E X E C U T I V EM u n i c h G l a s s B a t h r o o m S c a l e PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE
2 y e a r g u a r a n t e e
Getting Accurate Readings:
1. If the scale has not been used for a long time, a) First, step lightly on the front corner (right or left) of the scale first to activate the scale.
b) Second, wait for the scale to turn off. Then you 2. If the scale is moved, proceed as follows: • Equipped with High Precision Strain Gauge a) remove the battery from the scale for 5 Preparations Before Use
c) follow “Scale Setup” instruction (listed in 1. Insert the Lithium battery (included). See figure 1 (Note: Make sure battery is pushed all the 3. Place scale on flat hard surface. Do not use way into its slot. Also make sure + side of scale on carpet because the reading will be 4. If the reading appears inaccurate, please check if the battery and the contact point are well connected. If scale has been in use for a long time, replace the battery and try again. If necessary, contact the local franchisers or Handling Tips:
4. Do not submerge scale in water. Use glass cleaner to clean glass platform of scale.
2. Scale Setup: Place the scale on a hard flat 5. Do not leave any objects on top of scale if the surface. Tap the front corner (right or left) of product is not to be used during a prolonged the scale with your foot. The digit “0” will scroll period of time. Also remove the battery to across the display. Then the display will show prevent it from being depleted or leaking.
“0.0”This indicates that the scale has been 6. To avoid possible injury, do not stand on the a) Note: This “Scale Setup” procedure applies
7. Place the scale in an area free from direct only after installing a battery. After completing sunlight, heating equipment, high humidity, or “Scale Setup”, it does not need to be performed again unless battery is removed 8. To avoid slipping, make sure your feet and the glass platform of the scale are dry before b) Note: If you step on the platform before “0.0”
appears, you will not obtain a reading. If this 9. Please do not strike, hit or drop objects onto happens, step off the scale, then wait for the glass platform, otherwise, the glass may display to turn off, follow above steps to setup 10. Strong magnetic fields may interfere with the operation of the scale. Avoid operating the Scale Operation:
To measure weight, simply stand with both feet in the center of the scale’s glass platform. Be Usage Notes:
sure to stand erect and remain still. After 3 1. When the display shows ”Err”, it means that seconds the display will flash your weight and 2. When the display shows ”Lo”, it means that Note: If a weight less than 10kg is placed on the
the battery is low. Please replace the battery as scale, the scale will not activate. To weigh 3. If scale display shows random digits or scale something less than 10kg, activate the scale first does not automatically shut off, proceed as by tapping the front corner (right or left) of the 1. When no weight is on the scale for 10 seconds, the scale will turn off automatically.
c. follow “Scale Setup” instruction (listed in Service Centre Share Call: 086 111 5006w e b : w w w. c r e a t i v e h o u s e w a r e s . c o . z a



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