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The Cosmetic Headline
Published by MFY Inc. All rights reserved An update with Dr. Janette McDermett of Maplewood
CH - Dr. McDermott – what’s new at Maplewood Aesthetics and what do you now
DM – Microdermabrasion, Botox, Juvéderm and other dermal fillers. Also, teeth
whitening and specific chemical peels for acne, sports peels, massages etc.
CH – And you have a new technology for hair?
DM – Yes – the low-level laser for hair health. It’s an amazing technology.
CH – And, it’s been getting great reviews across the country.
DM – Yes – and it’s a choice for woman as well as men to keep the hair you
CH – That’s correct. Just curious, but how big is your staff?
DM – Right now – five
CH – Sounds like you give great
personal service. Now, out of all your
skin technologies – tell us about the
DM – Juvéderm, which was recently
FDA-approved. Prior to Juvéderm
being on the market, Restylane was
our primary dermal filler. But
Juvéderm lasts much longer.
CH – And you can do the same with
DM – That’s correct. We use it with deep frown lines and wrinkles.
CH – What about cost?
DM – Juvéderm and Restylane cost the same to the client, but – the big
difference is – Restylane is good for about a half-year and the new Juvéderm is
good for a year.
CH – That’s simply amazing!
DM – Also, Juvéderm has a smoother feel.
CH – Are Restylane’s days numbered?
DM – In blind tests, more clients prefer Juvéderm over Restylane. We keep it
though, as some older clients prefer Restalyne and they’re use to it. They don’t
want to make the switch as of yet. New clients almost always go with Juvéderm.
CH – Sum Juvéderm up for our readers.
DM – It’s exciting. People are happy with it. You walk out of the spa looking the
way you want to look. The results are immediate and longer-lasting: all with
minimal side effects. I like to say – you’re ready for prime time when you leave
CH – Dr. McDermott, thank you your time today. In our next issue, we’re going to
be doing an update on the laser light and a special program for chemo patients.
For now, readers can go to your website and hear an audio update on this
amazing project of yours.
Richard Feldman Loves The Low-Level Laser
CH – Richard, you’re a low-level laser user, but how did this all start for you?
RL – It began about 18 years ago. I heard about Rogaine. I had friends that were
on Rogaine and they said, once you stopped, your hair would fall out.
CH – That’s correct. How did you do?
RL – I was pretty happy with it. It maintained the
hair I had. I applied it twice a day, but it left a
little greasy film.
CH – So, you were OK with Rogaine. Had you
tried anything else?
RL – Yes. Along the way, I tried Minoxydyl for a
few months and didn’t like it.
CH – How did you come into the laser and
Maplewood Aesthetics?
RL – Word of mouth. I was impressed with their
integrity. One’s a doctor and the other is a head
nurse. They’re very professional.
CH – So here you are taking Rogaine, and
you’d heard about the low-level laser technology
at Maplewood Aesthetics.
RL – That’s right. It was explained to me and
sounded interesting. Like I said, Rogaine is
helping me keep the hair I have, but you have to
use it twice a day for the rest of your life. So I decided to try the laser.
CH – How long have you been on the laser?
RL – For three months and I go twice a week. The sessions are about 30
minutes. Very relaxing.
CH – After three months – do you see a difference?
RL – It’s healthier for sure. They actually let you monitor the strength of your
follicles through photographs and I’m already seeing improvement. Just putting
my hands through my hair – I can feel it.
CH – Richard – what’s your age?
RL – Sixty-six.
CH – And it’s only been a few months. Lets talk to you next time – around the
end of the year to see your progress.
RL – That would be fine.
Patient Terri Finally Settled With Maplewood Aesthetics
CH – Terri, what did you have done?
Terri R – I had dermabrasion and had been getting it done for years.
CH – So you’re new to Maplewood Aesthetics?
Terri R. – Yes and their dermabrasion was much different than what I had done
in the past.
CH – In what way?
Terri R. – They incorporated peels and dermabrasion and a facial – three instead
of one.
CH – How did all this begin?
Terri R. – About five years ago. I’ve gone to different spas in different areas
including New York City.
CH – So you weren’t happy elsewhere?
Terri R. – I’m not one of those relaxing types. It never was for me. When I came
across Sherrian and it came across that I would be comfortable.
CH – So you’re not into the atmosphere and music – you just want the job done.
Terri R. – That’s right. So when I spoke to Sherrian about what my needs were,
she let me know what they could do. I like to sit up a little more and that sacrificed
her comfort. That was amazing.
CH – Nice!
Terri R. – I even took my 18-year-old
daughter in for her first facial after I
had gone.
CH – Her first time?
Terri R. - Yes, at a younger age, I
wanted her to learn how to take care
of her skin and I really trusted
CH – What exactly is dermabrasion?
Terri R. – For me, they removed the dead skin from your face and then they do
some type of peel, then moisturize. Afterwards, when you put your make-up on,
it’s the most amazing transformation. I can describe it as cleaner and lighter.
Your skin is completely different. Make-up lies differently.
CH – How often do you do this?
Terri R. – Six to eight weeks?
CH – Anything else?
Terri – She also did my hands. They were very dry. I’ve never had that done
CH – Dermabrasion on your hands?
Terri – Yes, and my neck. That’s a first for me and I’ve been to some nice places
out in the Hamptons. That’s never been offered to me.
CH – Terri – Thanks for sharing today!


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