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Prior to Implant:

Stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication 1 week prior to implant.
Night before

Full liquid diet
s enemas until clear
Nothing to eat or drink after midnight
Morning of implant

Repeat Fleet enema. It is extremely important that the bowels be completely clean.
Take antibiotic, if ordered, with sip of water before coming to hospital.
Take regular blood pressure or heart medicine with sip of water.
During time of implant:

You will have either a spinal (epidural) or general anesthesia.
A catheter will be placed to drain your bladder during the procedure.
It will either be removed before you wake up or after the procedure.
After the Implant:

Most patients do not experience discomfort immediately after the implant
However, you may experience any of the following:

Pain or burning with urination
Bruising in the crotch
Frequent urges to urinate
Getting up frequently late at night
Slow stream or hard to start urination
Your urologist will take several steps to help you if you develop bothersome symptoms.
Measures to help you if you experience symptoms or difficulties

Painful urination or burning with urination

If ordered by your physician, take pyridium 100 to 200 mg every 8 hours.
-This tiny pill will ease the burning with urination
-It will turn the urine orange-yellow
-Use only when needed, not all the time
Sometimes the burning is associated with certain foods. Try to eliminate the following
foods to see if it will help:
-Coffee and all caffeinated substances
-Spicy and peppery foods
-Citrate products (orange, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato) and acids (vinegar and salad

Frequent urges to urinate or slow stream

If ordered by your physician, an anti-inflammatory drug can be helpful for these
symptoms. Naprosyn is usually prescribed; take as directed.

If stomach upset or severe heartburn occurs, discontinue the drug.
Severe slow stream or constant urination of small amounts

If the prostate is very swollen then a stronger medication may be necessary. Drugs called
alpha-blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure and enlarged prostates, are
often very helpful. The two drugs that are commonly prescribed are Cardura and Hytrin.
If you need to take this medicine please observe the following:
-Speak with a medical doctor if you are taking another medication for high pressure. It
may be necessary to adjust the dose of it.
-Start with the lowest dose available and take the medication at bedtime. If the dose needs
to be increased, do it slowly over several days.
-Because the medication may lower your blood pressure at night, if you need to get up in
the middle of the night, sit at the side of the bed for a few moments so you don’

t get light
headed when you get up.
Getting up frequently at night

Do not drink anything after 6:00 PM
Reduce coffee and alcohol consumption late in the day and none at night.
Call your physician if you develop:

Inability to urinate- if you develop a prolonged inability to urinate (>4 hours), contact your
urologist. If you are not able to do so then go to the emergency room. You may need to have a
catheter placed to temporarily relieve a blockage. You may try soaking in a warm tub first; this
sometimes helps to relax the prostate and allows for urination. Do not take over-the-counter cold
medication without consulting your urologist. These preparations can make urination after an
implant very difficult.

High Fever- If you experience a high fever (>101) after the implant, call your urologist. Your
urologist probably prescribed an antibiotic after the implant. These should be taken for 7 days.

Radiation safety rules to follow:

Do not place a pregnant woman or small child on your lap for 2 months following Pd-103
implant or 6 months following an I-125 implant. There is a 1-2% chance that a loose seed could
be passed in the urine the first two months following the implant.

To protect your partner from a seed passing during sexual relations, a condom should be used
each time you have sexual relations for a two-month period following your procedure.

Any loose seeds that are found should be placed in a bottle with a top and put in a medicine
cabinet. Call the Radiation Oncologist for further instructions at (256) 737-2285.


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