November 2009 comedy channel highlights

Lewis Black’s Root Of All Evil (Series 1) AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Thursdays at 10.00pm from November 5 Las Vegas. YouTube. Paris Hilton. What do they have in common? They all make Lewis Black want to strangle himself with a television cord. Lewis Black presides over this lively series in which two comedians take sides in debating which is the worse of two evils such as Oprah vs. the Catholic Church; Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney; Donald Trump vs. Viagra, American Idol vs. High School and other things that, as Black rants, "turn my mind into a cesspool of madness." Twisted arguments are offered in time-honoured debate style by Black’s esteemed colleagues - Patton Oswalt, Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler, Andrew Daly, Kathleen Madigan, and Paul F. Tomkins. Recurring segments such as Black's "inquisitions," man on the street interviews and expert witnesses add to the guilty pleasures. Not since Judge Ito has there been this much contempt in court, but it's all directed at deserving targets. Join the abrasive comedian as he and his brethren take on pop culture, politics and all the things that most stupefy and pervert our society in a forum where the hot button issues of the day can be heard in the court of comedy opinion. LEWIS BLACK’S ROOT OF ALL EVIL absolutely pleases the court. The Best Of British INCLUDES CHANNEL PREMIERES Sundays 7.30pm to 11pm Each Sunday night THE COMEDY CHANNEL is proud to showcase 3 and a half hours of classic British comedy. In November look out for our BEST OF BRITISH favourites such as, ‘ALLO ‘ALLO!, HALE & PACE, ON THE BUSES, YES MINISTER, THE GOODIES, MIND YOUR LANGUAGE and BLACK ADDER, as well as CHANNEL PREMIERE EPISODES and SERIES 3 PREMIERE (from 22/11) of MEN BEHAVING BADLY. You’ll also want to be free for the CHANNEL PREMIERE of SERIES 8 of ARE YOU BEING SERVED? (from 15/11), and the CHANNEL PREMIERE of SERIES 6 of the saucy ‘ALLO ‘ALLO! (from 29/11). They’re the shows that made Britain great and you can catch them all on THE COMEDY CHANNEL. Sunday Headliners INCLUDES WORLD PREMIERES Sundays at 6.30pm Join us at 6.30pm each Sunday night for some of the world’s top stand up comedians. Includes World PREMIERE SPECIALS. November 1 – The Breast Darn Show in Town WORLD PREMIERE LOCAL PRODUCTION An exclusive comedy gala hosted by Julia Morris and featuring some of Australia's most loved comedians. For one night only in and event to aid the National Breast Cancer Foundation, be tickled pink with a comedy medley of stand up, improvisation, and panel discussion from your favourite comedians. On the bill are Jordan Raskopoulos, Corinne Grant, Felicity Ward, Hannah Gadsby, Rebel Wilson, Sam Simmons, Justin Hamilton, Celia Paquola, George McEncroe, Cal Wilson, Michael Chamberlin and Dave Thornton (Please note: line up for the special is subject to late change). November 8 – Funny People Live Special exclusive stand-up comedy material filmed for the new movie Funny People. Hosted by Judd Apatow (Superbad) & features comedians Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, David Spade, Patton Oswalt and more. November 18 – Dane Cook: Vicious Circle Superstar comic Dane Cook comes home to Boston in his first-ever solo HBO concert! Performing at the TD Banknorth Garden 'in the round' in front of 18,000 fervent fans. November 22 – Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly Dave Chappelle returns to Washington D.C. and riffs on politics, police, race relations, drugs, Sesame Street and more. November 29 – HBO Half Hour – Janeane Garofalo / Harland Williams Showcasing top comedy talents from the United States in half-hour solo performances. Better Off Ted AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES Mondays at 9.30pm Series Finale November 30 Need cow-less meat grown in a test tube? Done. Need pumpkins that also double as weapons of mass destruction? No problem. BETTER OFF TED is a satirical office comedy about Ted, a successful good guy, who runs research and development at the morally questionable Veridian Dynamics. No achievement is too far-fetched and no invention too unorthodox. Ted loves his job, but he's starting to question the company's morally dubious practices. Do you manufacture the world’s best teeth whitener if it could also kill off all of the planet's fish? Probably not, but. Ted’s a single dad to a 7-year-old girl and is also fighting an attraction to co-worker Linda. He's already had his self imposed "one office affair" with überboss Veronica who is beautiful and possibly devoid of conscience and emotions. Veronica lets nothing get in her way when it comes to serving Veridian's needs, even if it means cryogenically freezing an employee for testing purposes. After all, research scientist Phil, survived (after he thawed out). BETTER OFF TED stars Jay Harrington as Ted, Portia de Rossi as Veronica, Andrea Anders as Linda, Jonathan Slavin and Malcolm Barrett as Research Assistants Phil and Lem. An Aussie Goes Calypso CHANNELPREMIERE Saturdays at 6.30pm from November 28 It’s that time of year! Narrated by Hugh Jackman, Cricket’s most passionate, fan Gus Worland goes troppo with the cricket teams of Australia and the West Indies. This five-part observational documentary kicks-off with host Gus Worland hitting the stands for the Frank Worrell Trophy test matches and the One Day International Series. The Caribbean tour takes in five breath-taking islands – the first stop Antigua, then Barbados, St Vincent, Grenada and St Kitts. During the series Worland is befriended by local West Indian cricket legends Sir Vivian Richards and Joel Garner, plus Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, who all provide insights of their picture perfect homeland. AN AUSSIE GOES CALYPSO also features behind the scenes interviews with Australian cricket stars including a beach cricket match with batsman Michael Hussey, surfing with fast bowler Mitchell Johnson, and catching up with Australian selector David Boon. Join the lovable Worland as he quickly adapts to the West Indies’ mantra – there’s more to cricket than winning and losing – there’s relaxing and partying too! SITCOMBO Tuesdays - 8.30pm to 10.30pm It’s THE COMEDY CHANNEL’s weekly Sitcom meal deal with some of our most popular shows. Tuck in from 8.30pm with a double helping of karma junkie Earl Hickey in MY NAME IS EARL. Then it’s SCRUBS at 8.30pm followed by the IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (9.30pm). At 10.00pm it’s time for THE LOOP. Too much funny is never enough with SITCOMBO every Tuesday from 8.30pm. Super Sitcoms Weekdays from 3.30pm Weekday afternoons from 3.30pm get ready for THE COMEDY CHANNEL’s SUPER SITCOMS! We’ve picked the absolute cream of our sitcom crop to bring you a selection of fantastic entertainment. There’s no need to look elsewhere with this great line up - SCRUBS, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, GROUNDED FOR LIFE and MY NAME IS EARL. The Best of Super Sitcoms Fridays from 8.30pm But there’s more! We know too much fun is never enough, so to maximise your enjoyment our huge menu of sitcom favourites also starts your weekend off in the best possible way. Fridays from 8.30pm it’s THE BEST OF SUPER SITCOMS as the hits keep coming with SCRUBS, MY NAME IS EARL, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE & GROUNDED FOR LIFE and EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. And even better, SUPER SITCOMS extend to the weekend with SUPER SITCOMS SATURDAY (10am-12pm) and SUPER SITCOMS SUNDAY (2pm-4pm). Our sitcoms are super, thanks for asking! Aussie Gold Saturdays from 7.30pm Each Saturday it’s 3 Oz-tastic hours of 24 carat AUSSIE GOLD, a television BBQ of the greatest and timeless Australian comedy favourites! W want you to have the best, so we’ve rounded up a selection of the finest including in November the landmark comedy BLANKETY BLANKS, JIMEOIN, FAST FORWARD’S FUNNIEST TV SEND UPS, THE COMEDY COMPANY, KINGSWOOD COUNTRY, THE GAMES, THE NORMAN GUNSTON SHOW and the timeless comedy MOTHER & SON. ANIMANIA Wednesdays from 8.30pm From 8.30pm on Wednesdays it’s THE COMEDY CHANNEL’s wild animation block ANIMANIA. Starting at with double SOUTH PARK and followed by the terrifyingly awesome 30 minute [adult swim] block. It’s time for all kids to get out of the pool as we play some of the weirdest most mind-scrambling animations to ever hit your TV screen with AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE episodes of Seth Green and Matt Senreich’s Emmy award winning stop-motion thrill ride, ROBOT CHICKEN at 9.30pm and followed by the misguided good deeds of MORAL OREL at Don’t miss your weekly dose of ANIMANIA animated mayhem. Late Night Legends AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Direct via satellite from the USA Weeknights from 10.30pm THE COMEDY CHANNEL is now the official home of late night television, premiering its exciting new showcase of LATE NIGHT LEGENDS at the revolutionary new timeslot of 10.30pm weeknights. The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES - Monday to Friday at 10.30pm THE TONIGHT SHOW is the most watched late night TV show and 3rd longest running entertainment show in US television history. The former captain of Late Night, Conan O’Brien, took over as in June along with his former Late Night sidekick Andy Richter, this time in the Tonight Show announcer’s chair. You won’t want to miss a single episode packed with hilarious comedy segments and the biggest names in entertainment and politics. Jimmy Kimmel Live! AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES - Tuesday to Friday at 11.15pm Jimmy Kimmel took the world by storm when two hilarious music clips from his talk-show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! became a YouTube phenomenon; the Emmy-award winning song ‘‘I'm F***ing Matt Damon” which was sung to him by his then girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, and his own response, the star studded “‘I'm F***ing Ben Affleck”. Now THE COMEDY CHANNEL is bringing this show directly to you, hot off the satellite, four nights a week! Emmy-award winning comedian Jimmy Kimmel (The Man Show, Win Ben Stein's Money) serves as both host and executive producer of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! Filmed on Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of LA's star studded Walk of Fame it’s a distinctive late-night talk show that breaks all the rules. Jimmy Kimmel is spontaneous, unpredictable and unbalanced. The show features a diverse line-up of guests, and in a list that has included George Clooney, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell as well as big musical guests, like Coldplay, Green Day and even the Australian phenomenon The Wiggles. Along with a light-hearted and recognisable cast of characters, a hip house band and comedy bits in Kimmel's inimitable style, the show additionally offers one of the funniest, freshest monologues on television today. Kimmel applies his irreverent wit to politics, television, all forms of the media and popular culture - everything and everyone is a target. Outrageous, topical, smart and funny, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! is more than a talk show, it's a guaranteed night of fun and a welcome addition to THE COMEDY CHANNEL! Late Night with Jimmy Fallon EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES - Tues-Sat at 12.00am Jimmy Fallon is only the third person to host LATE NIGHT since it began nearly three decades ago - the other two being David Letterman & Conan O'Brien. After first garnering attention in 1998 when he joined the cast of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Fallon quickly became an audience favourite for his memorable recurring characters and spot-on impressions; and in 2000 Fallon became the co-anchor of the SNL's signature segment “Weekend Update” alongside Tina Fey. A recognized comic talent and film and television star, Fallon has demonstrated an ability to deliver versatile standout performances while always staying grounded in his stand-up roots. Late Show With David Letterman SUBSCRIPTION TV PREMIERE EPISODES - Tues-Sat at 12.45am David Letterman marks his 27th year in late night comedy this year, and his 14th year as the host of the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. After more than 4,500 late night broadcasts, he remains one of the most influential personalities in the history of television. Other than the late Johnny Carson, who hosted "The Tonight Show" for 30 years, no late night host comes near Letterman in longevity, critical praise and award recognition. Often imitated but never matched, Letterman presents, night after night, an unpredictable hour of innovative comedy. The Jay Leno Show EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Weeknights at 7.30pm One 2009's most hotly anticipated television shows will screen exclusively on THE COMEDY CHANNEL! Marking a new era in television, Jay Leno, recently named America's Favourite TV Personality by the 2009 Harris Poll and previous host of THE TONIGHT SHOW, moves from late night to primetime on September 15 when THE JAY LENO SHOW comes to THE COMEDY CHANNEL. In America THE JAY LENO SHOW will be the first-ever entertainment program to be stripped across primetime on broadcast network television. Screening 5 nights a week at 7.30pm THE JAY LENO SHOW promises great comedy, top guests and will showcase many of the features that have made Leno America's late-night leader for more than a dozen years. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES - Weeknights at 6.30pm / 7pm Your fix of news parody comes to you in prime time with THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT from 6:30pm weeknights going head-to-head with those tabloid-style current affairs shows we’re far too refined to mention. As we increasingly move towards a global society, and with a world financial crisis and major political changes in the USA these 2 cool cats of current affairs comedy will cut through the crap by informing, satirizing and entertaining you each weeknight, hot off the satellite, fresher and funnier than ever before! The Gong Show With Dave Attell AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE EPISODES - Thursdays at 9.30pm The maddest comedy variety series is returning but it’s been remixed for the noughties! THE GONG SHOW with Dave Attell is the new version of the ground-breaking 1970’s Chuck Barris original where a panel of celebrity judges witness a revolving door of outrageous variety acts before delivering their verdict, one that often sees the losers rapidly sent back to obscurity with a giant gong hammer. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Series 2) SUBSCRIPTION TV PREMIERE - Tuesdays at 9.30pm - Part of SITCOMBO Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Sweet Dee return for another season at Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia where their constant scheming to get ahead by disgraceful methods usually lands them in a world of hurt. Danny DeVito also joins the cast in the second season as Frank Reynolds Dennis and Dee’s estranged father. Series 2 finale November 3 Robot Chicken (Series 3) AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE - Wednesdays at 9.30pm – Part of [adult swim] Stop-motion animation and fast-paced satire are the hallmarks of this channel flipping, toy murdering, attention-span shattering show. Men Behaving Badly (Series 3 from November 22) CHANNEL PREMIERE SERIES - PART OF THE BEST OF BRITISH - 8pm Sundays A defining sitcom of the 1990s, MEN BEHAVING BADLY reacts against the onset of the caring, sharing 'new man' by reveling a riotous politically incorrect pageant of boorishness and slobbery. Are You Being Served (Series 8 from November 15) CHANNEL PREMIERE SERIES - PART OF THE BEST OF BRITISH – 9.30pm Sundays Attention shoppers! Your favorite dysfunctional sales staff is here with more mischief and hilarity. Join Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Slocombe and the rest of the staff as they make shopping at Grace Brothers the comic experience of a lifetime. ‘Allo ‘Allo! (Series 6 from November 29) CHANNEL PREMIERE SERIES - PART OF THE BEST OF BRITISH – 9pm Sundays Rene Artois is a simple man. He runs a quite cafe in Nouvion, France, and his only desire is to keep his trysts with the cafe's two beautiful waitresses secret from his wife. But ever since he was drafted by the Resistance to be hero of all France and was shot dead by the Germans, Rene's life is in constant turmoil - a tangled web of deceit, distress and double entendre! The Germans have captured the British airmen and only Rene can save them. But not before he becomes impaled upon a 20 foot radio tower, disguises himself as the hunchback of Notre Dame, and brokers a clandestine deal involving a solid gold cuckoo clock and, of course, the Portrait of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies. The Larry Sanders Show (Series 5) RETURNING TO THE COMEDY CHANNEL - Mondays at 10pm One of the '90s best and brightest comedies returns to THE COMEDY CHANNEL. Go backstage and meet the people who toil to create “THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW”, the quintessential late-night talk show. Just For Variety Sundays at 1pm The funny, the magical, the acrobatic, the theatrical and the simply amazing - it's the best in variety performances from the Montreal Comedy festival. Includes amazing entertainment from Sideswipe, Imago Theatre, The Hollow Men, Arturo Brachetti, Men In Coats, Dita Von Teese and many more. Expect anything!


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Benjamin Domb, M.D. Discharge Protocol for Hip Replacement and Resurfacing • Take 10 deep breaths each hour • Get up and walk every hour. Walk as much as possible. • Use walker only as needed. Progress to full weight-bearing as quickly as • Keep incision dry until 5 days after surgery. Then may begin showering. • Do not bathe or swim until incision completely healed.

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