareness. She will also be sending out emails with information. (Thank you Letitia and Kri for taking on the first Walk last year! And thanks to all who participated last year to help make it successful!) -Studies are being done (or have been done) showing a connection between egg al ergies and asthma. I can’t remember this discussion too clearly, if someone would like to add to this –please do! -One mom has syringes made up with Benadryl doses already to go. She was able to get syringes with caps at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy. This keeps down on the mess and makes it much faster! -On the subject of Benadryl: The Fast Melts were recommended by a previous allergist/speaker. There was some worry that it may contain a milk and/or wheat. I have called again and was told it does contain soy, but not milk and wheat. They do not pay to have it “tested” for milk or wheat, so they cannot put that on their front label. I also just picked up the Benadryl Quick Strips and I do not see soy, wheat, milk, egg listed. Ellen thought she saw some Benadryl marked as “contains milk” – Ellen, if you find it; please send that on to the group! -Enjoy Life has dairy, soy and gluten free chocolate chips. -Kelly’s Candies has peanut/tree nut free chocolate. -For other peanut allergy information, try -Denver Christian School is peanut free -Douglas County schools, Arrow, Coyote Creek and Franktown Elementary are peanut free. But, there was a problem at Coyote Creek and there is some doubt if they are peanut free. There was a lawsuit by a family and they are peanut free now, but may not be once that child graduates. Also at Coyote Creek, there was an “epi-pen” mistake. I wonder if a school can be truly peanut free with so many kids bringing in their own food. -I just ordered Allergic Living magazine and will bring it to the next meeting if it arrives in time. If anyone finds any discrepancies in the above notes, please let me know! Next Meeting-Monday, May 7 at 630pm with allergist Dr. Melamed at Lone Tree Library – Please RSVP to Moiria at


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