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Performing Arts Guidelines (Dance, Vocal, Instrumental, Drama)
There is a $10 fee per entry, per student. Complete and submit ONE online entry form per act. If more than one student will appear in an act, each student must submit a separate fee. Deadline for entry is 3 p.m., Tuesday, January 22, 2013.
Complete entry form and pay fee online. Signed Parental Consent Form should be placed in
the ART FORMS box in the office. (Vocal performers and dancers with recorded accompaniment must put their CD’s in an envelope with their Parental Consent Form. Please see below for additional notes regarding recorded accompaniment.*)
Though specific criteria will be used for judging each of the performing arts categories, every act entered will be judged on the following: Degree of Difficulty, Mastery of Selection, Memorization, and Overall Presentation. Additional criteria may include Technique, Interpretation, Rhythm/Timing. An outside panel of professionals representing different disciplines within the performing arts will be selected by the committee to serve as judges Each student is permitted to submit one entry in each of the following categories: Winners will be selected by grade, not performing arts category, with the exception of "overall winner" which is the highest-scoring entry regardless of grade or category. (Categories are used for the purpose of helping to determine technical needs during rehearsals and More than one student may participate in each act/entry. Bands - which consist of three or more students playing instruments and may include vocalists - are considered in a separate category and will be judged as such. If a student performs with a Band, he/she may also enter an additional solo or duet act in performing arts. If interested in this category, please see Band Guidelines sheet.) Each performance is limited to 3 minutes. Any performance that runs longer than 3 minutes will
Vocal performers must provide their own musical accompaniment, if it is desired. If a live accompanist is used for judging, student must provide the instrument to be used (e.g., an electric piano, flute, etc.). The accompanist must be present for judging, dress rehearsal and the Performing Arts Showcase. There is a piano A CD is the most common form of accompaniment. *You must submit TWO copies of your CD with your Parental Consent Form. (Please use CD-R’s for your copies.) There can be no vocals such as background singers on the track – only music. Remember to retain a 3rd copy at home for your use when practicing. Label both CD’s with the student’s name and title of song.
Dancers must also provide their own accompaniment in the form of music CD’s. *You must submit TWO copies of your CD with your Parental Consent Form. (Please use CD- R’s for your copies.) You may use a standard version of the music -vocals do not have Choose your piece carefully. If judges determine that your choice is not age appropriate you will be disqualified. Dress should be carefully considered. Costumes can be worn but are not required. You must perform the same piece and wear the same costume for the final Showcase that The performing arts committee will hold a required audition (prior to judging). Students
should plan to audition on Monday, February 11 OR Wednesday, February 13 in the
MBJH Auditorium. A sign-up sheet will be placed outside the office on Monday, February 4. Students are responsible for scheduling and showing up for their rehearsal time. Please be prompt. Slots will be scheduled approximately every 10 minutes. If you do not show up for your allotted time, you will not be allowed to perform unless a slot becomes Judging will be held beginning immediately after school on Friday, February 15 in the
MBJH Auditorium. The schedule for judging will be determined by the committee and will
be emailed following auditions on Wednesday night. FINALISTS (students who will be asked to perform in the Showcase) will be contacted via
email or phone by the committee no later than Monday, February 18. WINNERS for
Performing Arts will be announced at the Showcase, along with all other Art Forms If you are selected to perform in the Showcase you will be required to attend the dress
rehearsal on Tuesday, February 19 (5:00 – 8:00 PM) at MBHS Fine Arts Center as well as
the Showcase on Friday, February 22. If you cannot commit to attend both events please
do not enter in the Performing Arts category.
If you have any questions about your category or compliance with the guidelines please contact Holley Camp 533-2428 or Krislin Smith 960-6587.
Please be sure that you have read these guidelines very carefully & understand them before you sign up for Art Forms. Check audition, judging, dress rehearsal and performance dates.
We want to encourage everyone to participate, but entrants must be prepared to stay in the


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