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SOP 17, Completing Deposit Applications — Civilian and Post-1956 Military
Title Updated 6/01/2002
Updated 09/06/2001

Deposits for Civilian Service
Personnel Office
Upon request for information from the employee, follow instructions outlined inHandling Service Credit Deposit and Redeposit Applications and Certifying SF 2821, Agency Certification of Insurance Status. Deposits for Post-1956 Military Service
Personnel Office
Upon request for information from the employee, request that the employee provide copies of the military discharge certificate, DD 214. Establish an RTR record to determine the accuracy of the retirement plan code and retirement computation date (RCD) Compare the RTR results to the retirement plan code and the RCD on the employee's payroll record on U0IA (segment A, page 1) in DDE/DR. a. If the retirement plan code derived from RTR indicates the code in DDE is erroneous, do not process a personnel action to change the retirement plan code. Refer tofor guidance. b. If the Retirement History Report in RTR indicates a retirement plan code is erroneous for any prior period of service - career or noncareer - refer to c. If the retirement plan code is correct but the RCD derived from RTR indicates the RCD in DDE is erroneous, refer tofor processing corrections to the RCD. Upon receipt of the Form DD 214, prepareEstimated Earnings During Military Service, and mail it to the appropriate military finance branch. This form is found in Chapter 23 of the OPM CSRS and FERS Handbook. It must be reproduced locally. Mail notification to employee advising of request for earnings. Will useService Credit Payments for Post-1956 Military Service, OPM CSRS and FERS Handbook, Chapter 23, pages 59 and 60 (page numbers may differ in Web copy). Personnel Office
Upon receipt of earnings, use J100 in the DDE/DR application to calculate amount of deposit (including interest, if applicable). a. If CSRS, prepares PS Form 2805, Military Deposit Worksheet, and Application to Make
b. If FERS, prepare PS Form 2805, Military Deposit Worksheet, and SF 3108, Application to Make Service
Credit Payment for Civilian Service. c. Theor SF 3108 must include the following statement in the section under "Department or
Agency. . .": wish to pay the deposit necessary to obtain credit for my military service after 1956. I understand that the entire deposit must be paid to my agency before separation for retirement and that if I do not complete the deposit at that time, the post-1956 military service will not be used to compute or establish title to a CSRS or a FERS annuity. Any incomplete deposit that will not pay for one or more full periods of military service will be refunded. Otherwise, my deposit is refundable only if I become eligible for a refund of retirement contributions or retire without waiving my military retired pay (if any). I further understand that the military deposit cannot be deemed paid at retirement if I am eligible for and elect an alternative annuity. If I do elect the alternative annuity upon retirement, any completed military deposits I made to the Fund will be refunded to me along with any other retirement contributions or payments I made to the Fund. Mail instructions to return completed forms to the employing office includeRetirement Facts 2, Military Service Credit Under the Civil Service Retirement System. Upon recdeipt of forms, review to ensure that the forms were properly completed. If information is
missing,contact the employee. If information is complete, copy PS 2805 and payment (if applicable) and mail
PS 2805 and payment to the Eagan ASC for processing.
or SF 3108 to the Retirement processing Branch. File these forms in the
Eagan ASC
8. Will review forms and supporting documentation. 9. Will establish a military buy-back (MBB) account. Will mail OPM Form 1514 to the employee each year and will mail it to the employing office
10. after the deposit has been completed. Personnel Office
11. When the deposit is completed and the zero balance OPM Form 1514 is received, update RTR and process
Form 50 (NOA 882) to adjust, if applicable. 12. File OPM Form 1514 in the employee's OPF.
Eagan ASC
13. Will mail copy of Form 50 to employee, if applicable.



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