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The following Canoe Trip Equipment List has been prepared specifically for individuals participating in the Pipestone River Expedition of 2010. Boat captains shall ensure each boat is equipped with the following: 25’ to 35’ Painter Lines for both Bow and Stern Topographic (1:50000) Route Maps in Waterproof Map Case Pin Kit (locking carabeners, rope etc) (optional) Satellite Phone, SPOT, or Emergency Beacon (optional depending on remoteness of trip) Participants must be prepared for varying weather conditions, rugged and rocky terrain, and for continuous wet conditions during each paddling day. The items identified in the following list are meant as a guideline to enhance each participant’s comfort, safety and well-being. This trip requires that portaging be accomplished in two trips, and as a result it is recommended that participants carry their personal items in 2 packs. Items to be kept dry should be packed into a single 75L or 115L dry bag equipped with a carrying harness, and other items readily accessible in a day/hip pack or small duffel. All clothing items marked with an asterisk (*) are only required if weather conditions dictate. Personal items marked as “optional” are an individual choice, and one must be prepared to carry the additional weight associated with such items Items marked in red will be provided for by the trip coordinators Clothing Needs
Personal Gear and Equipment Requirements
While Paddling (wet)
For Paddling
1 pair of synthetic quick dry pants (convertible to shorts) 1 pair of synthetic quick dry boxer briefs/underwear PFD with attached pea-less whistle and a rescue knife 1 synthetic quick dry long sleeved, collared shirt Fishing Tackle
1 Wind/Rain Jacket (waterproof/breathable fabric) 1 pair of Rain Pants (waterproof/breathable fabric) (optional) 1 synthetic long sleeved shirt (light/mid-weight base layer) (*) 1 pair synthetic long underwear (light/mid -weight base layer) (*) While Camping (packed to keep dry)
Grooming/Rx Kit
1 pair of Heavy Denim or Canvas pants (Carhardt) Synthetic t-shirt (light/mid-weight base layer) 1 Bug Jacket/Shirt (The Original Canadian Bug Shirt) Aspirin/Tylenol/Aleve, Demerol, Robaxacet, Imodium Polysporin, Moisturizing Cream (non-perfume) Synthetic long underwear (light/mid -weight base layer) (*) Synthetic long sleeved shirt (light/mid-weight base layer) (*) On-Hand Personal Equipment (packed in day/thwart/hip bag)
Group Gear and Equipment Requirements
Tools (per boat)
15” or 17” Collapsible Buck Saw or Large Bow Saw (24”) Safety/Survival Equipment (packed in day/thwart/hip bag, per boat)
Sunglasses (with retaining strap and case) Water filtration kit (Katadyn Hiker/Base-camp) Digital camera(s), with spare storage media and spare batteries packed in waterproof hard case (Pelican) (optional) Emergency Fire Starter Kit (flint, tinder, waterproof matches, wax First Aid Kit and Emergency Thermal Blanket Repair Kit
Campsite Personal Comfort Equipment (packed to keep dry)
Patch Kits (Drybag, Thermarest, Tent, Tarp) UCO Candle Lantern, reflector and candles (optional) Water Filter Repair Kit (Katadyn Hiker/Base-camp Field Repair Kit) Small folding camp chair or stool (optional) MP3 (iPod) or Satellite Radio player with Portable Speakers and spare 2 X 25’ lengths of parachute cord, flagging tape 500mL wide-mouth water bottle (to be used as “late night latrine”) Backcountry Kitchen
Bedding (per person, packed to keep dry)
Personal Mess Kit
Fork, Knife, Spoon(s) (Lexan, Titanium or Stainless Steel) Sleeping Bag (rated for weather conditions) Plate and Bowl (Lexan or Stainless Steel) Sleeping Quarters (per tandem)

3 Season, 3 Person Tent, Poles and Rain-Fly Kitchen Kit (adjust quantities to suit group size)
2 Single Burner Multi-fuel Stove, with Windscreen and Repair Kit Fuel Re-fill Bottle(s) (500mL of liquid fuel for every 3 days per stove) Nesting Cookware (3L, 2L, 1L pots with lids and handle) Group/Cooking Shelter (if required/desired, adjust to suit to group size)
Foldable Cooking Spoon, Spatula and Strainer 10’ by 10’ or similar sized Tarp/Tarp-tent 50’ of Polypro Rope or Parachute Cord (optional) Dish Towel, J-Cloth, Pot Scrubbing Sponge Large Frying Pan (10’’), Lid and Handle (optional) Coffee Percolator/Kettle with filters (optional) Ziplock Bags (2 medium and 1 large) (optional) 4L Collapsible Water Jug or 5 Gallon Jug for base-camping (optional) Fire/heat resistant mitten or glove (optional)


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