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Date: 01/25/07
-------------------------------------------- I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION -------------------------------
TRADE NAME (as labeled): LATICRETE® Permacolor™ Grout

CHEMICAL FAMILY: Proprietary powder
Phone number for additional information: (203) 393-0010 Date prepared or revised: 1/09 -------------------------------------------- II. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS ----------------------------
N/A = Not applicable or available

------------------------------------------ III. HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION -----------------------
SYMPTOMS OF OVEREXPOSURE for each potential route of exposure. (Possible Longer Term
Effects) Chronic Bronchitis, possible silicosis, or cancer if exposed to greater than permissible limits
for a prolonged period of time. Exposure to more than 5 mg/m3 without protection may cause birth
defects in pregnant women.
Inhaled: irritation to nose and throat, large doses may cause tremor or nausea. May cause damage
to mucous membranes or respiratory tract.
Contact with skin or eyes: may cause skin irritation or burns and eye irritation or burns
Absorbed through skin: Not likely to occur
Swallowed: irritation to throat, nausea, inhalation or swallowing of large doses (over 500 mg/kg of
body weight) may cause tremor or nausea
NO: This product's ingredients are not found in the lists below.
Date: 01/25/07
------------------------------IV. FIRST AID: EMERGENCY PROCEDURES----------------------------------------- Eye Contact: Hold eyelids apart and immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention immediately. Skin Contact: Rinse with soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention Inhaled: Move to fresh air. If normal breathing does not resume, seek medical help Swallowed Seek immediate medical help. ---------------------------------------------- V. FIRE AND EXPLOSION ------------------------------------------ Flash Point method): Non-Flammable Auto ignition temperature,F: N/A Flammable limits in air, volume %: x foam x dry chemical
Special fire fighting procedures: None known.
Unusual fire and explosion hazards: None known.
----------------------------------- VI. SPILL, LEAK, AND DISPOSAL PROCEDURES -----------------------
Spill response procedures (include employee protection measures): Sweep up and return to
container. Wear gloves, long sleeves, safety eye wear, and NIOSH approved dust mask.
Preparing wastes for disposal (container types, neutralization, etc.):
NOTE: Dispose of all wastes in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.
------------------------------------------VII. Handling and Storage----------------------------------------------------------

Store in cool dry area.
Date: 01/25/07
-------------------------------------- VIII. Exposure Controls and Personal Protection ------------------------------
Ventilation and engineering controls: normal ventilation
Respiratory protection (type): NIOSH approved dust mask if TLV is exceeded
Eye protection (type): safety glasses or goggles
Gloves (specify material): leather or rubber gloves
Other clothing and equipment: long sleeved clothing
Work practices, hygienic practices: normal good housekeeping
Other handling and storage requirements: None Known.
Protective measures during maintenance of contaminated equipment: See above.

IX. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ----------------------------
Vapor density (air=1):N/A
Evaporation rate (butyl acetate = 1): N/A Vapor pressure, mmHg at 20C: N/A Appearance and odor: grey odorless powder HOW TO DETECT THIS SUBSTANCE (warning properties of substance as a gas, vapor, dust, or mist): ---------------------------------------------------- X. REACTIVITY DATA ----------------------------------------------- Stability: x Stable Unstable Conditions to avoid: None known. Incompatibility (materials to avoid): incompatible with concentrated acids Hazardous decomposition products (including combustion products): (from burning, heating, or reaction with other materials). None known. Hazardous polymerization: May occur x Will not occur Conditions to avoid: None known. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
Date: 01/25/07
-----------------------------------------------XI. Toxicology Information------------------------------------------------- None known. -----------------------------------------------XII. Ecological Information------------------------------------------------- None known. -----------------------------------------------XIII. Disposal Information-------------------------------------------------- Dispose in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. ------------------------------------------------XIV. Transport Information--------------------------------------------------- No special labeling or transportation placarding is required. ------------------------------------------------XV. Regulatory Information-------------------------------------------------- All ingredients are listed on the U.S. EPA TSCA inventory of chemical substances. W.H.M.I.S. Class D.2. This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. ------------------------------------------------XVI Other Information--------------------------------------------------------- This information is furnished without warranty, representation, inducement or license of any kind; except that it is accurate to the best of our knowledge, or obtained from sources believed by us to be accurate.


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