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WEEK 27 – 05 JULY 2013

Quote of the week

“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups:
alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.”

Alex Levine (American author)


M/V "POWER STEEL" - 74,443 dwt, blt 1999 Sasebo/Japan, NK, 7 HO/7 HA, B+W 6S60MC
Sold to Chinese buyers for $ 10.8- $11 mill
M/V "OCEAN ADVENTURE" - 52,409 dwt, blt 2005 Tsuneishi/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, MAN-B+W 6S50MC, Cr 4X30T
Sold to clients of Shanghai Newseas Navigation of China for $ 17.8 mill
M/V "BLACK SEA" - 3,710 dwt, blt 1992 Peene-Werft/Germany, RI, 1 HO/1 HA, Deutz SBV8M628
Sold to Swedish buyers for $1.06 mill

M/T "NCC BADER" - 45,500 dwt blt 2013 Shinan/S. Korea, NV, 20 tanks, capacity 50,840 cbm, MAN-B+W 6S50MC-C
Sold to Singaporean Buyers (clients of Willmar) for $33.5 mill
M/T "CIELO DI PARIGI" - 36,032 dwt, blt 2001 Daedong/S .Korea, RI, 12 tanks, capacity 41,308 cbm, B+W 6S46MC-C
Sold to undisclosed buyers for $ 12.65 mill
M/T "MCT ALTAIR" - 19,996 dwt, blt 1999 Uljanik/Croatia, NV, 14 tanks, capacity 22,540 cbm, MAN-B+W 7S42MC
Sold to undisclosed buyers for $ 9.2 mill
M/T "GUILDO" - 7,087 dwt, blt 2004 Celiktekne/Turkey, RI, 12 tanks, capacity 7,710 cbm, MaK 8M32C
Sold to European buyers for $ 7.8 mill
M/T "GOLDEN ATLAS" - 6,815 dwt, blt 1999 Murakami/Japan, NK, 14 tanks, capacity 7,279 cbm, Mitsubishi 6UEC37LA
Sold to undisclosed buyers for $ 6 mill

M/T "NORGAS SONOMA" - 9,352 dwt, blt 2003 Hudong-Zhonghua/China, GL, MAN 6L48/60,
Sold to clients of Skaugen Gas of Norway for $ 25 mill (Buying company is owned 35% by Sellers)
M/T "WINCANTON" - 9,203 dwt, blt 2000 Asakawa/Japan, BV, capacity 8,536 cbm, B+W 7S35MC
Sold to Norwegian KS for $ 16 mill (deal includes bare boat charter back to Sellers for 3 years at $ 250,000 per month)



M/T "NAVIGA" - 150,841 dwt, blt 1998 Nkk/Japan, NV, 12 tanks, capacity 163,926 cbm, Sulzer 6RTA72
Demo to PAKISTAN for $ 440 per LDT

- 46,100 dwt, blt 1985 Boelwerf/Belgium, BV, 11 tanks, capacity 46,835 cbm, Sulzer 4RTA76,
Demo to PAKISTAN for $ 450 per LDT
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- 29,998 dwt, blt 1988 Minami-Nippon/Japan, NV, 15 tanks, capacity 44,405 cbm , B+W 6S50MC
Demo 'AS IS' VIETNAM for $ 350 per LDT


M/V "AOWISDOM" - 68,377 dwt blt 1988 Namura/Japan, LR, 7 HO/7 HA, Sulzer 6RTA62,
Demo to BANGLADESH for $ 404 per LDT
M/V "KRYM" - 38,110 dwt, blt 1982 Ihi/Japan, PS, 5 HO/5 HA, Sulzer 6RLB66
Demo to undisclosed location for $ 303 per LDT
M/V "TABA" - LDT 5,467 - 25,729 dwt, blt 1985 Imabari/Japan, NK 4 HO/4 HA B+W 5L50MC, Cr 3X30T, D 1X25T
Demo to INDIA for $404 per LDT


This report has been produced on information collected from a variety of sources and presented in good faith and without any
guarantee. No responsibility can be accepted for any errors and omissions or any consequences arising from this report. Neither
the company nor its directors nor its employees shall be liable in any way for any claimed loss or damage occurred by
information & analysis contained herein.
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