Tends lawns, athletic fields, trees, shrubs, unplanted areas, and undeveloped sites.
Tends lawns and turf on athletic fields by mowing, reseeding, edging, fertilizing, spraying, Plants and tends trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and ground covers by cultivating, pruning and shaping, staking, fertilizing, spraying, mulching, weeding, transplanting, and removinghazardous or unnecessary growth.
Operates power equipment including but not limited to mowers, edgers, sprayers, hedge trimmers,weed trimmers, chain saws, back blowers, utility tractors, rototillers, and renovators.
Adjusts and performs minor maintenance on tools and power equipment.
Checks safety hazards in planted areas of a school campus, prepares reports, and performs Maintains, adjusts, and makes minor repairs on lawn sprinkler systems.
Keeps drains and flow lines in planted areas free from debris.
Assists in laying out and marking athletic and recreation fields.
Applies fertilizers and soil amendments.
Sets out traps for pests.
Maintains athletic facilities such as long jump pits, runways, running tracks, and shot put areas.
May advise and train custodial personnel in proper watering procedures, operation and setting of automatic sprinkler controllers, and maintenance and adjustment of lawn sprinkler systems.
May maintain or replace plants in various containers.
May provide training and work direction to lower-level staff.
May maintain weed control of elementary agriculture plots and assist in preparation for educational May drive a van, truck, or other vehicle to transport gardening equipment, tools, and supplies.
Performs related duties as assigned.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS AMONG RELATED CLASSES A Gardener performs maintenance gardening for a group of schools or office buildings and worksunder the general supervision of a Principal Gardener, Tractor Mower Operator, or SeniorGardner. A Gardener (Mentor W orker) performs the sam e functions but also introduces studentsto the work place by providing on-the-job instruction in the duties of the class and demonstratingand teaching job knowledges and skills.
A Principal Gardener supervises lower-level gardening personnel and is responsible for thegardening maintenance at schools and offices.
A Building and Grounds W orker m aintains buildings and grounds in a clean, sanitary, and safe An Assistant Gardener assists higher-level gardening personnel by performing general groundsmaintenance duties.
General supervision usually is received from a Senior Gardner, Principal Gardener, PlantManager, or Principal. No supervision is exercised. W ork direction may be given to AssistantGardeners and Building and Grounds W orkers.
Plant materials such as ground covers, turf areas, weeds, trees, and shrubs Methods, materials, tools and power equipment used in the care of lawns, turf, trees, shrubs, hedges, ground cover, and flowers grown in Southern California Safely operate and make minor repairs to power equipmentPlant and prune trees, shrubs, hedges, ground cover, and flowersSet out trapsDeal effectively with District personnel, students, and the public Safely lift and move tools, equipment, and materials related to the work Ability to kneel and squat for extended periods of time Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational proficiency. Successfulcompletion of four courses in horticulture, agriculture, or related subjects in a high school,college, adult, or vocational school may be substituted for six months of the requiredexperience.
One year of paid experience in general maintenance gardening including care of lawns, trees,shrubs, hedges, ground covers, and flowers.
A valid California Driver License.
Use of an automobile.
This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, orrequirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and/orabilities. Management retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of a position at any time.


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