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We recently treated your sex partner for chlamydia. It is a curable bacterial infection you can get from having sex with a person who has it. You are probably infected, too. Many people who have chlamydia do not know they have it. They often have no symptoms and feel fine. Others may feel pain. It can be in their pelvis, testicles, vulva, or vagina. It can also happen when they urinate or have sex. Unless it’s treated, chlamydia can cause sterility and painful arthritis — even when there are no symptoms. You should be treated to Prevent complications for yourself. Avoid spreading the infection back to your partner. Avoid infecting others.
We offer you this medicine because it is very likely that you are infected. But we have
no proof. Call us at ________________ if you want an examination and testing to find
out if you are infected. You may also have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is
different from the one we treated your partner for. The only way to be sure is to have a
physical examination and be tested, here or somewhere else.
Your partner has brought you the medicine or a prescription for the medicine. You can
fill the prescription at a pharmacy. Take the medicine as soon as possible if you are not
able to have an examination within one week.
Please read the following before you take the medicine:
The medicine is very safe. But DO NOT TAKE IT if any of the following are true:
You are a man and have a fever or pain or swelling in the testicles (balls). You are a woman and have pain in the lower belly, pain during sex, vomiting, or You think you may be pregnant. You have a serious long-term illness, such as kidney, heart, or liver disease. You are currently taking another prescription medicine. Talk to us, or your health care provider, as soon as possible if any of these are true for you. Possible Side Effects of the Medicine
Some people get a mildly upset stomach or diarrhea after taking this medicine. Others
may develop dizziness, fatigue, or headache. These side effects won’t last long.
Call us immediately at ________________ if you develop itching or a rash or have
difficulty breathing — you may be having an allergic reaction. There can be other, more
serious side effects, but they are extremely rare.
The medicine you have been given, or prescribed, is
Do not take this medicine, and contact us if you ever had a bad reaction, rash, or allergy to it (Zithromax), Erythromycin, or clarithromycin (Biaxin).
Directions for taking azithromycin [Affiliates may delete one or two of the below
medication forms to correspond to what they dispense.]
o If you got four tablets — Take all four at one time. Take with or without food. o If you got four capsules — Take all four at one time. Take them at least one hour before, or two hours after, a meal. Do not take them with food. o If you got the powder — Mix the whole packet of it thoroughly in a glass with two ounces of water. Drink it all immediately. Add another two ounces of water to the glass. Mix it well with whatever’s left in the glass. Drink it immediately. Take it with or without food. Doxycycline
Do not take this medicine, and contact us if you ever had a bad reaction, rash, or allergy to it or to Minocin, minocycline, tetracycline, or Vibramycin. Directions for taking doxycycline
o Take one capsule, twice daily (approximately every 12 hours), for seven days. o Take with or without food. o Do not take within two hours of taking antacids or calcium supplements.
Don’t share or give your medication to anyone else.

Do not have sex for the next seven days.
It takes seven days for the medicine to cure chlamydia. You can still pass the infection
to your sex partners if you have unprotected sex — vaginal, anal, or oral — during the
seven days while you are taking the medicine. Even though condoms are effective, the
safest way to make sure you don't pass the infection on to anyone is to not have sex for
seven days.
If you have any questions about the medicine or about chlamydia, please call
All calls are confidential. No one will ask for your name.

Come to the clinic if you want an STI exam, testing, and medicine.


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