100th Anniversary Tour
thursday –sunday, november 7–10, 2013
thuRSday, novembeR 7 | The RinG of The nibelunG
The Ring of the Nibelung
By Richard Wagner Coproduction from Salzburg Marionette Theatre and Salzburg State Theatre Das Rheingold
Direction Carl Philip von Maldeghem
Stage Direction Carl Philip von Maldeghem
Marionette and Set Design Christian Floeren
Associate Direction Claudia Carus und Team
Musical Concept Philippe Brunner
Actors Christiani Wetter, Yoann Moess
Marionette Players
Heide Hölzl, Michaela Obermayer, Eva Wiener, Wellgunde
Light Design Eduard Stipsits
Die Walküre
Sound and Light Operator
Stage Coordinator Pierre Droin
or the first time in its history the Salzburg Marionette Theatre has staged works by Richard Wagner. A compressed version of The Ring Walküren
of the Nibelung was premiered in co-operation with the Salzburg State Theatre in March, 2012. The staged version guides the audience—in less than two hours—through Wagner’s world of The Ring and shows the best-known scenes through the unrivalled puppetry of the Salzburg Marionettes. In a very clear manner, the audience is led through Wagner’s epos, a simple form that also makes it easily accessible for Wagner beginners or a younger public. More than that, the performance gives the Wagner enthusiast plenty of pleasure and musically-involved hours listening to Sir Georg Solti’s acclaimed recordings of the operas. The character of Loge will be the narrator of the evening and will guide the audience through the performance in a joyful dialogue with the dwarf Siegfried
Alberich by depicting the overarching context. Two actors of the Salzburg Siegfried
State Theatre will additionally take different parts of characters and Brünnhilde
interact in a new way with the puppets.
Der Wanderer Hans Hotter
We start on the banks of the River Rhine, following Alberich’s playful game with the Rhinemaidens. We watch him make the ring—the ring Der Waldvogel Joan Sutherland
that grants its owner the right to rule the world—then meet the giants Fafner and Fasolt and witness Alberich’s loss of the ring and the giants’ brutal fight for it. Finally we follow the gods to the newly-built Valhalla.
Next we see Siegfried pull the sword from the oak, take a wild ride Brünnhilde
with the Valkyries and witness Wotan’s tender farewell to his beloved Twenty years later we meet Siegfried again; we watch him forge the new sword, kill the dragon, take the ring and awake sleeping Brünnhilde in the fire-ring.
We see Siegfried give the ring to his love Brünnhilde for safekeeping; we see trickery and subterfuge resulting in the ring being again stolen by Siegfried. Hagen, in search of the ring, kills Siegfried, using information ill gotten from the tricked Brünnhilde. She redeems herself by riding into Siegfried’s funeral pyre, honoring their love. Finally, we see the Rhine flood and the Rhinemaidens receiving back the ring.
FRiday, novembeR 8 | MaGic fluTe
The Magic Flute
Königin der Nacht
Production Géza Rech
Set Design Günther Schneider-Siemssen
Costumes Friedl Aicher
Drei Damen
Spoken Dialogue
Friedl Aicher, Eva Arier, Hannelore Palm, Drei Knaben
Herta Weber, Karl Blühm, Bert Oberdorfer, Zwei Geharnischte Howard Vandenburg / Kim Borg
Sarastro, High Priest of Isis, has abducted Pamina to remove her from Sarastro announces to the assembled priests that Tamino has been the evil influence of her mother, the Queen of the Night. The young chosen by the gods as Pamina’s consort, but must first gain admission prince Tamino has strayed into the Queen’s realm while hunting; she to the Temple. Monostatos still has designs on Pamina. The Queen prevails upon him to rescue Pamina, whose portrait has kindled his of the Night appears and urges her daughter to avenge her by killing love. He is given a magic flute for protection on the way. The bird- Sarastro. When Pamina begs Sarastro’s mercy for her mother, he tells catcher Papageno, who will be his companion, receives a magic chime her that vengeful thoughts have no place in the Temple.
Tamino endures all the ordeals with fortitude, even when Pamina In Sarastro’s palace, Pamina is being importuned by the Moor believes he is rejecting her because he will not break his vow of Monostatos, captain of the guard. Papageno is the first to enter the palace; he finds Pamina, and together they go in search of Tamino, who has been guided to the palace by the three Boys. Discovering Together, Tamino and Pamina undergo the final ordeals of fire and that Sarastro, far from being a wicked magician, is the high priest water. Although Papageno has no taste for ordeals, in the end he is in the Temple of Wisdom, Tamino is willing to undergo ordeals in granted his Papagena. The Queen’s attempts to take vengeance on order to be admitted to the Temple and to win Pamina. He plays on Sarastro through Monostatos (to whom she has promised her daughter his flute, in the hope that Papageno will reply, but only wild animals as a reward) are in vain. Sarastro receives Tamino and Pamina, now come. Attempting to escape, Papageno and Pamina are intercepted by united, into the circle of initiates. The sun’s rays drive away the night.
Monostatos who is, however, subdued by the magic chimes.
Sarastro appears with his attendants, making escape impossible. Monostatos drags in Tamino, and the lovers embrace. Pamina, Tamino and Papageno are taken into the temple, where they are bound to silence.
SatuRday, novembeR 9 | hänSel unD GReTel
Hänsel und Gretel
By Engelbert HumperdinckAfter poem from Adelheid Wette Peter (Vater/Father)
Gertrud (Mutter/Mother)
Hänsel (Hansel)
Gretel (Gretel)
Die Knusperhexe (Witch)
Sandmännchen (Sandman)
Taumännchen (Dew Fairy)
Kinder, Engel, Tiere
the way home; the friendly forest suddenly seems threatening and filled In the forest of Ilsenstein lives a witch who catches children and bakes with danger. The Sandman appears and promises to protect the children, who say their prayers and settle down to sleep. Fourteen angels watch over them.
The broom-maker’s hut: The parents have gone in search of food,
leaving Hansel and Gretel alone with the task of making brooms and The Dew Fairy wakes the children. They are hungry—and what do they darning stockings. The children are hungry; seeing a jug of milk, they see? A little house made all of gingerbread—just right for breakfast. start dancing in anticipation of rice pudding, instead of working. Their As they nibble at it, the witch comes out and puts them under a mother comes home, tired and empty-handed, and in her anger at spell. Hansel needs fattening up, but Gretel can be baked and eaten finding the children not hard at work, she upsets the milk. She sends the immediately. The witch tells her to look into the oven to see if the children into the forest to pick strawberries, saying they are not to come gingerbread is ready, but Gretel pretends not to understand. The witch home until the basket is full. Meanwhile their father returns, merry and demonstrates; Gretel pushes her into the oven and slams the door shut. laden with food after a successful day. He is horrified to hear that the The oven explodes and gingerbread children appear, standing stiffly children are in the forest, where the witch of Ilsenstein will be lying in until Hansel breaks the spell on them with the witch’s juniper bush. The wait. Both parents rush off to the forest to look for them.
gingerbread children thank Hansel and Gretel, who in turn thank their 14 guardian angels. As they all sing a song making fun of the witch, the parents appear and the family is joyfully reunited.
Gathering strawberries, the children have come near to Ilsenstein. Hansel’s basket is full, and Gretel has woven a garland of flowers. They start to play and fail to notice that night is falling. Hansel has forgotten Sunday, novembeR 10 | The SounD of MuSic
The Sound of Music
Maria Rainer
Captain Georg von Trapp
Max Detweiler
The Mother Abbess
Suggested by The Story of the Trapp Family Sister Sophia
Sister Margaretta
Sister Berthe
Herr Zeller
Rolf Gruber
Set design
Frau Schmidt
Baroness Elsa Schraeder
Costume and puppet design
Liesl von Trapp
Friedrich von Trapp
Sound design
Louisa von Trapp
Kurt von Trapp
Brigitta von Trapp
Musical direction
Marta von Trapp
Gretl von Trapp
Baron Elberfeld
Admiral von Schreiber
The Istropolis Philharmonic Orchestra
Salzburg, 1938
Maria, a postulant at Nonnberg Abbey, is too free-spirited to accept the discipline of the order and frequently escapes to the mountains. So the Mother Abbess arranges for Maria to work as Orchestrations
a governess for the wealthy, aristocratic navy captain Georg von Trapp, a widower with seven children. The Captain runs the household as strictly as he does the ships he sails. With kindness and Dance & Choral Arrangements
understanding, and by adding music to their normally rigorous schedule, Maria wins the children’s hearts. The Captain, increasingly captivated by Maria, falls in love with her; she returns his affection. Although Captain von Trapp is engaged to the elegant socialite Elsa Schraeder, he eventually marries Sound and Light
But the von Trapps’ married life is quickly disrupted by Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria. They return from their honeymoon to find a telegram summoning the Captain to serve in the navy of the Third Reich. But the Captain is a patriot, passionate about the fulfilling life that Austria has always offered its citizens.
The family has become well known as an amateur singing group, and at the instigation of a family friend, Max Detweiler, the Trapps make a final appearance at the Salzburg Festival. At the end of the performance they manage to escape to Nonnberg Abbey, and from there they cross the mountains on foot to Switzerland.


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