experience the least amount of change to their surgery. A hot water bottle applied to the internal orgasms, for whom the contractions of the uterus and cervix comprise the majority activity will naturally stimulate blood flow of their pleasurable sensations, may notice a ▪Talk with your healthcare professional about therapies that have been effective for Hysterectomy
There is research that suggests retaining other women in restoring sexual response: acupuncture, the use of a vacuum clitoral device, topical creams to enhance arousal, consensus on this issue. Currently, “nerve- estrogen or testosterone, or even Viagra- like prescriptions. There is non-systemic estrogen available as an estrogen ring or as a small tablet that is inserted into the Post-hysterectomy recommendations from
vagina that helps to increase blood flow to women who’ve “been there”:
Sexual Response
The more aware a woman is about her own
sexual response, the better equipped she will be to work through the possible physical and ▪Support with a support group or through a therapist may be helpful if you find that hysterectomy. Some women report feelings of sadness and grief; the loss or diminishment feelings. While each woman’s experience RESOURCES:
will be uniquely her own, talking to other Clinical Updates in Women’s Health Care: Sexuality and Sexual Disorders; The American College of has a forum where women can ask questions Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Volume ll, Number 2, Spring 2003. Sexuality and Cancer: For the Women Who Has Take care of yourself. Give your body
Cancer, and Her Partner; American Cancer Society adequate rest, nutrition, and time to heal If your sexual response has been impaired,
talk with a healthcare provider who has the The term “hysterectomy” originates from extensive surgery is done. Your provider the Latin hystericus (“of the womb”). should help you understand these changes is really removed during a hysterectomy: endometrial ablation. This procedure is a uterus, cervix, and/or ovaries Although the term “uterusectomy”( the surgical removal electrical energy, heat, or cold to destroy typically done for cancer of the cervix, of the uterus) might be more easily understood, it does not cover all situations. even stop this bleeding. A myomectomy is Thus, for the purposes of this brochure we a surgery to cut away the fibroids without vaginal length. Since the ovaries have been will use the traditional term hysterectomy. removing the uterus, so that a woman can natural hormones estrogen and testosterone The removal of the uterus, while sparing Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), which
the cervix is called a “subtotal is also called uterine artery embolization hysterectomy”; the removal of both uterus (UAE), is a minimally invasive procedure complain of having difficulty experiencing and cervix is a “total hysterectomy”; the that blocks the arteries carrying blood to removal of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries is a “total hysterectomy Some women have uterine contractions that and bilateral salpingoophorectomy”; while birth control pills and other hormones and are very pleasurable when having an orgasm. a “radical hysterectomy” is the surgical contractions will no longer be present for Professionals advise that a woman should along with the partial removal of the pelvic removal of the cervix decreased their ability to have an orgasm or that their orgasms were different. On the other hand, some women obtained from a physician affiliated with a find removal of the cervix eliminates painful Regardless of which method is selected, a Your Sexual Response
Some experts believe there are three kinds of orgasms: external, internal, and blended. The external orgasm relies primarily on clitoral stimulation. The pelvic floor or internal orgasm includes G-spot orgasms and those change; but approximately 20% experience reached by pressure on the cervix and/or the a loss of sexual response. Every woman is combines aspects of both the internal and the response was impaired by your presurgical external. Researchers have identified nerves that relate to these—the pudendal for clitoral observation, or other surgical procedures; were functioning normally, you may notice nerves for vaginal stimulation, and possibly the sensory vagus nerve that goes directly discussed with your doctor. The following desire, arousal, or orgasms. The changes in from the cervix to the brain, by passing the are some of the options to be considered.


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