Writer, creative consultant

229 West 97th Street, Apt. 3H, New York, NY 10025 | C: 917-617-3560 |T: 212-665-3535 m.laporta@verizon.net |marklaporta.info|speakinginclicks.com

HCP iPad, Print, Col ateral: Bayer (Xarelto)—Anticoagulant for Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation HCP E-mail Marketing, Conference Panels: Celgene—Multiple Myeloma Evoke Interaction. July, 2011–August 2012 Concept Development: Forest Labs (Daliresp)—COPD Rich Media Banners: Forest Labs (Daliresp)—COPD Site Rebuild: Biogen Idec (Avonex)—Multiple sclerosis Relationship Marketing: Novogyne (Vivelle Dot)—Hormone Therapy Mobile Marketing: Daiichi Sankyo (Welchol)—A1C / LDL-C HCP RM: Daiichi Sankyo (Welchol)—A1C / LDL-C Sudler & Hennessey. July,2010–May, 2011 Site Rebuild: Cubist (Cubicin)—Antibiotic for MRSA Site Rebuild: Johnson & Johnson (Remicade)—7 Auto-immune diseases Copy Development: Boehringer Ingelheim (Combivent)—COPD Tablet PC Update: Boehringer Ingelheim (Mirapex)—Parkinson’s Site Refresh: Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon)—Hernia repair Creative Consultant (Pro Bono), The Taproot Foundation, at present Messaging strategy and Web site development for nonprofit organizations in the social Creative Consultant (Pro Bono), CancerSchmancer.org, 2009–2010 Developed messaging strategy for online communications. Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Edelman Digital, 2007–2009 Managed creative development of branded sites, hosted content and social platforms; Developed, wrote and pitched messaging strategies; Developed and wrote content outlines; Wrote and edited site content; Led branding initiatives; Hired, trained and managed copy staff; Budgeting and scheduling; Principal clients: American Heart Association, McNeil, Unilever, Novartis, King Pharmaceuticals, Dairy Management, Inc. Senior Copywriter, G2 Direct & Digital, 2005–2007 Digital, Print, SEM, CRM: Xerox, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb Senior Copywriter (Freelance), 2004–2006 Microsites: Bausch & Lomb; Web Banners, Continental Airlines; Print Campaign: NACHA; Interactive campaign: MessageLabs; Digital Campaigns: Partnership for a Drug Free America; Digital Campaign: The Atkins Nutritional Approach Internal Marketing Flash Tutorial: Merck Manufacturing Division Interactive Campaign: Forest Laboratories/Lexapro; Marketing Report: MasterCard Automatic Bil Paying E-mail Marketing Campaign: Novartis/Elidel 229 West 97th Street, Apt. 3H, New York, NY 10025 | C: 917-617-3560 |T: 212-665-3535 m.laporta@verizon.net |marklaporta.info|speakinginclicks.com Senior Copywriter, TBWA\Chiat\Day, 2003–2004 Nextel. General and retail print; Print, stadium signage, LCDs for sports sponsorships; E-mail marketing/promotion; Outdoor, in-store signage; Sales collateral; Direct mail. Senior Copywriter, Tangent Direct, 2001–2003 Clients included The American Red Cross and The Nation. Wrote direct mail and col ateral. Senior Copywriter, Draft Worldwide, 1996–2001 Clients included American Express Avis, CIT, EAB, AOL, Netscape, HBO, Verizon Wrote consumer and trade print, direct response radio, direct mail, bil inserts, newsletters, welcome kits, col ateral, e-mail marketing, web banners. Wrote magazine inserts, catalog copy, feature articles, merchandising Copywriter, Columbia House (Freelance), 1993–1996 Wrote fulfil ment/resel letters for the Classical and Jazz clubs
Blog featuring analysis, opinion and speculation on the topics of copywriting, messaging strategy and digital marketing; www.speakinginclicks.com Wrote reviews, criticism and interviews for major music magazines Reviewed concerts at Cornel University and Ithaca College
No BS Advertising, School of Visual Arts Marketing, Principals & Practices, Baruch Col ege

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